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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


“When your trading account does the same thing!”

So, what is it you want for 2020? … I mean, it’s time for some reflection and
maybe a little soul searching in the process … in the history of trading, it’s never
been easier to get started … NEVER … compared to back in the day, you have
no idea … and yet, people “hem & haw, and the psychological process is exactly
the same now as its ever been, only the names change.

At every level and at every turn, society does not produce “traders” .. it produces
“worker bees” … don’t get me wrong, the world needs “worker bees”, and I’m not
placing one iota of condemnation or negative stereotypes upon them … only I
don’t want, nor have I ever wanted, to be a “worker bee” … “I’ll drag my naked
donkey over broken glass, I’ll eat “P&J” for every meal, I’ll live under a tree if I
have to, but I’m no corporations B. I. Itch, coffee boy, or gopher, to be manipulated
for a lousy paycheck … a paycheck that keeps me alive but little else”!

And so here we are on New Year’s Eve 2019, getting ready to go into 2020, and
raise your hand if you’re happy with where you’re at financially? … “not seeing
many hands” … and every single person I ever talk to immediately says “I want to
be a trader, make shiploads of money and enjoy the trader lifestyle”! … and I
know they’re putting the cart before the horse … I’m going to tell all of you what
my mentor told me my first day “under his wings” many, many years ago … “it’s
all here right in front of you … how bad do you want it? … can you follow
directions and keep your emotions in check? … I’m going to teach you what you
need to know … the rest is up to you … how bad do you want it”?

And in that spirit, I will tell all of you reading this the same exact thing … in the
newly released “Traders Course II” [TCII], I lay it all out for scalping [day trading]
GBPUSD [Cable], and by default GBPAUD and maybe GBPCHF & GBPCAD … but
most days, given the costs involved in trading, and thinking of most people,
trading Cable … 30+ years ago, people paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to
stand in a pit and trade Cable futures, where the costs today are LOWER than
they were then … today it’s FREE to open an account, and all you need is an
internet connection … while I don’t have the data yet [give me a week to run it],
my professional intuition tells me the algorithm in TCII for trading Cable, is good
for any market that has good, decent, & CONSISTENT IVIX [intraday volatility]
… and just like it’s always been, in order to be successful you need the LOWEST
COST TO TRADE YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON! … otherwise, you’re simply
driving down the highway with the window open throwing out $20 bills as your
driving … how many of you do that?

But for those of you sitting out there “dreaming” of the trader lifestyle, I say
“DAFUQ are you doing”? … stop dreaming and start doing … you don’t need
“gazillions” of dollars to get started to where you’re going … at PRIMEXBT, you
can actually start trading FX pairs like Cable in as little as $100 increments,
WITHOUT penalty of higher costs that kind of low amount usually brings with it
… this in an industry where a “measly” 1 lot = 100,000 of Cable … at 100,000
you’re talking about $10 per PIP, so at 100 you’re looking at 1 penny per PIP
… if that’s where you have to start, then that’s where you start … FFS, it isn’t
gonna start itself!

So, here’s the road map to get you to “Millionairehood” … are you ready? … do
it, or sit there and dream I don’t care, cuz it’s your life not mine, but here are the
steps anybody can do: 1) open an account at PRIMEXBT, through my affiliate link
in the header, and fund it with $3,000. 2) you get the TCII free from me.
3) FOLLOW DIRECTIONS in the TCII, and use moderate leverage, like around 15X.
4) Within 5 years, most likely a lot sooner, your trading account has “6 digits”,
and your income from trading is OVER “6 DIGITS”! … cuz let’s face facts here,
the vast majority of people aren’t looking for a million dollar account, they’re
looking for a great, substantial income that can support their lifestyle, whatever
that may be … and you can get that rather easily in a multiple TRILLION DOLLAR
PER DAY PARADIGM … there’s your “dream”, there’s your trader lifestyle!
… as Bert said to me long ago, and I’m saying to you now, “how bad do you
want it”?

Again today, some very nice algorithm Cable trades, where Cable has a range of
116 PIPS [so far] as I write, and New York hasn’t even come in yet to start the U.S.
session, though I expect NY to be quiet as the day wears on towards the
European close.

