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Thursday, February 28, 2019


“Me yea … the world not so much!”   

I posted in yesterday’s blog an article by Eric Sprott, and in it he touches on 
the Ponzi scheme pricing used by the scumbag bullion dealer banks, as they 
scam the world daily with precious metals price suppression … some day, this 
bullshit ends, and hopefully sooner rather than later, but it begs the question 
of, “what happens to gold’s price when the world wakes up to the lies of Pols & 
Apparatchiks, crashing stock prices & real estate bubbles, and central banks 
flooding the world with money, literally throwing it out the windows from 

Cuz from where I’m sittin’, it looks to me like the train is about ready to leave 
the station … that the Palladium train left long ago is certain, price almost 
doubling since August … as Sprott points out in his article, “Comex paper”  
versus actual physical metal for delivery is about 3:1 for silver, about 5:1 for 
gold, and OVER 60:1 for palladium … and once investment demand picks 
up, look the hell out on the upside … cuz we are entering a new era of “math”,  
one where multiple trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, right along 
with dingbat socialist policy proposals gaining support, equals price explosion 
dead ahead … maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so … “you can’t cheat the 
math Skippy”!

But, and this is a very BIG “but”, it isn’t gonna do you any good to prepare,
trade, and maybe invest in precious metals, if you’re doing it from the U.S. 
“as I’ve said before, the U.S. is ONE national election away from O.V.E.R. 
… you see how after a single frickin’ month, the “D’s” in the House are 
attempting a socialist takeover of the U.S.? … from gun confiscation to the 
idiotic “Green New Deal” [it’s for the children don’tchaknow?], it’s time to wake 
the fuck up and smell the coffee … cuz when it’s too late, there will be capital 
controls, pension robbing, sky high taxes including “wealth” taxes, gold 
confiscation, and who knows what the hell else they can dream up to pay for 
their socialist utopia”! This is the bad news.

The good news is, we’ve got some solutions, and starting tomorrow I’ll 
highlight some of these … over the coming weeks and months, there’s gonna 
be some profound changes here, and tomorrow starts with the first step … I 
said it yesterday and it bears repeating, “it’s better to be 10 years too early, 
than one day too late” … don’’t believe me? … go ask people in Venezuela how 
they feel? … or how about Turkey? … or even China and/or India, where 
capital controls exist? … cuz the truth is, there is ZERO downside in having 
money and/or wealth outside of either the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., 
Australia, or any other shithole country desperately trying to keep your wealth 
within their reach, should someday they feel the need to confiscate it”.

We come out of Asia & Europe with a $10 range almost straight up in price 
“and now, the magic that is New York, where the scumbag bullion dealer 
banks will find a way to make life uncomfortable for any long/short from 
overnight, and where you’ll end up wondering what universe you just walked 
into cuz it has nothing to do with what happened overnight … in a sane world 
not filled with corruption, bribery, & graft, there’s no way you’d let New York 
have anything to do with price … especially not these scumbag banks”.

And with a $10 range overnight, what’s left for the day except chop and 
bullshit? … it’s early yet, and anything can happen, and I hope it does, but I 
know from experience what New York brings to the table when range coming 
in is $10+ … and that’s trouble for traders … a big basket of shit, courtesy of 
the usual suspects … why should today be any different? “And, looking at the 
early action lower, I continue to wonder why people buy in Asia & Europe, 
instead of waiting for New York, where the crunch down in price is almost a 
given … are you listening Mrs. Wantanabe”?! And here we sit $6 lower and in 
no man’s land.

“Well, that escalated quickly didn’t it”? … let’s face it, the “fix” was in right 
from the get go … first up, you get Asia & Europe suckered back into the 
market by ripping a $10 rally off yesterday’s low, then secondly you bury 
gold with a “Thelma & Louise” waterfall precipitated by a slightly higher 
GDP number from the Department of Unicorns & Fairy Tales, which quite 
frankly has never seen numbers they can’t manipulate into some kind of 
growth pattern … the fact anybody takes these clowns and their “magical 
fairy dust” numbers seriously, continues to amaze me.

And again, roll the rock up the hill and then let ‘er go … more than likely we 
got some more of this in store for gold in the coming weeks … question is can 
they take out 1300, and if so by how much, and then how quickly does it take 
gold to mount another challenge higher? … we’ll know by Easter I’m sure.

Like yesterday, the trading action off the decline this morning leaves a lot to 
be desired … generally sick and lackluster, and very little if any short 
covering providing “buy fuel” for an advance … we’ll see what Asia & Europe 
do overnight, but today’s sharp move lower should give them pause to go on 
another “throw caution to the wind” buying program. “When are they ever 
gonna learn, that whatever they do overnight, New York almost always 
UNDOES it the following morning … as far as gold is concerned, New York is 
kryptonite, and does nobody any favors when it comes to pricing … you’d think 
they would have figured this out by now, but apparently not … OR, it’s the 
ChiComs doing the “ChiCom Hustle”, and they simply don’t care”.

We don’t usually see gold put in price reversals of greater than $10+ 
… today a rarity, happening only about 2% - 3% of all trading days 
… scumbag bullion dealers simply not willing to take their jackboots off the 
market looking for lower price … what we need to see is steady to lower in 
Asia & Europe, then a quiet rally in New York followed by a price explosion 
to the upside, and of course this is exactly the opposite of what we got today.

No trades today, simply cuz there were no buy signals coming in the New 
York session … if it ain’t there, you don’t do anything, simple as that. Onto 
tomorrow … I’m outta here … until then mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!




