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Thursday, October 31, 2019


“If only somebody had known the ChiComs are weasel rats!”

I mean, nobody could have ever seen this coming … the ChiComs now say
overnight, that they aren’t sure a “deal” can be reached with Trump … well, Que
the orchestra in first class, get the deck chairs lined up properly, and away we go
Titanic! … that was quick wasn’t it? … after sucking in some sideline sitters with
Facebook’s earnings last night, the DOW30 took a 100+ index point “Thelma &
Louise”, on the “surprise” news from the ChiComs … EXIT QUESTION: “How
many SP500 futures were XI & his cronies short before they released the news
via one of their state sponsored rags of propaganda”? … hell, Hitler & his
henchmen, if they only knew the possibilities of personal wealth available to
them via MSM headline manipulation, they could have financed WWII if SP500
futures had been around back then … if only … born too soon.

And so, see my shockingly shocked face, that is in total shock, over the
ChiComs latest antics … let’s face some brutal facts here, shall we? … the
bogus “China trade deal” is nothing more than the newest & latest currency
scam, brought to you by POLS & Apparatchiks worldwide, in their effort to rig
the “risk on / risk off”, $7 TRILLION DOLLAR PER DAY financial casino … the
currency is the “news”, bought and sold every time we get the  “we’re gonna get
one, oh wait, the deal is off” bullshit that rocks markets almost every day … add
this one to the “BREXIT” clusterfark, and why would anyone in power want to
see anything change? … you don’t think the ChiComs need to replenish the
mistress funds?

As I’ve said many times, anybody that buys into the “China trade deal” is a stone
cold idiot … there ain’t ever gonna be a REAL “China trade deal” that is either
1) a real deal with major structural reforms, and/or 2) has verification that terms
are being met … you can forget it … the ChiComs are fucking ChiComs, meaning
they do what dictators & thugs always do … they agree to stuff when it benefits
them, and walk away when it doesn’t, and if you think communist killers can be
trusted, then you got other issues that need solving.

And like every currency, it gets traded up/down every day by a derivatives
obsessed world that looks to bet and make money on anything and everything
… we simply get “happy talk” one day and DOW30 futures & CFD’s go mini melt
up, and then we get the “oh shit, it’s falling apart” routine … rinse, repeat … who
are the idiots in all of this? … well, it sure as hell ain’t the manipulators and those
that create the news, now is it?

There’s nothing new in any of this from the gambit being played by the Chicoms
... decades ago, I stood in a gold pit and saw weekly the manipulations of the
Ruskies, where the former KGB thugs “traded” gold … day one: large Wall Street
brokerage house buying 5,000 - 10,000 gold contracts, 100 contracts at a time
throughout the day, rumor swirling that it’s the KGB … day two: Soviets move
troops to the Czech or Polish border cuz they say they feel threatened … as
tensions mount, gold goes up $15 - $20 … day three: same brokerage house that
bought 2 days ago is now selling into rising public buying cuz of the tensions
mounting in Eastern Europe … day four: Soviets pull troops back after some
“show meetings” at the U.N., and gold drops back … day five: Vlad & crew at the
KGB book about $50 - $75 million dollars in profit, and laugh their way to
Switzerland, incredulous at how easy it is to dupe idiot futures traders … so yea,
I’ve seen this kind of horseshit before, and the only difference now is that it’s
happening on electronic trading platforms instead of in pits, and the names have

