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Sunday, June 30, 2019


“Pols & Apparatchiks tell us this every frickin’ day!”

Well, this is gonna get interesting tonight, as Trump & China start “talking” again,
so says the MSM from the G20 … more than likely, this means gold goes tapioca
when Asia goes full retard sell mode … looks like another day where the
“Chuckleheads” go head first into the week, and put in a $10+ range before the
sun rises in New York tomorrow … we’ll see.

Directly below, the 20 Day Range MA charts we track.

click on any chart to enlarge

July 4th Holiday coming on Thursday, so a shortened week for U.S. markets, but
there’s plenty in the pot in Asia & Europe to keep everybody on their toes. 

Onto the week … until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody!


Friday, June 28, 2019


“DEM 2020 Loons for Preezy … this is our message to America!”

Lunacy is NOT on summer vacation! … Let’s first start with the obvious … “just
cancel the election, cuz Trump wins in a landslide" … why? … when every single
DEM Loon raises their hand for free unlimited healthcare for ILLEGAL immigrants,
and you haven’t done Mr Jack Squat for Veterans, and/or homeless IN THIS
COUNTRY, and they SUFFER while ILLEGALS benefit? … and then you have the
audacity to lay the bill on middle class ‘Murica? … that should be it, you’re
disqualified to hold office of any kind! … in any kind of sane world, this is pure
lunacy and a slap in your face as a U.S. citizen … make no mistake, this is THE
MIDDLE FINGER to the entire country from Libtards, who have a whole new group
of undocumented voters they need to please and pander to for ILLEGAL  votes. I
simply can’t recall a bigger group of misfits, malcontents, wannabes, & SJW’s,
who want to shove socialism down our throats … well, not me assclowns!!

Second on my list is gold … as Yogi Berra once said, it’s “deja vu” all over again!
… can’t move it in late New York, but let the day slip into tomorrow, and trading
goes into the deep hell known as Australia & New Zealand, and all of a sudden for
the umpteenth time in the last couple of months, gold moves straight … hell, it
can’t even get to the Asian open! By the time China opens and starts trading in
earnest, gold already has a $10+ range for the day! … what the hell is this?
… now we’re at sunrise in New York, the day’s range is $16+, and it’s been a round
tripper kind of overnight session … OK New York, what’s in store for us now that
gold has blown its balloon overnight? … “Chuckleheads”, what the hell are you
doing? … where’s the money coming from, that you can lose practically every
single day? … and NO, I don’t wanna go to bed, there’s that “Hoover Dam” clown
wanting/demanding everything I have ever worked for and more, and if I do go to
bed, gold moves! … bottom line: “it’s not easy being me folks”.

So, I’m hoping everyone can see the trading action difference between Asia &
early Europe versus the U.S. … not even close to being the same … a much more
fluid and tradeable market, with bigger scope M1’s than the manipulated U.S.
market … however, unless you want to be a meth addict and stay up 24/5, you
can’t trade Asia & the U.S. without going nuts. 

And the times I’ve tried to trade Asia, it dies or takes off before Asia even opens
… well, now what? … so everyone has to pick and choose which sessions and
which hours to trade and simply deal with it … otherwise, you end up playing
“whack-a-mole” at the pizza parlor.

Noon in New York, and here is the complete bat guano you can usually expect
from New York, once Asia & early Europe do their thing and yank the range past
$10 overnight … all it is [90%+ of the time] is pathetically extend or pretend there
is gonna be any move. So what we see today is typical, and after a complete
reversal from overnight highs, we hit a new low by a few pennies and take some
longs to the woodshed … but, what really happened? … Nada is what happened,
and with the weekend events at the G20 taking center stage, along with OPEC and
Putin, what is this Friday about really? … well, it’s about pure crap is what it’s
about, and it’s simply nothing more than banks separating accounts from their
money … up a little, down a little, set off some stops, rinse & repeat, you get the

