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Sunday, April 15, 2018


“Apparently, I forgot to tell the scumbag LP’s beforehand!”

“I’ll forget Friday when I’m dead … until then, it’s a slow burn”. But anyhow, 
it’s water under the bridge, water off a duck’s back, and spilled milk you can’t 
get back into the carton [or would want to]. I took one look at my fills 
yesterday morning, and I came this close to heaving my laptop into the pool 
… and what held me back, was the Mrs. was right there, and if I’d done it, 
after she kicked my donkey, she woulda informed me, that when I go get a new 
one in 5 minutes, she has a list of things she needs when we’re out, and since 
I’m throwing away money acting like a child [“Well Ok, no need to get personal 
here Madam”!], I’m gonna get the privilege of throwing a helluva lot her way 
if I want to get back into the house. “Hey, time to ‘fugetaboutit” and move on 
down the road”!

“So, that potential experience cheered me up cuz I was saving myself money”!

The reason for the “Special Update” tonight, is I have a new “manual & 
tutorial” for the FX crosses, specifically GBPJPY. This is something I’ve been 
working on for a few weeks, and Friday’s “donkey mauling” by the scumbag 
LP’s in DOW30 certainly motivated to get it done and published. Over in the 
“Download Links” section of the website in the right-hand column is the PDF, 
“GBPJPY: Understanding & Trading FX Cross Pairs”. It’s 12 pages, easy to 
understand and implement, and comes from my time trading GBPJPY in 
earnest, back in the 2005 - 2010 time frame with Saxo Bank … the history, and 
the reason I have brought it back … everything you need for FX crosses 
success is here, but the empirical data shows it works best with GBPJPY, for 
reasons I lay out in the manual / tutorial. Once you read it, you’ll have a whole 
new perspective on the crosses and how best to trade them for optimal profit. 
Quite frankly, it’s the best algorithm I’ve ever seen and created for FX crosses, 
and it’s been under my nose the last 13 years.

I explain in the document how it came to pass on coming back to life, and the 
underlying assumption that I wrongly talked myself into when I originally 
canned it in 2010, and forgot about it. As I say in the document, markets have 
a way of teaching everybody lessons, no matter how experienced you are or 
how much money you’ve pulled out of them in the past … nobody is immune, 
and like so many things in life including trading, “you’re either extremely 
humble when it comes to events, or you’re about to be”. And, we can all thank 
the Mrs., cuz it was she that got the ball rolling again, as I explain in the 
document. “Many times, your better half has instincts and a perspective that you 
cannot see, and you are a fool if you ignore them out of hand just because”.

Tomorrow sees the PAMM start trading GBPJPY, and I’ll be focusing my 
efforts on the algorithm in the new document … after you’ve read it, spend 
some time scrolling back through the MT4, and you’ll have all the proof you 
need to see it comes very close to capturing every decent move GBPJPY makes 
in the 12 hour window of 06:00 - 18:00 server time [2 A.M. - 2 P.M. EST, New 
York], where 90% of the day’s range will be located. If it moves, the algorithm 
catches it, and boy does this stuff ever move!

So, give it a read and use it if you’re trading GBPJPY, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, 
GBPAUD, and/ or GBPNZD. Even though the last two are not in “The 
Magnificent Seven”, I know many who still like to trade them, so I include them 
as candidates because they are volatile. Outside of these 5, it gets a little “iffy”
as I explain in the document, but the choice is yours to decide what to trade. I 
would not use the algorithm to trade U.S. Dollar pairs straight up, because over 
time they are not consistently volatile enough and go through significant slow 
periods … just look at EURUSD these last 8 - 12 weeks compared to December 
2017 - February 2018, when that market was “hot” and moving … fact is, it 
was moving like one of the 5 FX crosses do all the time, especially GBPJPY!

As always, I support what I publish, so if any of you have questions and/or 
comments, email me at and I’ll get back to you 
ASAP with a personal response. I hope this document will “open some eyes”, 
and as always, the blog going forward is nothing more than “continuing 
education” as each day presents challenges and opportunities, that I will 
surely discuss. Enjoy the document!!

Yea, the PAMM spreadsheet has been updated and is directly below.

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody!





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