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Monday, April 30, 2018


“Well, it was there a second ago!”

Everybody gets excited on the way down … everybody gets excited on the way 
up … now in the “middle” of today’s “Flying Wedge of Death” [FWD] action, 
aaaaaand the excitement is gone! Just another day in Cable before the most 
important Holiday of the year … of course, I’m referencing “May Day”, where 
you too can celebrate with friends & fam, and explore the wonders of 
Communism while happily dancing around the “Maypole”. In what can only be 
described as the most ironic event of the year, capitalist markets in Europe will 
be closed to honor the occasion, while in the U.K., it’s simply an excuse to binge 
drink and then pass out. “So what a billion people murdered under communist 
rule over the last century, you got to break a few eggs when you make that 
“utopian” omelette … right? … and besides, there’s a lot to celebrate when you 
spread misery equally, and allow the elites a pampered lifestyle not available to 
everybody else … remember, all SJW’s are created equal, only some are more 
equal than others”! Party on Comrade!

Coming into today, I could smell the trouble last night … very thin volumes, no 
news out anywhere to speak of cuz it’s Monday, and most people over in 
Europe & the U.K. treating today like the middle day of a 4 day weekend 
… perfect conditions for a clusterfark in GBPUSD if there ever was one. And, 
true to form, the market did not disappoint on those grounds.

Turning to today’s GBPUSD market … Holiday atmosphere, no doubt about it, 
but the move lower right out of the starting gate somewhat surprised me … if 
ever there was a day for reversal action, this was it, and it looked very much like 
a short rally attempt might break out price slightly to the upside … and from 
that, we’d see a reversal lower. Instead, it was the opposite, and except for one 
M15 candlestick that saw Cable go 20 PIPS lower quickly within minutes, it 
was a very, very tough go on the downside.

Most significant, was once the 1.37500 level was breached, there were quite a 
few gaps higher on the 2 - 4 PIP range within a millisecond … this is reflective 
of bank order flow, where the bank fills a corporate buy order, a few PIPS 
higher, and then immediately scoops up all offers on the electronic trading 
platforms in a nanosecond … a good dealer on an FX desk knows where the 
market is, and what size is available up to the price he gives the corporate 
order, and if he/she is good, there will be enough of a gap there for the bank to 
call their own … this is the reason you see those gaps in price when there’s a 
very tight bid/offer on your screen.

Only 2 short trades today … PAMM up slightly, nothing of significance.

I got short twice today on small bounces, and it was like shopping for Unicorn 
meat at the grocery in getting out … the stuff just wouldn’t go down … dribs 
and drabs by a tenth or two up/down from my fill price, followed by a blast up 
of 2 PIPS, but then was faded immediately and it was right back down to my 
fill price … for much of the morning hours, this is how the market traded, and 
it was impossible to stay short. Remarkably, there was a time this morning 
where Cable hugged the low for over an hour within 2 - 3 PIPS of the low, and 
wouldn’t budge.

Directly below the Cable algorithm in M15 form for the day.

The blue box the time frame for our trading, the depth of which is the first 30 
minutes of trading from 06:00, and the white line simply the midpoint of that 
range if you’d rather use it than the blue box … either way is valid, although 
today, you see no reversal from the blue box, cuz it never breached the top 
boundary line, but you did see a reversal from the midpoint line, on news 
Israel had “upcoming news” about Iran … markets spiked on that news, but as 
you can see, there was no follow through at all.

You can also see just how rough the day was from either side … not really a lot 
here today, and I expect tomorrow to be worse, since most of Europe & the 
U.K. will take off and do something … most I’m sure won’t be celebrating 
communism & the workers paradise yet to come if only we’d give it a chance. 
So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings, but we really need to see the upside tested 
with some kind of rally … we simply can’t go down every day, and quite 
frankly I’d love to see some buy stops get set off early that takes us above 

On the flip side, the news out of the U.K. just continues to get worse 
… economic stats are dismal, May’s government looks like it could be in 
trouble over the Amber Rudd affair, where one of her close friends and 
cabinet secretary got caught lying about immigration policy, and there’s 
always the clusterfark known as “Brexit”, but the “setup” for a rally needs to 
start with a blast down early, then reverses with power … it’s the only way this 
stuff can stop the bleeding to the downside, as everything else gets sold with 
both hands by dealers, banks, and hedge funds … at some point, they got to get 
it stuffed up their noses, and my trader sense is this is how it will happen.

LP’s did their job today … fills and pricing excellent, so I give them their due. 
All told, outside of that one M15 candlestick, a brutal day to hold any position, 
as EURGBP was all over the place in terms of range, and it gave many a 
headache to be sure. Other than that, not much to mention … clear away the 
smoke and mirrors of the opening 30 minutes, and the one M15, and you’re left 
with an FWD inside an approximate 45 - 55 PIP range for the most part, where 
like most FWD’s, the 5 & 9 signal generator on the M1 is hopelessly out of sync 
cuz price is moving too fast like a yo-yo … wait for the cross of the 5 over the 9, 
or vice versa, and you’re buying tops and selling bottoms … throw in some well 
timed price gaps just to make your life miserable, and you get the general idea 
of how the day shaped up from start to end.

Just a boring day … I dropped my volumes down cuz the action was terrible, 
and with no real trend developing on the M15, and no new breach of the lows 
to extend a rather pathetic range for the day, and the inability to rally until the 
Iran rumor mill made the rounds, what’s the point of getting size on and then 
getting chopped to death? We’ll see what tomorrow brings … hopefully, more 
than I’m expecting … until tomorrow mi amigos … I’m outta here 
… Onward & Upward!!

