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Monday, June 19, 2017


“LP bank to all clients regarding fills… STFU and trade!”

Haven’t heard back from the LP bank on our wonderful 7 Dow30 index point “off the market” fill from Friday; you know, the one where the market is going up and I liquidate on an uptick and then get filled 7 points lower? The one where at the 14 second mark of the minute, in a nanosecond [supposedly] the Dow30 goes from the high bid price of the minute [63 bid] to the low bid of the minute [56 bid, where we are filled]? Yea, that fill. No, the scumbag, THIEVING bank is trying to figure out how to “massage” the message to the brokerage house [Turnkey] to give to me that basically says, “WE [the fox] have examined the trade in question [the hen house] and found nothing … everything is fine and F-ing AWESOME BABY”! And here is where the LP tells the brokerage house to deal with it, cuz they aren’t and never will admit anything for fear of lawsuits, and tells them this is why they get part of the spread for dealing with customers. “Cuz this is the reason LP banks use brokerage houses and why they exist … to remove clients/customers a level away from the bank so they don’t have to answer any questions about their biz practices [a/k/a thieving & stealing] and can keep the operation humming along without delay or hindrance of any kind … and for that, they set up and allow other people to handle the clients/customers and throw them some red meat for their efforts”. Isn’t modern day finance truly awesome?

And once I get an official response back from Turnkey, who have told me senior management is “seriously” investigating thoroughly with the LP in question [giggles], I’ll “copy & paste” the response here on the website for all to see corporate bullshit in all of its full glory … cuz that’s what it’s gonna be. After I pick myself up off the floor laughing my ass off, next questions, though, are going to be “who is the LP bank, and did they take the other side of the trade”? And I’m betting they will not want to divulge that information … any bets? Cuz remember, this is supposed to be ECN / STP to others, not themselves … and if they won’t answer the questions, what does that tell you exactly?

And this isn’t the only “lunacy” going on either; yet once again, the Dow30 has another “vapors” rally starting about 10-15 minutes from Friday’s close, up about 80 index points on absolutely nothing; “have people lost their minds? Has there been a full moon the last 3 months every night I don’t know about? Cuz nothin’ says buy MOAR Dow30 stocks than another terrorist attack in London, the U.S. shoots down a Syrian jet, and every conceivable economic indicator known to man is “unexpectedly” horrible. Oh, and throw in the NDX100 losing about 4% - 5%, the attempted political assassination of Repub’s playing some ball, and no agenda in Washington [like health care and taxes] which simply screams … BUY MOAR! What kind of “lunacy pills” are people taking”?

So, once again this morning the market will open sharply higher, and then proceed to do exactly nothing for about 80% of the day … cuz as I know, the New York session has morphed into nothing more than a “protect & defend” operation from the nighttime hijinks of central bank manipulation … maybe I’m wrong, but up and until they prove me otherwise by taking this stuff sharply lower [which outside the “Dump Trump” day they haven’t allowed in MONTHS cuz “Everything Is F-ing Awesome Baby”!] this is the official mantra of central banks everywhere until they change their mind.

Here at the NY open, Chipmunks got to be fed high prices on the open … cuz … well, their Chipmunks who’ve never seen a stock price that was too high … once they’re done … you know the rest. Only, funny thing happened on the way to SHTF on the downside … that 3 minute “bear market” [OMG, I can’t believe I’m saying this] that got everybody short, turned around and bit trader’s in the donkey … and now they get to buy higher prices. And,, in what can only be believed in the central planner’s handbook, prices vault through 21500 as the SP500 cleans out stops above 2450. First trade of the day, directly below, takes advantage of the lunacy, and on the spike higher [gee, whaddayya know, I sell the high tick and didn’t get filled 7 points lower!] liquidate. First rule of trading; use the up spikes to liquidate long positions and then NOT care what happens next.

Scanning the news briefly, now I know we are in full retard lunacy, the depths of which I can’t begin to imagine … I am, of course, referring to the “Gold Star” of democracies … F-ing Argentina … which has just announced they are going to issue 100 year government bonds … wait … what? Seriously? “Sure, cuz over the last 100 years this banana republic has established so many defaults it would make your head swim … but now, everything is OK … see”? WTF is all I can say; stupidity does not discriminate. And now about an hour and a half into today’s version of “Clusterfark Madness”, things have slowed down to a crawl … once you take the shorts out and shoot them in the head, what’s left really? Cuz, I don’t have any money left for stocks since I’m shaking the couch cushions and putting my 401(k) into 100 Year Argentinian bonds and don’t have any left for the blue chips … makes sense, right?

Here at Noon in NY, we’re being treated to the glacial drift up … no anything you can legitimately call a “break”, only some M1’s [maybe 2 down in a row, maybe not] that fart around and then … boom! … up we go back to the high. This is a very frustrating trading environment, simply because it won’t really move anywhere; 7 minutes has gone by and the Dow30 can’t even get out of the 2 index point spread … pathetic. And after the market does correct minimally, it takes an hour to go to a new high where the first 2 minutes of the move was about half of the move; who wants part of this? EXIT QUESTIONS: “How is it possible for the Dow30 to be at all-time record highs, on basically a months worth of straight up 800 points, and not have ANY SELLING WHATSOEVER FROM ANYBODY? After making a new high in one minute, for the last 15 minutes the Dow30 has a 3 index point range up here at the high. Somebody explain to me how this is possible without overt, blatant manipulation of prices … cuz if there are any sellers, it’s getting gobbled up without a problem, and then taken higher still almost every single day. When does this lunacy end”?

From a “setup” perspective, it’s always a bad sign for rising prices if the market opens higher, then goes higher, notwithstanding the 3 minute “break” [haha] at the open today; the most likely scenario is an afternoon selloff where nobody has a clue where it stops. Today is one of those types of days, and the problem is confounded by 1) the Dow30 has been up almost a month in a row on the daily candlestick charts, and 2) breaks in the afternoon after 2 P.M. can be really dangerous. If the central banks decide to pull their bids, things can get messy for sure.

Here near the close, again I would have liked to have traded more during the day, but when it isn’t there, it really isn’t there; this is one of the most pathetic trading days I have ever witnessed in my entire career, and if it isn’t “manipulation”, then somebody explain to me the lack of action up or down after climbing 800 points in about 20 days. This complete lack of a trade flow is without precedent in the last 35 years, and there is nothing we can do about it; all told, the range for the Dow30 since Noon [4 hours ago] has been about 25 points [if you caught it right] … it all adds up to everything a central banker could want and love. Add to that, if you don’t liquidate on the spikes up [when we re long], your chances of slippage greatly increase [hey, not that it matters, cuz since Friday’s screw job by the LP, slippage can be there at any time they feel like it.]. But, it is what it is, and like I have said before, patience & discipline the keys for making consistent money in the stock indices. So, we take the trade the market gives us and move on to tomorrow, where hopefully the Turnkey LP in the Dow30 can get up off its lazy ass and address our “off the market” fill by 7 Dow30 points on Friday and at least give me the “happy talk” corporate bullshit response I know we are going to get … besides, I need the laugh to cheer me up. Onward & Upward.

PAMM spreadsheet directly below.

Beach in 10 minutes … dog has discovered ice cream and now officially survives on bacon & French vanilla … a monster has been created… we are so outta here … until tomorrow.

Have a great day everybody!



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