Wednesday, February 27, 2019


“It’s all about manipulating behavior … always has been!”   

Trading is all about manipulative behavior … in today’s central bank 
paradigm of markets, especially the precious metals, the main point is simple 
“get you to think you’re acting rationally and responsibly via your 
positioning, based on assumed correct knowledge about a market, so you think 
your profit opportunity is high, where in the reality of the situation you’re 
nothing more than a lab rat responding to a stimulus provided by a scumbag 
bank LP, who is about to pick your pocket clean and leave you poorer for the 
experience”. Simply put, it’s big money forcing small money to do what big 
money wants them to do, cuz they’ve convinced you it’s the right thing to do.

Markets today, are nothing more than a series of independent manipulations 
brought on by central bank manipulators, facilitated and delivered by Pols & 
Apparatchiks at all levels of power, who yank markets up/down for policy 
purposes … nothing else matters … whether it’s a Trump tweet, or a FED Pie 
Hole spewing bullshit, it’s all designed for the HFT’s & the banks to “skim” 
markets for whatever they can steal … all with the help, of course, of 
exchanges, regulators, and the other assortment of scumbags who get bags of 
cash for looking the other way and pretending it’s a free market … which is 
all bullshit, cuz all you have to do is look at the court cases over the last 5 - 10 
years, along with the rise of the HFT’s and what is admitted, and there’s no 
way you walk way from that, if your brain is functioning, with any sense that 
markets are either “free” or “fair”, or operate in a non manipulative manner.

So what, if anything can change it? … “dunno, but some banks going under in 
a global depression, or a collapse of a large bullion dealer bank, might be a 
start … outside of that, what incentive do these scumbags have to change 
anything? … maybe what’s needed is a complete revolution with blood in the 
streets and bankers hanging from lamp posts, but even then they’ll probably 
hang on and convince people that even though they ARE the problem, they’re 
the only ones who can solve the problem … in short, I don’t think it’s gonna 
change anytime soon”.

 An interesting article I came across yesterday addressing this very point, of 
the scam derivative pricing schemes employed by the scumbag bullion dealer 
banks, and how the “game” could possibly end via a collapse by the banks in 
the Palladium market, is from Eric Sprott, and the link is directly below.

Looking at gold early this morning, and you’re left wondering if you’re in a 
bad dream … this is simply embarrassing for anything that calls itself a 
market … can’t go up, can’t go down, won’t move as it’s literally a straight 
line across the screen … just another day where the NY scumbag bullion 
dealers get to shove price around to wherever they want it for their MAX 
profit … this isn’t looking good as the day starts, sitting here with a $4 range 
after 15+ hours.

And to prove my point, in 4 minutes 75% of the day’s range is covered on 
some more bullshit bullion dealer “scumbaggery”, as lemmings fall for the  
“it just has to rally” trap set inside of a small range … “feel manipulated yet? 
… well, not to worry, cuz as we now head towards the low of the day, in 15 
minutes from that top, they’re gonna present you with another “MoMo” 
decision, which is do you sell the break cuz the MT4 indicators will now turn 
negative? … and the Gerbils keep running on the wheel”!

And lo & behold, a new low for the day in gold [now a $6 range!!], that sets 
off sell stops so the bullion dealers can buy it, and it’s right back up … “gosh, 
who could have ever predicted this”? … and the “Comex Con Game” continues.

About an hour from the afternoon in New York, and with a pathetic $7 & 
change range, you got to wonder exactly what it’s gonna take to get metals 
moving … seriously, this shit is for the birds when it comes to trading action 
… these effing banks have got to go, and if the revolution started tomorrow 
to hang these asshats, I’d be down at Home Depot buying more rope!

“Well, that escalated quickly didn’t it” … nothing like long position specs 
puking to commercials who sold it to them higher … again, nothing new here.

One algorithm buy signal today … PAMM up 0.1%.

Buy signal came off the bottom [so far], and on a spike higher I liquidated
… action today off the lows, while adequate for a trade, wasn’t something I 
felt like would have legs to it … and that being the case, if you want the best 
liquidation sell price without getting bent over the back barnyard fence by 
the scumbag bullion dealers and having it stuck to you, you absolutely must 
sell on the spike up … otherwise, close your eyes when you hit the liquidate 
button and get ready to yell some.

We’re now into the New York afternoon, and there doesn’t appear to be much 
buying interest off the lows … I still get the feeling that this correction move 
lower isn’t done yet … maybe today’s low isn’t in yet, dunno and don’t care 
… point is it’s not acting right off the bottom to be a bottom, cuz it needs 
more power than what it’s showing … don’t know if 1300 is gonna be under 
assault yet in the days to come, but I’d get worried if the market got under 
1308 and stayed there … from strictly a technical picture, gold could use a few 
weeks on the downside before another attempt at 1350 … and as I have told 
readers before, getting through 1350 - 1360 is gonna be a B. I. Itch … don’t 
expect scumbag bullion dealers to throw the towel in just yet, as I would 
expect them to defend this resistance with everything they got … cuz if we get 
through that resistance area on any kind of buying strength, look the hell out 
on the upside, cuz it’s gonna be ugly!

Today’s action sees another range above $10 … while better than nothing, we 
still need to see higher expanded ranges … $15+ would be ideal, and if we get 
through $1350 - $1360, more than likely we get that … until then who knows, 
but at least what we’re seeing now is a start to better conditions … let’s hope 
it continues. And with that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!