Nobody ever said FX is “easy” … it’s “simple”, not easy … and the reason it’s NOT
simple is cuz of YOU … the problem is “you think”, and if I could give you a pill to
suspend brain activity while you trade, things would be a whole lot easier … and
for you skeptics out there, I know of what I speak, cuz everything I’m saying, I’ve
experienced first hand. The hardest of course, is actually following the algorithm
to success .. “you’re placing your life in the hands of probability theory and
uncertainty … nobody here has a guaranteed income from a paycheck, like
“worker bees” get in the real world … the difference is, we are our own casino,
and the sky is the limit … but coming into the trading biz, it’s very difficult to get
people to fully wrap their arms around probability and make it work for them
... and it ends up with doubt about trades … and those missed trades start to cost
money, as in not getting any, and that leads to over leverage and doom … now
you’re back in the Pudding business and not liking it one “Hoover Dam” bit”!

It simply doesn’t have to be this way, and if you follow the algorithm in TCII, you
can get everything you want, with as little stress as possible … don’t believe
me? … well, it’s extremely easy to find out whether I’m “full of shit” or not … it’s
free and easy to open an account at PRIMEXBT and fund it with minimum Bitcoin
[BTC], which as I write is about $7 worth of BTC … now, you’ll have the TCII for
FREE and it doesn’t cost you $60 … go anywhere you want and open a demo
account with the MT5 trading platform [not MT4, you need MT5], cuz PRIMEXBT
doesn’t have a demo … if you don’t know where to get an MT5, I recommend
“Coinexx” for this cuz it’s easy with no hassle and their spread in GBPUSD is
right at the area where PRIMEXBT has theirs, and you can put in the demo some
play money and trade the algorithm … follow directions and now see if I’m “full
of shit” … for some of you, you won’t like the results, cuz you’ll be up money,
and that just blows up your world into little pieces cuz it tells you that you could
actually do this, when you were counting on the fact that I’m “full of shit” … have
a problem? … I’m available for live chat every day for 3 hours and everyone can
email me at their leisure for help, so no matter what happens, I’m not
disappearing … so now what’s the excuse? “It’s here, and it’s staring you right in
the face …. how bad do you want it”?

One final thing … I am very intrigued by the PRIMEXBT XAUUSD & XAGUSD
pairs .. they have almost the exact same bid/offer spread, right around 13 - 14
cents, but their pricing is different by 10 - 30 cents than Turnkey ... that tells me
they are using different LP’s, not the ones used by Coinexx or Turnkey, and I
want to see if there is any slippage or drop off in execution time on market
orders … these 2 factors have ALWAYS been big problems at Turnkey, where I
know my orders are being manipulated against the PAMM, to the point it’s
untradeable there unless you want to lose money … if the PRIMEXBT platform
can give me fair fills with NADA slippage, I may go back to trading some gold
again … and don’t forget, sometime in Q1 2020, PRIMEXBT brings out there
PAMM program, which I will be part of, so it’s not an academic point that I’m
interested in here … at PRIMEXBT, the total “net cost to trade” for both are the
lowest of anything on the board, and if I can get “on the market” fills at the speed
of light, AND NOT the bullshit I got at Turnkey every fucking day, where the PAMM
got ripped unmercifully, then I will make both part of the trading paradigm I’ll be
following … we’ll see what transpires here in the New Year!

Turning to the “Tulip Bulb 30” for today … well, looks like there’s some
“indigestion” brewing in the stock indices … on this shortened last day of trading
for the year, this could get interesting if SHTF … and don’t look now, but gold &
the entire FX space is gaining on the Dollar, while bond yields slump and
economic data suggests things aren’t as rosy as the Twits at the FED are saying
… stay tuned, when rats panic it gets fun to watch the waterfall.

And at the NYSE open right out of the gate, the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT]
lets the stock market jockey’s know in no uncertain terms, that there’s not gonna
be a “Thelma & Louise” on New Year’s Eve … you want to see manipulation right
in your face? … well there it is! … “Not today shorts … come back next year … no
headlines today of a market slump or crash before we party like it’s 1999 tonight”!
… what a fucking joke .., don’t anybody reference the U.S. stock indices as a
“market” … it’s a “manipulation Ponzi scheme”, pure and simple … and all I do is
play the manipulators and let them work for me!

Just remember, stocks can never go lower again … ever … [until they do] … every
time the “Tulip Bulb 30” goes lower by about 0.5%, the faculty lounge Twits at the
FED panic, call the PPT or have Mnuchin call the PPT, throw Kudlow out on CNBC
for some bullshit, or if they can’t find him cuz he’s in some bar somewhere, get
another Apparatchik out onto the airwaves … failing that, there’s always a phone
call to Trump, where he can Tweet something to give the HFT’s the “vapors”
… and in a nutshell, that’s how shit works today in modern day U.S. stock indices
trading … sad but true. “Dr. Goebbels call your office, or please pick up the white
courtesy phone”!