In the last few days, I’ve gotten some emails from clients asking me if I can keep
the PAMM / MAM running at Turnkey, cuz they trade their personal accounts there
in other markets, and don’t want to switch to FX CHOICE. I’ve thought about it,
and don’t see why not … hey, it’s your money, and if you want to stay at Turnkey,
that’s fine with me … I think it’s a bucket shop that has some of the worst
customer service going, and I no longer have any money there, but if you’re
comfortable there, then so be it … so, starting tomorrow, November 1, I’ll trade
both the Turnkey & FX CHOICE PAMM’s … having said this though, be aware that
the Turnkey DOW30 CFD can’t be traded away from NYSE hours, cuz the bid/offer
spread is about 10 - 15 index points wide, meaning of course if there’s decent
trading in either Asia or European sessions cuz of news, I simply can’t in good
conscience trade something that is a complete and utter ripoff … by comparison,
the FX CHOICE DOW30 CFD has an approximate 2 index point spread all night
and day. And, if crude oil ever gets its act together again, it’s the same story in
this complex as well, with FX CHOICE having a solid 3 cent bid/offer spread all
day and night versus Turnkey, which is all over the place from 3 - 10 cents
depending on how badly they’re looking to screw you … you simply can’t trade
crude at Turnkey unless you want to give money away

So while I’ll keep it running for those already in it, I’m not accepting any new
clients at Turnkey … if you want to be a part of the FX CHOICE PAMM /MAM,
simply follow the link in the header and join … for what I want to trade, and where
my trading priorities lie, FX CHOICE is clearly better than Turnkey, especially in
my priority markets DOW30, DAX30, & Crude Oil … gold is simply untradeable,
no matter where you go to trade it, and it is by far the market with the biggest
logistical problems going … those problems being 1) erratic and large bid/offer
spreads, 2) spikes from hell via the scumbag bullion dealer banks that rape stops
daily, and 3) horrific slippage on market fills and/or any stops, that makes risk
unknown and not quantifiable … and from what I’ve seen over these last months,
gold is only getting worse not better, and that does not bode well into the future
for this market, as it’s being “silverized” by government into a third rate trading
vehicle like its cousin silver has been … silver used to be one of the most
popularly traded futures markets on earth … who trades silver today? Fact is,
there are far better trading vehicles for profit than gold, either futures or CFD’s,
that have light years better liquidity, volumes, and fills. Sure, physical gold
belongs in everybody’s plans, and you can easily do that via Bullion Star, my
recommended secure place for safe offshore storage … click the link up near
the website header and visit them if you haven’t already, and get some physical
metal … but as a trading vehicle, gold is terrible … no worse, it’s criminal.

It’s about an hour before the NYSE open, and just to give you an idea of what
conditions look like, Turnkey right now has a 14 index point bid/offer spread in
their DOW30 CFD, and FX CHOICE has a 2.2 index point bid/offer spread in their
DOW30 CFD … it is what it is, but if there was a trade here, I’d do it at FX CHOICE,
and obviously not at Turnkey. So, when I report trade results based on
percentages, there are going to be differences … I just want people to be aware
of this … NYSE open now for the last 10 minutes, and Turnkey still has a DOW30
spread of over 10+ index points … just one of the many reasons why I’m not
there anymore.

One algorithm buy signal today … new PAMM / MAM @ FX CHOICE UP
approximately 0.4%.

For those that have ordered the “Traders Course” [TC], you can see clearly
@16:06 server time [10:06 AM EST] in the DOW30 CFD, the aggressive scalpers
buy signal discussed at length in Chapter 6 of the TC … I couldn’t have drawn it
up any better if I controlled the market … this is a “classic” aggressive scalpers
trade that has a very high statistical probability of success for profit, one of three
I write about in Chapter 6 … everything I wrote about, along with the setup is here
today in this trade … quite frankly, this is no different than a great scalp in the old
futures pit … what you see on the screen is simply the electronic version decades

Another buy signal came later off the bottom low for the day [so far], but the
dynamics here were different than the first signal … more risk in this trade,
although there were some positive factors going for it … even if I had taken it, the
trading action after the low wasn’t that great … sure, you can look back in
hindsight and say, “oh wow man, I shoulda hung on”, but that’s a fool’s errand in
hindsight, not in real time … what I’m looking for are aggressive scalps, with very
little statistical risk … IMHO we got that on the first one, but not on the second
… you just live with the consequences and move on, cuz there’s no shortage of
buy signals over time in the DOW30, it’s simply being patient enough and having
the proper discipline to wait for them … and btw THIS IS WHY MOST PEOPLE
FAIL! … they aren’t disciplined enough to wait, cuz they want it now … well, hate
to be the bearer of bad news for ya, but even manipulated markets love to give
you the middle finger.

