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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


“OK market guru, what the hell do you do when volatility collapses?!”

Today’s blog post, is in no way rhetorical … “seriously, what the hell do you 
expect from me when intraday volatility literally collapses upon itself”? Last 
night’s H33HKD, the biggest trading joke I’ve seen to date … not even a 200 
point range before the Lunch break, and one signal that went totally nowhere, 
and most likely if taken would have been a loser … fast forward to today’s 
NDX100, and since the open we’ve seen about a 30 point range.

Over the last year, I’ve battled corrupt markets, and even more corrupt 
scumbag LP banks on the MT4 trading platform … “if it’s not outrageous 
spreads that creep in [hello crude oil], it’s slippage that is at times criminal 
… when the PAMM gets mugged and held up like a 7-11 robbery, am I supposed 
to just “take it” and shrug? … is that what people want? … well, not gonna 
happen on my watch, so I move on, despite the lies and deceitful bullshit I’m 
given by both Turnkey and the scumbags at the banks … in case you haven’t 
figured it out by now, they’ll say anything to keep you trading”.

The good news? … those days are behind us. Now, all we need is one key 

And so, before I can really “make hay” with any algorithm, not just the 
 “Explosion Algorithm”, I need honest markets with fair fills … I’m sick and 
tired of getting bent over the barnyard railing and told, “hey, it’s Ok, that’s 
what we do”!

Right now, on the entire MT4 trading platform, and using Turnkey as the 
brokerage house, there are only 3 markets worth a shit to trade, where the 
volatility is good to excellent, the spreads excellent, and most importantly the 
fills usually have no slippage … and if they do it’s very minor; they are 
1) H33HKD, 2) NDX100, and 3) USDCNH … with maybe XAUUSD thrown in, 
if that market can ever get any of its volume and customers back to trade it 
… a very big “IF” at the moment … but these are the ONLY markets; 
everything else is an invitation to get robbed.

Sorry, but since the first of July, H33HKD intraday volatility has fallen off a 
cliff and gone “Thelma & Louise” … buy signals are few and far between, and 
the ones we are currently getting are shit … not cuz the algo isn’t working, it’s 
cuz volatility has collapsed and the parameters of the signals have collapsed 
with it, thus making extremely tiny moves much more important than they are. 
In other words, you can’t trade it when it slows down or you’re asking to get 
“monkey hammered” when VOL comes back … and “when” that happens, all 
those little winners get eaten up with 1 loser and you’re still down money.

Ok, that moves us into the U.S. day, where the best market is NDX100 … good 
volatility, probably the very best spread by industry norms, and no slippage 
that I’ve witnessed … again, what the hell am I supposed to do when our 
oscillator buy signal almost gives a buy signal after a 5 point decline? … “sure, 
tell me again how this is defined as a “break” and we’ll go from there” … what 
do you expect from a 30 point range over hours where there’s nothing but  
“drift” and the market sits about half way in its range for the day? 
… DIRECTLY below, the last 2 hours as I’m writing.

“Yea, I’m all ears … tell me “experts” … how do you trade this crap”?

But like I said, the good news is that the PAMM is finally positioned in the 
markets it needs to focus on, and with the “Explosion Algorithm”, the days of 
getting mugged and robbed by scumbag LP’s are O.V.E.R. And while I 
completely understand the desire for massive profits, the one ingredient we 
need is INTRADAY VOLATILITY!! … and when we don’t get it via the 
signals, there isn’t anything I can do about it to make it move … it moves when 
it wants. Yesterday, unfortunately, I was more involved in LP fills than market 
focus in the NDX100, and the melt up I missed … “that’s over and done with 
… this won’t happen again, I can assure you … if it melts up, we WILL BE 
THERE and positioned properly”!

For those in the PAMM, or those who are thinking of joining, I’ve got the 
correct markets to be involved in for excellent profit, and the days of losing 
equity due to “scumbaggery” from the LP’s is over. The “Explosion Algorithm” 
is perfectly coordinated to “make the most-est risking the least-est”!, and 
performance will reflect that going forward. Today saw volumes higher on the 
trade I made. Most days, when things are “normal”, we’ll see 6 - 12 very good 
trades … today has seen ONE, cuz we’ve only gotten one legit signal the entire 
day! [The other was a buy signal off an 8 point NDX100 decline … big whoop] 
“Again, whaddaya want me to do, flip a coin and go all in”?

So, my point today is to simply tell everyone that we are perfectly positioned, 
with respect the PAMM … “sure, I’m not happy about the issues we’ve faced 
over these last months with scumbag LP’s, and the money we’ve donated to them 
… I’d be surprised if anybody would be … but I also know that both the 
H33HKD & the NDX100 aren’t gonna just sit still, and when they “do their 
thing”, we’ll be there to position ourselves correctly. I’m not one to make excuses, 
and when confronted with problems I do my utmost to solve them … me and staff 
have done that … all we need now is for something to move like it has in the past 
… and while “talk is cheap”, just keep your eyes firmly focused on PAMM 
performance going forward”.

Turning to today’s markets … overnight the H33HKD just completely dead 
… and quite frankly, until VOL picks up, I’m not gonna bother staying up and 
staring at a screen that looks and acts like paint drying! … we’ll be back when 
BOTH ranges & intraday volatility returns to normal, cuz without it, this 
market is dangerous as hell.

Only one trade today … PAMM up what it basically lost yesterday.

The only legit signal all day, and I’m in this thing for over 5 minutes and it 
can’t do Mr. Jack Squat … a little pop higher and I’m out, looking for the next 
signal, which never comes the rest of the day. This is what happens when things 
die … “you, me, or anybody else can bitch all they want, but we can’t make it 
move if it doesn’t want to, and doing “stupid shit” trades, or jacking leverage way 
up, isn’t gonna get us to the promised land”.

So, a disappointing day with one signal and one trade … and though we only 
had one signal, volumes are higher today and going forward. “I can tell you this 
right now … if NDX100 goes higher from the open, we’ll be there! … there aren’t 
gonna be any more “melt ups” from the NYSE open that we miss … granted, 
overnight action I got no control over, and if it’s higher early on, then it’s higher 
early on and there’s nothing we can do about it … but we will be positioned 
LONG from the NYSE open if it goes higher”!

And while I didn’t think a few weeks ago, the NDX100 would fit perfectly 
inside the “Hang Seng Explosion Algorithm”, the truth is it fits perfectly and 
trades better than H33HKD! So, like I said, we’re positioned perfectly in the 
PAMM for the days/weeks/months/years ahead … “sorry it took so long to 
finally get us here, but we’re here NOW, and that’s all that matters”!

Still haven’t updated the PAMM Spreadsheet from yesterday and today … will 
do that tomorrow.

Going forward, all you need to watch are the levels of volatility … I’ll point out 
the H33HKD when it picks up, but any large moves in NDX100 should equate 
to big bucks for us … with the perfect algorithm, appropriate increases in 
trading volume, AND normal volatility, we are positioned right where we need 
to be … watch & learn, it’s gonna be something to see over H2 2018! And with 
that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!!





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