It’ll be interesting to see if the PPT can “hold the fort” to the shortened close
today, or if anybody is in the mood to call their bluff.

Well, now that the PPT is done working their manipulated magic, looks like
nobody is following their lead, and we’ve been drifting lower since they finished
killing some short specs … I’d be somewhat surprised if there’s an assault on the
bottom as we move closer to the shortened close … more like rough chop as year
end position squaring takes over.

One good algorithm buy signal today in the DOW30 … FX CHOICE PAMM / MAM UP

A good trade, as the PPT did all the work and took us to profit … like I have said
before, in the “88/6/6” paradigm of manipulated stock prices, let the PPT & their
BFF’s, the scumbag LP banks DO ALL OF THE WORK FOR YOU, and ride their
back to profit … and quite frankly, that’s entirely what this was today.

“WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA horses”! … I mean seriously, “if we can get anywhere
near today’s [and really this week’s] trading action and ranges in Cable for 2020,
you’re gonna need a bigger tanker ship to carry the money away from the money
dock”! … today just off the charts FANTASTICALLY GOOD, like I drew it up
myself sitting here while raking in money … I’ve made more in my personal
account the last 2 weeks trading Cable since the December 12th election in
Britain, than I’ve made since the Summer … here near Noon EST in Gotham,
Cable with a 170+ PIP range for the day … and while I’ve backed away now that
Europe is closed, and not wanting to contribute to the New York banks corrupt
& criminal trading divisions, and missed that last little blimp skyward, I’m not at
all unhappy with today’s trading results … this is deja vu from pit trading days!
… bring on 2020!!

My final thought for the last blog of 2019, is that the PAMM at Turnkey is gonna
have a stupendous, “knock it outta the frickin’ park” year come 2020 … it’s gonna
be one big return come next year at this time, and all I can say is “it’s about time”
… about time we can finally have a decent market to trade [Cable], and hopefully
with new LP’s, they aren’t gonna “fuck it up” like they’ve done in their CFD’s and
gold, which quite frankly are a mess … so far, no trouble in Cable, and if that
holds it’s gonna be a glorious year come 2020! … no blog tomorrow cuz it’s New
Year’s Day … I’m outta here early today … until Thursday mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!! 

Have a safe & joyous New Year’s Eve everybody!


Monday, December 30, 2019


“A very hard pill to swallow in trading!”

The only rule in trading is that there are no rules … them that has the gold makes
the rules, and if you’re looking for “fairness” and/or easy markets to trade I got
some bad news for you.

The movie classic “The Wolf of Wall Street”, at least from a psychological trading
perspective is superb … it lays out the emotions of the trading world like no other
financial movie since “Wall Street” and Gordon Gecko … but Jordan Belfort got
one thing absolutely right … “first you Learn, then you remove the ‘L’ … can’t say
it better”!

I want to make one thing clear today as we move forward … the “Traders Course”
[TC] is a good beginning course for those looking at an array of markets with
average volatility to low volatility, and there are special chapters for DOW30,
crude oil, and crypto … there are also sections for position traders via the HR1,
something I don’t do cuz I don’t see the added reward for the risk … but hey,
the world is a big place and there’s room for all kinds of strategies in financial
trading … I’m not presumptuous enough to think my way is the only way, cuz I
know it isn’t … but it's what I know AND IT WORKS.

I wrote “Traders Course II” [TCII] cuz it addresses a need not found in the original
TC … and that is dealing with above average “intraday VIX” [IVIX] that I believe
GBPUSD and some of its crosses will see in the coming months and years as
BREXIT has finally been put to bed from a political standpoint, and thus freeing
Cable to go back to its historical ways of trading. Quite frankly, the scalping
algorithm in TCII “should” be viable and produce excellent profits in any market
that decides to become and stay volatile. What’s important, though, is that in
addition to having good & decent IVIX, you need LOW net trading costs,
otherwise you simply write a check to the scumbag LP’s & the brokerage house
FOR NO REASON … the “VIX MATRIX TABLE” in every Sunday blog update has
this table, and the markets in green are tradeable, and the markets in red aren’t
… if you’re trading “red”, you’re paying too much to trade relative to what the 20
Day Range MA is currently at for that market … make all the excuses you want, it
won’t matter, the facts are what they are.