Of course, you have to have the proper conditions in the market you’re trading to
take advantage and profit … we get that @ FX CHOICE in DOW30, DAX30, & crude
oil … unfortunately today, that doesn’t describe Turnkey and their scumbag LP
banks, who’ve decided today that the DOW30 bid/offer spread should be blown
out for no fucking reason whatsoever besides pure greed … on the other hand, FX
CHOICE has had an approximate 2 - 2 ½ index point bid/offer spread all night and
all day in the DOW30 CFD … it is what it is, and who knows when the morons at
Turnkey wake the hell up and get it right … 5 minutes from now or next week?
… who knows, and quite frankly, they don’t care, cuz you’re the one pushing the
buy/sell buttons, not them … they’re just there in Mauritius now, sitting around
collecting commissions and doing NADA and splitting off market fills with their
favored LP [which they probably own or have partner interest] and haven’t a care
in the world, least of all you and spreads … but what is greatly frustrating is
having the algorithm for profit and not being able to trade like you want without
getting held up at gunpoint by the scumbag LP bank & brokerage house … ditto
for gold, although it doesn’t matter where you’re at, the LBMA front running crooks
in London where XAUUSD is based & traded, will make doubly sure you get hosed
there as well.

Afternoon in New York, and with a 300+ index point range, unless I see as good a
setup from the TC as I saw on our first trade today, the first trade will be the only

Well, what do criminal New York banks do the best? … of course, chop, chop, and
more chop for the DOW30, now that Europe is closed for the day, and they can
reap the whirlwind from the chop … nice work if you can get it … I’m pulling the
plug on the rest of this crap today, there’s nothing here now but trouble, and the
20 Day Range MA has been essentially hit, only a few dozen points from this
week’s current MA … in other words, from a probability perspective, unless
something newsworthy hits the market, which is a definite possibility, this day is
over by NOON EST, unless they can take the low out [maybe?].

Well, now after 1 PM EST, you’ve seen what has happened since I wrote earlier
… nothing but a basket of 50 index point shit, spiking up/down/up/down as the
DOW30 chops around and makes banks rich, and then the sudden
“Thelma & Louise” to a new low … oophf! … there goes the Spicoli “put” … who
knows where this stuff is gonna stop now in the afternoon with price hitting new
all time highs in the SP500 just last night … the start of a big reversal unfolding
today? … in any event, be back at it tomorrow, and if … a very big “IF” … if the
Turnkey morons can get their scumbag LP’s to cooperate and off the greed
complex, I’ll trade the DOW30 there as well using the TC algorithm ... I simply
have no idea if that’s gonna work, but I refuse to get ripped off by these
assclowns when trading … so, we’ll see what happens tomorrow come the NYSE

Until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!  


Wednesday, October 30, 2019


“Yup, it’s one of those days again!”

NYSE session hasn’t been open an hour, and already the DOW30 has had 2 stop
hunts, the second the most egregious on some “China trade deal” bullshit,
where a meeting hosted by Chile in November has been cancelled that both
Trump & Xi were supposed to sign “Phase 1” of the deal … and again, for the
umpteenth thousandth time in the last year, traders get whipsawed on ChiCom
vapors … and of course, our friendly LP’s who make markets in everything are
quick to screw over sell stops like they are roadkill.

But, all this will be forgotten later today when the Twits at the Eccles building cut
interest rates again … don’t forget, they have to get them negative by 2024, so the
FED can have QE99 and don’t ever have to pay borrowed money back … until
2 PM EST, expect the same “circus shitshow” from trading, we saw in the first
hour. This is one of those days where nothing means anything … all banks are
going to do is chop this shit around and bleed you … this day is nothing but
“noise” until the Twits show up … the real money will show up at 2 PM EST.

