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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


“Question is, can you feel the fingers!?”   

It’s all about the “skim” … over the years & decades nothing really has 
changed but the technology … names have changed, and the banks have 
replaced the “Commodity Cowboys” who used to run things, where the “skim”  
was executed by politically connected & protected brokers and their bagmen, 
and the money shoved upstairs … today, it’s the banks and their HAL9000 
multi million dollar computer systems, that front run EVERY order, thus 
insuring millions of times a day a few bucks gets plucked for the Elites that 
run things … from those that peddle the propaganda, all the way down to the 
guy dropping the garbage bag full of cash off in some Pol’s / Apparatchik’s / 
regulator’s / or large hedge fund manager’s garage.

After a while, every trader on earth seems sedated and numbed to the 
constant assault, but sooner or later comes around to the inevitable … “either 
learn how to defeat the manipulators, or they defeat you! … cuz quite frankly, 
we ain’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy, and what’s more important than winning? 
… not getting whacked as your first priority”.

Over the last couple of days, I read with extreme interest, about a court case 
involving Vampire Squid [GS] … it seems a very big client is suing them cuz 
he thinks he was defrauded by their HFT arm … his lawyers want to depose 
Squid’s computer programmers & Ph.D. mathematicians … why? … cuz it’s 
the programmers & math quants who can speak to the computer codes 
“INTENT” … what’s the purpose of this line of code, what is the firm trying 
to do here? … as expected, Squid vehemently objected and fought the 
subpoenas, and the trial judge ruled in Squids favor … the defense has 
appealed, and that’s where we’re at now, in the appeals process.

Squid says their proprietary algorithms would be compromised, and their 
secrets exposed, thus costing them potentially billions of dollars … the defense 
says they need the testimony under oath so that the developers can speak the 
truth as to the firms “intent”, as to the nature of the trades. Perhaps it’s a 
coincidence, but maybe Squid knows something the rest of us don’t, cuz from 
just recently released articles on ZH, Squid is “considering” leaving the 
trading business in commodities. The link directly below.


“Well, perhaps they’ve been tuned in to the above mentioned lawsuit, cuz as 
anybody with a brain would know, if they’re made to testify under oath, Squid is 
toast … the whole purpose of HFT is to front run customer orders and then 
prearrange the fills higher if buys, and lower if sells, than they would otherwise 
have gotten if the process was fair … and once the Squid domino falls, who’s 
next”? [Well, we can’t have that now, can we?] Imagine, a gold market free 
from the daily manipulations of the usual suspects? 

And so today as New York sees sunrise, we diddle around 1311 -12, with the 
usual accompaniment of spikes up/down, bullshit mystery ticks, and stop 
hunts initiated by the banks … nothing new under the sun … and everybody 
and their brother now considers it to be SOP [standard operating procedure] 
… does anybody even remember what an honest market looks like anymore?

Since we’re talking about buckets of shit, let me proceed directly to today’s 
gold trading … ho hum, another day caught in the “Flying Wedge of Death” 
[FWD], a scumbag bullion dealer LP’s BFF, where “MoMo” traders get their 
ass handed to them by whipsawing momentum back & forth for no reason 
“well, to be fair there is a reason, just not one traders are gonna like, cuz it’s 
nothing but dealer manipulation front running orders the entire day on zero 
volume, even less liquidity, and no interest except those playing the MT4 
indicators game … which btw, will leave you poorer for the experience”.

Afternoon now in New York, and this day is a complete waste … so what else 
is new? … I have no idea what gets gold to move, other than some scumbag 
LP bank wanting it to move … news, “fun-der-mentals”, or anything else 
doesn’t seem to have any affect … “it’s nothing more than “whack--a-mole” 
with the banks, and that’s pretty much the whole enchilada”. What I do know, 
is that if gold gets above 1375, GTFO of the way cuz the potential for a price 
explosion is clearly present … until that time, it’ll be like watching the fattest 
kid in 6th grade running up a hill with his pants falling down … higher, but 
not pretty.

Sadly, nothing to do in another very tight range day for New York … about $6 
from the tips, which is pathetic given the news cycle, and almost every bit of 
that on the downside … like I said earlier, just another manipulation day 
inside another FWD, and add up all the “mystery ticks” up/down on dealer 
front running … it’s the only thing that makes the “Hoover Dam” thing move 
… so what else is new? And with that, I’m outta here … can’t take another 
second of watching this “shitshow circus” mystery spike theater … what these 
markets have turned into, some days makes me sick … these aren’t markets 
folks, these are illusions of markets cuz most people today don’t want to believe 
the truth … it’s easier to think otherwise … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!





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