Here at vegas HQ, over the last couple of days, we’ve been training brand
spanking new traders in the art of the gold algorithm … why? … cuz Monday is
July 1, and we plan on unleashing the Kraken on the gold market come Monday
for the PAMM … we’ve traded it [me, Cousin It, & CoS (Chief of Staff) Milton
Waddums] in our personal accounts in up moves, down moves, and now
sideways moves and it has performed better than even we expected. We’ve taken
brand new traders here in Paradise, and in 3 days all are up money in demo
accounts [treating them like real accounts], and are wondering how the hell we
don’t own the world already … but I digress … what we are planning corporate
wise, is offering the gold algorithm in the Fall, right after Labor Day, to the trading
world worldwide … and the PAMM is going to be the track record for the trading
manual we use to market and provide the algorithm … come Monday, I’m going to
be taking every single buy signal the algorithm gives, consistent with a reasonable
to decent probability of success, from 7 AM EST to about 2 PM EST, give or take
some time and depending on how much money we’ve made for the day. 

Just for informational purposes right now, the data sets and mathematical
provisions I’ll be using are from XAUUSD on the Turnkey live server, from 3 AM
EST to 3PM EST [10:00:00 - 22:00:00], which is 12 hours per trading day. All other
times of day are left out, not because they are unreliable, but simply because
they encompass the historically slowest times of day and will skew data to the
downside … as we’ve seen lately, though, Asia can and does explode
occasionally, and while I don’t need millions of data sets to be extremely accurate,
I also don’t need the extra work to get them … therefore, we stick to the main half
of the day.

We’ve moved to the P.M. here in New York, and now that Europe is closed, and the
weekend calling, I certainly don’t expect anything but chop going forward to the
end of the day … already price is drifting in ever smaller M1’s, and absent some
news, this is the future to the close. While we did have some algorithm buy
signals today, I didn’t take them in the PAMM cuz I was teaching, and more
importantly getting ready for the July 1 start on Monday … we had a lot on our
table today, and it was mission accomplished.

So, there’s gonna be some cash flowing come Monday, and if gold moves at all
between 7 - 2, there’s a very high probability we’ll be there to capture part of it.
Blog update on Sunday … until then mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Thursday, June 27, 2019


“Oh look! … 2020 DEM LOONS pose for “debate” in Miami!”

Well, if this is the best you can do, it’s gonna be a Trump landslide come
November 2020 … not a word what these “walking bag of rocks” are going to do
for the American people … Nope! … but, if you’re an ILLEGAL immigrant, here’s
what we’re gonna do … and oh yes, can’t forget transgenders who want abortions
… oh yea, that’s high on my wish list says nobody ever. Talk about a “pandering
show” of epic proportions to every fringe, Libtard, loon, activist, dimwitted DEM
who’s gonna vote, these people are embarrassing … watching this clusterfark
should be considered torture, and I should be eligible for reparations. How any of
these morons got elected to any office is beyond me, but the appalling, overt
virtue signaling by all of them, only tells you what total and utter hypocrisy this
group of scumbags exhibits, all the while insulting your intelligence by pretending
to be everybody’s moral elites and guiding lights … “umm, no thanks, I’m not
buying crazy”.

Gold again overnight, putting in a greater than $10+ range … seems the
“Chuckleheads” have lost [for the moment] gold fever, and are taking a more
cautious tone … here at sunrise in New York, things are pretty tame across the
board, and nothing is really moving … some econ stats out at 8:30 AM EST, but I
don’t think they will affect gold much, if any … so far, gold holding support at the
1401 - 1402 area from the 100 Hour MA, with the 200 Hour down at 1386 if things
get a little ugly on the downside … both are starting to roll over from the torrid
pace from the last few weeks … question is, “what’s gonna be the catalyst to set
off the next wave of buying, or does the FED continue to throw cold water on
future rate cuts that see us go lower in price”?