And we waited the last 2 days for this? … good grief what a bunch of warm spit
… post FED, & now Spicoli presser, it’s pretty much “dishwater for drinking” from
the markets … DOW30 bobbing up/down with ZERO direction and/or purpose
… in other words, it was a “hawkish cut” from the FED. Now in the last hour of
trading up near the high for the day, it’s a slow crawl higher I want nothing to do
with … “let the Ponzi scheme go higher into the close”, I could care less, cuz I
don’t buy rallies … we’ll pick it up tomorrow.

In other markets, gold has decided its immediate future has nowhere to go on
the upside, and it’s on its low for the day around 1480 … the potential for future
rate cuts from here, is decidedly low, and unless economic disaster comes
quickly, gold has no place to go but down in the short term.

Well, the good news is this is out of the way and maybe trading can return to
some semblance of normalcy going forward … I don’t see how it can get worse
… this was a non event and a wasted day … ho hum, it is what it is … until
tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!  


Tuesday, October 29, 2019


“A picture says a thousand words!”

With the faculty lounge meeting tomorrow, I thought it would be helpful for some
much needed perspective on the state of the U.S. stock market … and as you can
clearly see from the chart above, over the last 10 years, EPS has grown
approximately 7 TIMES FASTER than sales per share, thanks to corporate
buybacks … and as I’ve stated before, with the “Baby Boomer” generation smack
dab in the middle of retirement, and private U.S. pensions vastly underfunded to
meet the payout needs of a retiring generation of tens of millions of people, the
FED has no choice but to feed the Ponzi scheme of stocks as we’ve come to
know them.

It’s either prop stocks up via the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] and spend
billions, OR face government bailouts in the TRILLIONS … and if you’re a director
on the board of one of these outfits that engages in corporate buybacks, what a
great scam you’re running on the investing public … since most directors get
“sweetheart deals” via stock options when they leave the board years later,
what a great way to boost EPS by lessening the float of stock, all the while the
company you’re “directing” doesn’t do Mr. Jack Squat in terms of innovation,
product development, and generally growing the company.

So, after jacking the stock higher cuz of an accounting gimmick through your
years as a “Director”, you retire from the board and take your stock options to
JPM or Vampire Squid [GS], and they loan you the money to exercise your
options, you get the stock, and then sell it at an inflated market price, pay back
the loan, and then walk away tens of millions richer for what exactly? … “right,
you raised your hand and voted for stock buybacks at a board meeting every
quarter, thus insuring an eventual raise for yourself via your “cheap” options
… other than that, you didn’t do shit but sit there and count your money … nice
work if you can get it”.

And of course, it has the full blessing of the faculty lounge Twits at the FED,
cuz it helps them out of their dilemma, which is a failed private pension system
in which millions count on along with social security … “you scratch my back,
I'll scratch yours” … welcome to “Crony Capitalism” in all its glory! And so the
Ponzi scheme will continue, until one day comes along and it won’t anymore
… and it will happen so fast, very few if any will be able to escape successfully
from a debacle that will make both the 1929 & 1987 crashes look like stubbing
your toe.

My guess is, sometime in 2024, when the U.S. Treasury Dept. says all future
borrowings of money by the U.S. government will go ONLY TOWARDS INTEREST
PAYMENTS ON THE NATIONAL DEBT [which by the way, grow ever larger by the
minute], then we’ll see SHTF … of course, the ONLY way out of this mess without
a complete revolution and blood in the streets, is if interest rates go negative
[NIRP], and the FED forces every American to PAY THEM for keeping money in
the bank … and who knows really what this effect has on stocks? … and so, the
Ponzi battering ram takes stocks higher until that fateful day in the future when it

Today’s DOW30 trading points out a big problem in markets today … with the
FED on deck tomorrow, what do you expect to happen today other than chop the
living shit out of day traders and scalpers? … stop hunt here, stop hunt there,
everywhere a stop hunt … spikes from hell up, spikes from hell down, with no
follow through to anywhere … markets do not operate on your trading schedule,
so giving ultimatums to markets or trading strategies is literally nuts … it is what
it is, and there are simply days or group of days when trading is bullshit, and it
happens in every market … today and tomorrow up until 2 PM EST are not going
to be optimal … nobody is going to commit large amounts of money to anything
until the Twits at the FED speak … did somebody not inform the banks? … and
so, with no large money flows either into or out of stocks, they have the upper
hand in making sure retail spec accounts puke futures every 5 minutes, whether
long or short … they got the money, you don’t … who’s Pavlov’s dog again?

