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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


“So says every central banker to financial markets everywhere!”

Swing and a miss by Peter Pan Kuroda last night … “seriously, who expected 
anything different from a group of people who are so out of touch with reality, 
they might as well be Libtard snowflakes in the Free Shit Army … and the 
markets yawned”. Next up, we’ll get the Twits from the FED, ECB, BOE, 
followed up on Friday with the Department of Unicorn & Fairy Tales NFP 
report. Is it any wonder, that all markets across the entire financial spectrum 
haven’t done Mr. Jack Squat for years?

All except one, which is the NDX100, and where for the entirety of the last 10 
years, every available cent among the investing public has been deposited 
… and now may be the time for some serious payback. 

Since I started ringing the warning bell last Wednesday & Thursday, ZH has 
seen fit to post article after article from blue chip heavyweights sounding the 
warning bell as well … Vampire Squid, JPM, & Morgan Stanley to name but a 
few. What none of them address is the $64,000 question; “will the government, 
in particular the FEDS “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT], show up and 
relentlessly prop prices higher still into the midterms”? And if the answer is 
“yes”, what happens if the normal crooks [R’s] lose the House & Senate, or 
either one for that matter, to the insane, unhinged Libtard Communists waiting 
in the wings to destroy the country as you know it? Cuz if that happens, and 
they run this tech crap up still more, November will make the ‘87 crash look 
like “profit taking”! As I said before, the next 100 days the most important in a 
good long while, and without some kind of move, at least into the mid to upper 
6 handle for the NDX100 at a minimum, the danger of an all out crash after the 
midterms is very, very real.

As if these overextended markets needed any more “happy juice” from “QE & 
CNTRL-P” bullshit, further interest rate increases from the oracles in the 
Eccles Building, cuz as we all know “Everything is F-ing Awesome Baby!”, is 
likely to “seal the deal” for the next recession/depression right around the 
corner. And like every other frickin’ time since the end of WWII, the FED 
fights the last war, and then sits back and says, “err, it’s not our fault”! And 
who’s gonna pay the steepest price for all this bullshit?

Well, that’s easy; “everybody who is invested in passive investment vehicles of the 
ETF, ETN, & mutual fund stripe, who’ll be standing in line to get out when 
SHTF. And for those that don’t know, now is a good time to learn … when you 
redeem, you get out at the next day’s open, regardless how much lower it is, 
simply cuz your money manager investment firm has no choice … right along 
with all the others trying to redeem tens of billions of dollars in a “Thelma & 
Louise” market”. Meanwhile, the guys in the faculty lounge sit around and 
wonder what caused this. “Government creates the problem, and then stands up 
and demands they be allowed to fix the problem with more bullshit than what got 
the original problem started in the first place … everything government touches 
turns to shit almost immediately, and that most assuredly applies to the Twits at 
the FED”. The fact that this FACT doesn’t seem to resonate with the average 
“Murica Sheeple”, doesn’t make it any less true … but when you live in an age 
of dumbed-downed dopes who only care about “free shit”, what should you 
expect? … why should investment finance be any different?

Add all this up, take off the rosy blinders of “free markets for free men”, and 
what you end up with are financial markets across the board, from one end to 
the other in terms of volatility and risk, that are manipulated & controlled for 
“POLICY PURPOSES”, by central banks, either individually or coordinated 
… and while you might not want to admit it, everything modern day 
governments know about “controlling & manipulating” people, they learned 
and adapted from the Nazi’s during 1932 - 1945. “And that dear amigos, means 
markets are nothing more than what some government Apparatchik in some 
cubicle somewhere, says it means, and where he/she wants it to go … cuz make 
no mistake, and by all means go look for yourself, outside of “tech” the last 10 
years, nothing has done shit”!… ain’t no bull markets, ain’t no bear markets, 
there’s only chop with the largest group of casualties in the retail spec & small 
institutional spec groups … the scumbag TBTF LP banks, by far the clear 
winners … you think this is by accident?

Markets, as I used to know them, are O.V.E.R. … the psychology of trading 
taken over by a group of policy Twits indoctrinated at some Libtard 
reeducation camp, formerly known as “college” … all that matters is the 
religion of “agenda”, and while they slowly turn America into Venezuela, they 
keep the masses quiet cuz their stock portfolios in their IRA’S & 401(k)’s keep 
growing higher … “anybody seen a group of people protesting higher stock 
prices lately? … me neither”! And so here we are, the NDX100 the ONLY 
market in the world that still sees some kind of “supply & demand”, where the 
PPT manipulation is lower than other indices for sure, and where the 
aforementioned Apparatchiks actually HELP US! “Hey, might as well let them 
work for us while they destroy the country … what is the alternative? Where is 
gold going? Where is any FX pair going? Going nowhere is where”! And more 
importantly for investors & traders of all stripes, where is anybody going to 
generate “Alpha” [yield]? With inflation & taxes, by default the central 
bankers force you out of any shell you want to be in, and make the decision for 
you … “cuz unless you’re in something that has promise of future returns, 
you’re going backwards thanks to them … some world, huh”?