“Donny read the “Traders Course II” [TCII] manual last night & traded today”!

Cuz what Donny knows that you don’t, if you don’t have the TCII, is that if I drew
up Cable trading today to match the algorithm from the TCII, you’d say I was
cheating and knew beforehand what was going to happen … that somehow, I bent
the rules to mold today’s trading action … but what everybody who got the TCII
yesterday can clearly see but you can’t [well, quite a few of you can!], is that the
algorithm completely “nailed to the wall” GBPUSD scalping today [up to 18:00
when I quit cuz that’s the time to stop trading unless there are special
circumstances in the market, and today there aren’t any … so adios at 18:00 or
thereabouts!] … range today in Cable a very nice approximate 90 PIPS given that
it’s 1) Monday, and 2) tomorrow is New Year’s Eve … into 2020 and Cable is poised
to “spread its wings” … GBPAUD not participating nearly as much, simply cuz
AUDUSD is rallying as well, and when both rally the cross isn’t going to have the
range that Cable has … when Cable and AUDUSD diverge, it’s fireworks in the

Which brings me back to TCII, cuz if you’re here trying to pick up tidbits of info
that can help your trading model get you over the finish line, my only question for
you is this … “does it have anything in it that is in “real time”, or is it simply a
bunch of “lagging indicators” that trap you more than they help you at crunch
time”? … in the TCII, I show you how to use my “real time” indicator, which by
the way CAN’T be manipulated by the scumbag LP banks, and when to use it for
MAX profit … and with probability theory on your side. And today, I enjoyed
superb trading conditions at PRIMEXBT in GBPUSD, with instantaneous fills right
on the bid/offer, and my total cost to trade above average size right around a
fraction over 1 PIP … as I’ve said before, better trading conditions than when I
was on the exchange floor and had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to
stand there … all these years later, I could never have envisioned that scenario
under any circumstances, yet here we are! So, other than you like giving money
away to banks & other brokerage house to trade, and have nothing that makes
consistent money scalping [or day trading], there’s no reason not to sign up at
PRIMEXBT through my affiliate link, and reap the rewards of profitable [or more
profitable] trading … I’ll be waiting.

Today, some trading in Cable for the Turnkey PAMM / MAM, where trades were
made using the TCII algorithm … UP a little short of 0.1%, as I switch my focus
there to Cable and away from their hideous DOW30 CFD … I had planned on
trading it hard and fast starting the New Year, but today saw some signals so I
went “light” on the volumes … look for much higher volumes and trades starting
with the New Year … at least so far, had decent fills and execution times … not
as good as PRIMEXBT for sure, but I can’t complain about them today. Hopefully,
this continues, but every time in the past I have hoped for the best from them,
they’ve disappointed … we just have to wait and see if their new global servers
and LP’s are up to the task … so far in Cable they pass.

Turning to the “Tulip Bulb 30” [for you newer readers that’s the DOW30] … well,
seems the “Chumps” who’ve been buying rallies the last 5 days and HODLing
… on the theory of “what can possibly go wrong I don’t see anything”, got their
sell stops hit off this morning in the mini market meltdown of the latest version of
“the world is ending” … even manipulators can read the “tea leaves” and know
when to pull the bids and let the masses destroy themselves with sell stops … as
I’ve said before, the back “6” of the “88/6/6” trading paradigm is a B. I. Itch when
it shows up, and can wipe out days/weeks/ months of profits if you’re not careful
… this mornings spec meltdown the latest iteration of specs too long for their
own good.

Now in Gotham shortly before Noon EST, the slow burn higher trapping shorts
… and thus the “game”  continues … once Europe closes and we get into the
afternoon, it’ll be interesting to see if they bring this shit back higher, or they
hang it out to dry for tomorrow’s NYE trading clusterfark … we’ll see.

A couple of buy algorithm signals today in DOW30 … FX CHOICE PAMM / MAM

Now into the “criminal” New York afternoon with the usual suspects, nothing like
the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] showing up and 1) killing shorts, and
2) making sure the “stocks can never be allowed to go down” mantra stays alive
… fire up the CNTRL-P machine, take the level of the Pacific Ocean down an inch
or two for ink, and it’s amazing what you can do with billions of fresh new fiat
dollars at your disposal … your corrupt government at work … what a complete
and utter fucking joke stock indices have become … just unreal the level of
manipulation that’s now taken for granted.

Well, I’ve seen enough of this crap, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!