Without some kind of “situational awareness”, no matter the market, and without
an algorithm or model to trade by … one by the way no matter how sophisticated
and expensive to create with mounds of math & computer science whiz kids, will
never approach 100% profitability on every trade … there is NO HOLY GRAIL
…  how can you possibly take on the banks who look to make your money their
money? The absolute biggest mistake any trader can make, after a small loss or
even string of losses is to say, “well, screw this shit, everything is messed up”!
… well, no it isn’t … what’s messed up is you, cuz in randomness and probability
theory, shit happens … deal with it … stay disciplined and patient cuz it’s the only
way. But traders don’t do this, cuz then they go chase the next “Holy Grail” idea,
jettisoning the last one, and on and on they go into bankruptcy … if I had a dime
for every time I’ve seen this in my trading career, I’d have a million dollars.

The “Traders Course” [TC] gives you the algorithms, AND IF YOU FOLLOW IT,
which is a very big “IF” for most, you’ll make shiploads of money, especially in
the DOW30 for scalpers … it works, just follow the “Hoover Dam” thing. But
understand, there is no gain unless there is the possibility of loss … let the loss
come on exceptional circumstances, but don’t simply walk away from a trading
model cuz you didn’t make money from it last Wednesday … or, it didn’t give me
the signals I wanted today cuz it sucks and life sucks, etc., etc. … anybody but
me heard this before?

And while some of you reading this out there are thinkin’, “man did he just climb
into my head or what"?, I’m not pointing the finger at anybody, but simply pointing
out that NOTHING is 100% and the power of trading to change your life comes
from the ACCUMULATION of winning trades over time, not on some schedule
you mapped out in your head, which I guarantee, the market you trade is gonna
have everything to say about it on its terms not yours.

So today is a bucket of shit for the DOW30 … who doesn’t know this the day
before the Eccles building Twits set interest rate policy? … the daily candlestick
a “doji”, gee see my shocked face on that one … and tomorrow up ‘till 2 PM EST
will be a funeral … maybe some position squaring ahead of the decision, but
expecting the DOW30 to trade in any kind of normal sense is insane … and
remember what I’ve said about limitations of whatever your trading model is
… and for the TC algorithms, one limitation is low volume low range days where
there isn’t much happening up or down … the algorithms parameters will
collapse onto each other making signals useless cuz they can be set off on
literally nothing in terms of a price move … and what is today in terms of trading
for about 8 - 9 hours? … right, the “Flying Wedge of Death” [FWD], which I’ve
stated before is the biggest account killer in the known trading universe, inside
today’s approximate 70 index point range … long at the top and short near the
bottom looking for range extension that doesn’t come … and the “POP” back
the other way brutal and fast, leading to bigger losses than anticipated. So,
seeing this, why the hell do I sit on the sidelines? … if I have to answer that,
you haven’t been paying attention.

Markets are what they are … you wanna be the cowboy that shakes things up?
… Ok, take your millions and see what the banks do to you with unlimited QE
funny money … let me know how things go … fact is, you can only take what it
gives and not a penny more, and on some days it simply isn’t worth it … today is
one of those days.

So, no algorithm trades today … and as an aside, there weren’t even any signals
during the NYSE session today … NADA … depending on your interpretation,
there might be one, but even taking that one it didn’t yield much … I chose to
ignore it cuz my interpretation says it wasn’t a bottom.

One more thing for today … those ordering the TC will get email confirmation for
our chat support, which is each trading day during the week from 4PM EST - 7 PM
EST … I support what I publish, and my goal is to see ALL OF YOU  be successful
traders, and viewing the market as your own personal ATM … until tomorrow mi
amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!