Turning to today’s NDX100 market … “a total planted headline by Bloomberg 
6 minutes from the NYSE open to obliterate shorts on the open, and then the 
entire day nothing more than a “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] scam to pull it 
grudgingly higher … what a joke. Can these assclowns be more obvious in their 
manipulations of the DOW30 & SP500”? And by proxy default, the NDX100 
slowly climbs as well. Quite frankly, I’m willing to give up a few tenths of a 
percent of performance on the upside to the NDX100, to escape the brutal 
reality of being stuck long when they “monkey hammer” the shit out of the 
index in seconds on the downside.

So, however high you want to sucker traders back into this ponzi scheme today 
before Apple earnings after the close, be my guest … without some kind of 
break, there isn’t any chance of me being long just cuz you’re hitting a new 
high for the day by a couple of points … “if you’re long one second too late, you 
pay the price “bigly & yuuuge”, and given the landscape of the last few days, 
chasing price higher is a fool’s errand”!

Directly below, I’ve included a weekly NASDAQ Composite chart from ZH; 
granted, it’s not the NDX100, but the composite, but it’s a very close proxy. 
One look at this, and then please tell me the next 100 days aren’t important!

With everything coming to a head in the economic, financial, geopolitical, & 
U.S. political realm, ignoring this overextended weekly chart is not wise 
IMHO. And the inflection point for the NDX100 is this weeks low so far of 
7150 … anything below that, and not only does the 50 day MA get breached, 
the upper weekly trendline gets breached as well. Not predictin’, just sayin’.

A handful of trades today … PAMM up slightly, about half way to 0.1%.

Volumes light today, given the significance of Apple’s earnings after the close, 
and seeing the PPT manipulation right before the open … all it told me was,  
“this day is most likely gonna be a chopfest, and careful is the watchword for 
today”. Looking back over the day, it’s been nothing but 1) a short squeeze at 
times, and then 2) long liquidation for those that hung around a few seconds 
too late and either got to sell a price break or their sell stop got hunted and set 
off. The problem with the short squeeze, from a getting long perspective, is that 
it was artificial in nature AND happened way too early in the day to be 
sustained … it was nothing more than “chump buying”, that was gonna get 
faded when it petered out and died … problem is, neither JPM or Vampire 
Squid is gonna email me and let me know when that is.

So, in context, this could be classified as a “consolidation” day … either to the 
upside or further downside remains to be seen … not really a lot here today 
waiting for the last “FAANG” stock to report earnings … if they miss, look out 
below folks. And while profits today small, in proper context it is to be 
expected on days like this, when equity markets are manipulated beyond belief 
… it is what it is.

Tomorrow sees the FED Twits taking center stage, so who knows what’s gonna 
happen, right alongside Apple’s expected action … in any event, the PAMM is 
positioned to take advantage of the NDX100, and outperform the index. And 
with that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

I got a chat session tonight with Google support, so hopefully the ‘Google 
Sheets’ online app will be up and working rather quickly … again, we’ll see, 
but the PAMM Spreadsheet will be up when they get the problem figured out. 
Onto to tomorrow!

Have a great day everybody!!




Monday, July 30, 2018


“Oh Will Robinson, space is nothing compared to the NDX100!”

As I said yesterday, the next 100 days sees all financial markets in serious 
danger of getting “whacked”, and getting “whacked” hard … it’s been a very 
long time since the stars have aligned in economic, financial, geopolitical, & 
political circles, that have the potential to be very disruptive to say the least.

Today sees moar liquidation of the “FAANG” stocks, and the heavy 
representation of tech in everything financial the last 10 years, means the 
risks have never been greater … any rotation out of these into other areas will 
see the NDX100 do poorly. 

A few trades today … PAMM up 0.1%.
Today’s market sees the NDX100 down about 1.4% from the NYSE open, 
while the PAMM is up … this is the “natural order”, as far as I’m concerned, 
giving exposure and opportunity to the fastest growth sector of the world 
economy, while at the same time avoiding risk to the downside much better 
than any passive investment vehicle you can name … the rest of the week is 
news heavy, along with central bank BS starting tonight with Peter Pan 
Kuroda of the BOJ, and ends Friday with the usual “fairy tale” NFP numbers. 
Today probably the calm before the storm in financial markets versus the rest 
of the week. 

I’ll get the PAMM spreadsheet up, as soon as my ‘Google Sheets’ online 
spreadsheet app starts working again … emails to Google have not been 
answered as of yet … usually takes them 2 days to respond, but when it’s up 
and running here shortly, I’ll post the spreadsheet.
Markets more functional today than Friday … liquidity at times today still an 
issue, especially on the downside in the NDX100 … fills excellent, which makes 
me ask the question, “why the hell can’t you assclowns do this in the DOW30, 
DAX30, and/or SP500 CFD’s”? In any event, my goal each day for the PAMM, 
besides make money, is to outperform the NDX100 for the day, any way 
possible … we’ll see what tomorrow brings … until then mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!!