First hour in the books, and did I walk into an episode of “The Twilight Zone”?
… whoa, talk about quiet! … and just like that, a “womp womp” downdraft that
sees the M1 take out 1400 like a chainsaw through a soft butter stick … isn’t it nice
to know that gold hasn’t changed one bit, and that the mystery down ticks the
scumbag bullion dealer banks buy for themselves after they set their own
customers sell stops off, is still alive and well? … it tells me the world hasn’t
changed after all.

And just like that, we get useless market moving data at 8:30 AM EST, and the
minutes afterward did very little … so I get up and go get another cup of Joe, and
come back like 2 minutes later, and in one M1, they drop gold $6, breaking 1400,
and all the lemming spec sell stops the scumbag bullion dealer banks were after
for the last 2 days, and within seconds were back up above 1400, and I’m sitting
here … and worst of all, while I thought we were far enough away from a buy
algorithm signal, we weren’t cuz that bottom triggered a buy signal … ophhhhh!,
is my chili hot now!

Since then of course, it’s been a bucket of warm bat guano, and we’re basically
where we were at 12 hours ago … Dear Banks: “thanks aholes! … couldn’t wait 3
minutes while I get more coffee … geesh, what good are you anyway”? And
basically, that’s the entire day in a nutshell … if you weren’t there for the “fun &
games” for one minute, you’re toast … pass the jelly.

Remember that torrid pace we were on? … yea, me neither cuz it’s gone now, and
we’re back to the shits … with the weekend coming, and Trump/Xi holding their
“lovefest”, I expect tomorrow to be worse than today … literally, nobody wants to
position this stuff ahead of any weekend surprises … some good news for gold
bulls, though, as the banks were able to cover shorts on the sell stops at sub
1400, meaning they went for the stops cuz gold more than likely goes higher from
here. Without getting the stops, it would mean they are comfortable staying short,
and clearly that wasn’t the case.

I’m thinking China will rally tonight, so I’ll be trading tonight late if anything
happens and I get an algorithm buy signal. Until tomorrow mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!


Wednesday, June 26, 2019


“Meanwhile, at the scumbag bullion dealer banks!”

When it comes to the “POLS & Apparatchiks” paradigm of trading, which we’ve
been in since February 2016 when the FED saved the oil industry, natch you get
what happened yesterday about 12:30 PM EST … as another FED Pie Hole pulls
out a big, sharp pin and pops the gold balloon … I’m referring to FED Pie Hole
Bullard, who got taken away from his nap in the faculty lounge, and trotted out
to announce, “nahhhhhhhhhh! … ain’t gonna be no 50 basis point cut in rates at
the July meeting”! … amazing these coincidences, as bullion banks are short up
to their eyeballs and gold simply will not break … and then … whoooooosh!
… that sudden gush of wind and noise you experienced, was the air going out of
the gold balloon … at least temporarily … and with another options expiration fast
approaching, the banks can breathe a very heavy sigh of relief. 

This is how markets operate today … any of ‘em, all of ‘em … cuz all that really
matters is that the FED’s BFF’s make some coin, so it can be distributed to the
proper elites scattered across the globe into tax haven IBC’s [international
business companies] and/or PIF’s [private interest foundations] … understand,
that’s ALL THAT MATTERS … why do you think, that after their careers as
Apparatchiks, they get 7 digit consulting job gigs from these banks? … you
somehow think this is an accident? … hell no, it’s payback time for shit like what
happened yesterday … come the proper time in the future, after yesterday is long
forgotten, some assclown like Bullard will retire, and then immediately step into
the corner office at Squid, or JPM, or another criminal bank, and start pocketing
the “payback money” for doing absolutely ZERO … this is how this game works,
and why all of ‘em want to be Apparatchiks so badly.

And right on cue, an article on ZH about Merrill Lynch, now a subsidiary of Bank of
America, that got busted for fraudulently manipulating gold futures between … the
link directly below.

Bottom line in this? … nobody prosecuted, $25 million dollar fine, and we promise
to have better compliance. “See my shockingly shocked face that is shocked”!
… WTF right? … just another example in the long line of feckless U.S. regulators
who can now expect bags of cash in their garage’s sometime real soon. But, you
know, we’re just supposed to think everything is on the up & up, like cops in Al
Capone’s Chicago … thanks for all the help morons, and enjoy the cash.

Since that moment, gold has been steadily going lower, no doubt with bank help,
and did it not end exactly like I said it would days ago on the blog? … starts in
P.M. New York and carries over to Asia & Europe, and just like that gold is down
about $30 bucks and change … and it looks like a test of 1400 is imminent today,
here at sunrise in New York. Question is, how bad will longs puke, and are their
sell stops at 1400? … answer yes and yes, cuz they always put them there
… although, I’m not entirely certain today sees more selling … overnight, the
“Chuckleheads” put in a $21 dollar range, mostly to the downside, which usually
means no follow through in New York … however, as I’ve mentioned in the last
couple of days, since the manipulators have been actively & overtly manipulating,
we’ve never been through an easing cycle in gold … this is a first, so it’s tough to
know or expect what the rules are … could be the same as before, but I doubt it.
We’ll have to see how this plays out today and in the days/weeks ahead.

But, make no mistake, yesterday was the first salvo in the new gold war, as
basically the FED intervened with words and said, “enough is enough”, and no
doubt via back channels let their BFF’s, the scumbag bullion dealer banks, know
that whatever it takes we got your back … so, sell some MOAR! [Psst! … when can
I expect my bag of cash?]

And we can’t even get to New York trading, and here comes “ACT II”, with half of
the comedy team of “Mnuchin & Kudlow”, with some bullshit about the China
trade deal scam … “folks, there ain’t ever gonna be a TRUE China trade deal, cuz
you’re dealing with scumbag ChiComs, who cheat, lie, steal, & don’t know any
other way … if there is a trade deal, it’ll be a scam where Trump caves and there is
no verification … in other words, we just trust ‘em … yea, good luck with that, no
matter what the chattering heads in D.C. say” … and with that, gold tanks down to
1401 … how desperate are these asshats to protect the banks, and at the same
time boost the SP500? … this is pathetically embarrassing.

Once again, we see the power of New York in offsetting anything Asia & early
Europe wants to do … break price? … fine, we’ll go up! … rally price? … fine, we’ll
be steady and not extend gains much or go down! … and as I asked the question
earlier, what happens when you come in and there’s a $20+ range to the
downside? … and sure enough, what kind of action happens now?

Not really a very good day for trading action, given the recent action over the last
couple of weeks … price crawling, then Bingo Bango BOOM!, a brick to the face
and down we go … then price crawls again, and you’re left wondering what more
comedy can hit this market today … yesterday it was Bullard, today Mnuchin, and
in the early hours what comes next, cuz it looks to me like the “fix is in” with
regards to the recent top around 1440. And for the first time in weeks, action
definitely slows down as gold will limp to its option expiration … nice day to trade
the PAMM with the new gold algo, huh?

Well, one algorithm buy signal today … PAMM up a few bucks.

After 1 PM EST, I did get one more buy signal, but I don’t like trading in New York
P.M., simply cuz the scumbag bullion banks are notorious for chop when nothing
is really going on … and given gold’s recent romp, where’s it gonna go on the
upside today? Not saying I ignored the signal … just sayin’ the algo doesn’t
recognize or know about New York afternoons with the likes of Squid, JPM, and the
other crooks running loose and looking for victims. In any event, we’re past the
first day, and while the market didn’t really cooperate with decent trading
conditions, we’re still up a few bucks … would have liked to see more buy signals,
but it is what it is and the market hasn’t really done anything of significance since
the sun came up in New York.

So, here we are probably treading water for a couple of days into the weekend
… not sure if 1400 can get taken out tomorrow, depends on what happens in Asia
overnight and when do they puke longs for real? … until tomorrow mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!