PAMM spreadsheet directly below.

Have a great day everybody!






Sunday, April 29, 2018


“The only place that makes any sense to trade … the rest an illusion!”

Over in the right-hand column, under “Download Links” are 2 new sets of data; 
the first, is the GBPUSD algorithm manual, appropriately titled. “GBPUSD 
SCALPER TRADING ALGORITHM PDF” [14 pages], and the other is a data 
set, “GBPUSD M30 HISTORICAL CHARTS PNG”. The first, obviously, is the 
trading manual for short term trading GBPUSD, and the second is historical 
M30 charts in GBPUSD starting from August 1, 2017; every month going 
forward, the prior month will be added to the archive.

The manual explains the reason for the historical data, and why it’s important. 
The manual isn’t just for scalpers [regular or aggressive] either; if you’re into 
short term positioning from day to day, or position yourself for the week, the 
manual shows you what to do, and how to incorporate the information into 
your trading so that you can successfully trade GBPUSD.

Going forward, I don’t expect to have any issues regarding disastrous slippage 
in GBPUSD; I’m comfortable with our “come to Jesus” moment between me, 
the brokerage house, and the major LP’s in GBPUSD, so I don’t expect to be 
talking about it in the blogs … granted, this is FX and news moves this stuff 
around, and nobody understands that better than me … trade 3 seconds after 
the NFP report or a central bank interest rate decision, and you get what you 
deserve, which is something you more than likely aren’t gonna like … but, 
that’s your fault, not the LP’s fault … having said that, though, nobody expects
every market fill to be on the exact bid or offer as you go to initiate a position or 
liquidate a position, especially with 5 digit tenths of a PIP pricing; that you only 
get in a “Demo” account, not a real live account … so, while I made it  
“Hoover Dam” clear what I expect, nobody is gonna get their “big girl” panties 
bunched up over a fill that’s 1/10th or 2/10ths of a PIP off the bid/offer when 
you hit the button.

But, the days of getting a new donkey surgically implanted in us via scumbag 
LP’s in either the stock indices, gold, or the FX crosses IS OVER … I consider 
that “cheap tuition” to learn now, as to who they are and what their scam is 
… and as I explain in the new GBPUSD manual, it isn’t the Dollar amount we 
got ripped over that has me seeing “RED”, and watching my cupcake get 
“frosted”, although I ain’t happy about the combined couple of grand we’ve 
lost to these assholes over the weeks and months, it’s more the “what if I was 
doing 20 million notional … what the hell would THAT have looked like”? 

I want to also make it abundantly clear, that I got no problem with others 
trading different markets, and my sincere hope is you don’t get mangled by 
these asshole LP’s and the slippage they hand out like Halloween candy … but 
what I know about these assclowns, is the fact they know sometimes they can 
get away with it, simply cuz it’s CFD’s [in the case of the stock indices], or the 
fact a specific FX cross is “thin” at that moment, is that they will “push the 
envelope” of criminality to the point of where they stop just short of getting into 
real trouble with the regulators. And what they can “get away with” in other 
markets is far greater than what is allowable in U.S. Dollar pairs.

Truth be known, it is this simple fact, that has led recent successful lawsuits by 
corporate customers, getting “front runned” by bank FX desks, that saw some 
rather large discrepancies in fills in major dollar pairs … in the manual, I give 
the link to one recent case where the head FX trader just got 2 years in jail. 
Any other market besides a major dollar pair, and more than likely the bank 
would have gotten away with it. “It’s amazing what discovery will show in a 
lawsuit isn’t it”?

There are only 3 other markets where I would consider trading size, and for the 
PAMM this is of extreme importance as we get larger; they are EURUSD, 
USDJPY, & USDCAD, but the problems in each are lack of “consistent” 
intraday volatility which can drive you nuts, then all of a sudden market 
volatility explodes on surprise news from some Apparatchik Pie Hole, or a 
significant  “sigma” miss on a scheduled report … market has a 140 PIP range 
one day, and the next it’s 37 PIPS … and quite frankly, that isn’t gonna cut it.

So, bottom line is … “we’re home!” … GBPUSD is it, and we’re gonna need to 
see “pigs fly”, SNOWBALLS survive in hell, & the Mrs. start giving me money 
every week! … so, don’t hold your breath, cuz we ain’t going anywhere, 
anytime soon, that takes trading away from GBPUSD … facts are facts 
… Cable has the lowest spread, combined with the highest volatility, over the 
longest periods of time, than any other market on the board … period, end of 
discussion, it’s not even close by comparison.

And, as the manual points out with details, my very first original trading 
algorithm for FX futures, developed and traded many moons long ago, is still 
the simplest and best for GBPUSD you’re ever going to come across … simple 
in structure and rules, easy to implement, and the only thing that can trip 
anybody up is a small “doji” day, and that’s still the least probabilistic event 
trading offers on an ongoing daily basis.

So, enjoy the manual and the data, and if anybody has any 
comments / questions, email me at and I’ll get back 
to you ASAP with a personal response. 

The PAMM spreadsheet has been updated below. First, the spreadsheet for 
April 24 & 25, 2018, directly below.

The PAMM spreadsheet for April 26 & 27, 2018, directly below.

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody!