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Monday, September 30, 2019


“There’s always at least one guy who stays long gold too long!”

Well, that escalated quickly to the downside, didn’t it? … with the ChiComs closed
for partying all week, the FED removing the punch bowl, and the whole spec world
long gold, what did you think was gonna eventually happen? … REMINDER: there’s
no orderly exit from long gold positions … evahhhh!!

And right along with the slaughter, trading conditions get worse from last week
… blown out spreads and simply horrendous slippage are now normal … Cousin
It, having learned ZERO from last week, trades gold and gets brutally mugged and
robbed by the Turnkey LP’s, which I warned him was gonna happen … quite
frankly folks, XAUUSD is untradeable at the moment … go ahead and trade it if
you want to lose money or hand free money to the scumbag bullion dealer bank
LP’s … me, I want neither.

The stock indices for their part, stuck in mud with another “inside day” on the
NDX100 from Friday … the action in here not very good, despite a very small rally
as gold broke down over $30 per Oz. off its Asian session high … really pathetic
… it’s Monday and nobody gives a shit … quite frankly, the “scumbaggery” in here
is approaching gold for its notorious slippage on fills when the market isn’t really
going anywhere … don’t ever expect these LP thieves to make an honest market,
especially at Turnkey, where if truth be told and we could possibly find out, I would
bet money that they direct the majority of their customer orders to third parties
that they either control or have a substantial stake in the business, and of course
the fills are off the market for customers … sadly, we’ll never know and they sure
as hell ain’t talkin’.

Cable doing nothing today, with a range that is small … really choppy action
… the DAX30 putting in another sub 100 index point day, as even 2 year lows in
EURUSD can’t stimulate stock demand like it used to … and looking around the
markets, there simply isn’t anything to do … spikes from hell everywhere, and not
just in gold, which tells you they’re either front running futures AND/OR punishing
order flow … and as a reminder, China is closed all week until October 9, so no
direction from them in anything … glorious leader day or some such shit, who
cares … that lack of direction and Europe being Europe and punting the ball
every chance they get, leads to New York sessions run by criminals for criminals
in just about every market imaginable … a slew of FED PIE HOLES starting
tomorrow, some PMI’s, and of course the infamous NFP report on Friday, and it
looks like today is the throwaway day of the week … let’s hope so, cuz this is

Until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!  


Sunday, September 29, 2019


“And financial markets are not prepared for this!”

Given the level of government manipulation, the daily attempt to suppress
volatility, and most importantly the inability of government to reign in spending,
I’d say we’re a lot farther from “Kansas” than anybody wants to admit … the
real $64,000 question is, “how much longer can the Ponzi scheme of “markets”
be kept afloat with “funny money”, before the complete destruction of
confidence in the system collapses & then dies”? … while I have no idea the
answer, I would like to point out 2 key observations; 1) history suggests the loss
comes viciously & quickly, catching everyone by surprise [a/k/a “the black swan”
event], and 2) nobody knows the endgame when it comes … nobody.

Next weekend our “Traders Course” [TC] will be finished … got a lot of work
from now ‘till then to wrap things up … there are 10 markets included in the TC,
which are the 10 markets most often exhibiting needed volatility to make money
… 2 points here; 1) if you’re not trading one of these 10 markets, you should be,
and 2) if your favorite market isn’t in the list, either it’s cuz it’s “net cost” to
trade is too high relative to its volatility [read most FX non dollar crosses], or it’s
not consistently volatile enough over the course of a trading day or week to
bother trading.

At present, not all of the markets can be traded by the PAMM at Turnkey, simply
cuz their scumbag LP’s refuse to make honest and fair market in the pairs; those
are 1) crude oil [WTI and/or Brent], and 2) the Hang Seng 50 or Hang Seng 33
stock index … while the top tier offshore brokerage houses offer crude trading
with a 3 cent FIXED spread OR LESS, AND WITH NO COMMISSIONS, Turnkey on
an average day is at 5+ cents most of the time with commissions, and if volatility
picks up for any reason, the spread will blow out quickly from 5 cents … the
Hang Seng currently offered is simply an embarrassment … everyday sees an 
approximate 15 - 20+ index point bid/offer spread with commission, while the
rest of the top houses in the world offer a 5 index point FIXED SPREAD WITH NO
COMMISSIONS … of course, the entire world of decent trading in these 2 pairs
don’t currently allow U.S. citizens and/or residents as clients.

Last week I asked Turnkey to justify the two worst CFD’s in the offshore
brokerage house universe … they are literally tied with Coinexx for having the
absolute worst [highest priced] bid/offer spread in oil & the Hang Seng and their
response almost made me soil myself … with an assumed straight face, they
responded, “don’t judge us on a few pairs on the MT4, but rather look at the
overall “general experience” you get by trading here”. … funny shit, right?
… unreal. However, lots of readers / clients are outside the U.S., and for that
reason alone, this week sees the Sunday update move to a 10 market format,
with crude oil being covered by itself over on
… that leaves us here with 9 markets, and the 20 Day Range MA’s for each.
Directly below, our 9 markets.

click on any chart to enlarge

The TC is broken down into 2 sections; 1) short term trading [scalping], and
2) position trading intra week … there are algorithms for each, with plugins for
the desktop and/or laptop [windows based] MT4 platform available in many
formats … e.g., not all brokerage houses trade the DOW30 in whole integer
bid/offer increments [Turnkey] … many houses utilize a 1 decimal or 2 decimal
format for bid/offer quotes and fills … therefore, we offer ALL 3 formats, and you
use the one right for you and the MT4 platform you’re trading on and using, either
for demo and/or live accounts.

The TC is very brief and concise, and it is designed for complete Newbies, as well
as veteran traders … if you are new to trading, or have very little experience
trading on the MT4 platform, we make it easy for you … if you don’t know how to
1) get the MT4, download it, install it, get it up and running, and then install the
appropriate plugins for the market(s) you’re interested in, I’ve included a detailed
Appendix that covers everything in excruciating detail … if you need it, it’s there
… if you already know it, then skip the Appendix …”it’s Grandma & retarded
kitten tested for cryin’ out loud, and there isn’t a single human being over the age
of 1 that can’t do this if you follow instructions … so, ain’t nobody got any
excuses from where I’m sittin’, if you want to make money from trading.

Obviously, I strongly encourage EVERYONE to demo the algorithms first before
going live … you need to familiarize yourself to the signals in real time, and more
importantly you have to TRUST AND MAKE THE TRADE when the algorithm says
“go!” [trust me on this, NOT an easy task mi amigos]… very shortly after release,
we’ll have our Skype support channel up if you need help … here, you can chat
with me, maybe Cousin It or CoS (Chief of Staff) Milton Waddums, and get answers
to questions about the algorithms and/or signals in the TC. Of course, anybody
can email us as well.

There is no “fluff and/or bullshit” in the TC … quite frankly, IF YOU CAN FOLLOW
DIRECTIONS, you’ll make a shipload of money trading … “only an idiot or a fool
would suggest that our algorithms [scalper and/or position] make a profit on every
trade … that CAN’T HAPPEN folks, cuz it’s impossible and the “Holy Grail” doesn’t
exist … we do have historical probabilities on our side on every trade, but
favorable probabilities aren’t guarantees … I recommend low leverage on every
trade relative to your risk profile, cuz the power of the algorithms is in their
… quite frankly mi amigos, Las Vegas would kill for the probability advantages we
enjoy over the “edge” of the casinos.

There are, quite literally, zillions of people out there on the internet trying to make
a fast buck either by 1) “click bait” via YouTube or other social media like
Instagram for example, and/or 2) offering pure shit for trading techniques, trading
indicators, or systems they claim will make you rich … less than 2 minutes into
the “pitch” the holes are so big you could drive a semi truck through them, and
they quite literally will ruin an account … “not here folks, not here, and not on my
watch cuz my decades of trading experience and [let’s be honest] my reputation
as a professional trader is “on the line” with the TC” … as I explain in the TC,
there are 3 scenarios [limitations] that will either give us problems for profitability
and/or losses on a trade … TWO are NOT IN OUR CONTROL, and the third can be
completely avoided … I go over each in detail and how to avoid them. 

We will offer FREE Skype chat, simply cuz we aren’t willing to leave “anybody
behind” … “ya think we would do this, if we didn’t already know that ANYBODY
CAN DO THIS!”? … anybody can make mistakes, and anybody can misinterpret
instructions, and with a demo account filled with play money, you can “fuck up”
‘till pigs fly and learn without the consequences of real losses … there’s no such
thing as dumb questions, only people afraid of looking dumb asking a question
they think might make them look stupid … “it doesn’t matter how fast or slow of
a learner you are … it doesn’t matter if you have 10 college degrees or were
behind Jethro Bodine in school … it doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 102 … it
doesn’t matter if you have a large account or only $100 to start … in short,
nothing matters but your desire to “escape to success” and what you’re willing
to do about it … every single bit of the math work has already been done for you
and everything is VISUAL in nature … once you determine you’re ready for the
real deal, you won’t be an algorithm “Newbie”, and now you’re ready for profits
… quite frankly, IF YOU CAN FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, I don’t see how you can
lose money over time, given anything remotely close to current trading
conditions available in most markets … sorry, I just don’t see it, unless you’re
breaking the rules of the algorithms, and that’s why we have chat or email help
… this shouldn’t be construed as a guarantee, cuz the only guarantee in life is
you’re gonna die someday, but simply my thought process on the matter.

Looking ahead to this week, some items of note. First up, I don’t think I’ve ever
seen worse trading conditions in XAUUSD, than what I saw last week … it’s an
absolute disgrace the behavior of the scumbag bullion dealer bank LP’s in spot
gold … a fat widening of the bid/offer spread, mystery ticks & spikes galore, and
eye watering slippage that would make Vito Corleone blush if he were alive, and
it’s nothing more than a scam to rob your account of money … what do
algorithm signals mean in this kind of trading environment? … they mean
nothing, that’s what, and you just have to leave it the hell alone until some kind
of sanity prevails and makes a return … secondly, ditto the DOW30 at Turnkey
… another disgrace.

The DAX30 needs to see some expanded ranges … we’re hovering near 2 year
lows … Cable & EURGBP off the table until the “Brexit idiocy” is over and done
with … the Hang Seng & crude oil not even an option for us … silver is right in
there with gold for insanity … the SP500 has a spread that is too high, the
mystery tick bids & offers means slippage is terrible, and quite frankly the LP’s
here are shit. From where I’m sittin’ right now, unless gold returns to relative
normalcy, a big “IF”, I’ll be watching the NDX100 for PAMM trades.

Onto the week … until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody!  


Friday, September 27, 2019


“In more ways than one!”

Now that creepy, sleepy Uncle Joe is coming under the microscope, where’s his
‘ol bud Chalky Soetoro to defend him? … let’s see, plane loads of cash to Iran,
Uranium One, Benghazi, “tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election, OK
Dimitri?”, China graft, and now Ukraine … hell, you got Biden on tape bragging to
the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] dopes about his prowess extorting Ukraine
to fire a special prosecutor looking into his son … “What’s the prob Joe? … if your
drug addicted kid did nothing wrong for his 50K a month gig as a director, who
cares if there’s an investigation? … right? … what biz is it of yours to extort
foreign aid to another country? … nothing to see here Sheeple, move along.

And just when you think nothing this “shitshow circus” can show you that will
make you think, “WTF is this?”, along comes “Liddle Adam Schiff” making up
quotes from Trump in a congressional hearing … “well, we all know Congress is
a comedy show, but is this the time and place for stand up comedy
“Liddle Adam”?, by making up shit as you go along”? … and so the complete
farce goes on and on “ad infinitum nauseum”, as everybody plays to their base
and nothing gets done … meanwhile the corruption, graft, bribery, kickbacks,
and money laundering continues unabated as POLS get rich beyond belief at the
public expense … if I was King, they’d ALL be shot at sunrise.

And in the process, financial markets hang on every single word these asshats
spit out like bullets from an automatic weapon … I’ve been involved in financial
markets for a very long time, and I’ve never seen anything quite like the shit we
are subjected to on a second-by-second basis, from so many different angles, in
virtually every market, every day … what looks good one second isn’t anymore
cuz some asshat said something contradicting another asshat 5 seconds before.
And just like politics where everybody gets rich feeding off the government tit,
nobody here wins but the banks, who in the end also feed the POLS to look the
other way so the game can continue.

More than likely, I’ll be finishing the traders course this weekend and next … so,
we’re about 10 days away … given the environment markets are now in, and
most likely will stay, until there’s blood in the streets and the FED is abolished
through revolution, the algorithms presented in the traders course attempt to
piggyback the manipulators behavior and guide you to consistent, daily profits
… and we’ve unlocked the vault in 10 financial markets you can choose to trade,
thus giving you the flexibility to pick and choose 1) volatility levels, 2) level of
interest in specific markets, 3) various markets in different world time zones so
you can trade effectively in your home market if desired, 4) scalper [day trading]
and/or intraweek positioning of trades depending on your “style” of trading,
and 5) risk control … everything you need is HERE! … and it is ALL visual via
the MT4 platform, both desktop and mobile [with some limitations].

What nuclear bombs get dropped today from the “shifting goalposts” of the
MSM / DNC, “talking heads”, and the frauds & liars that permeate American
society at every level? … it’s a question nobody ever used to have to ask, but in
today’s manipulated “POLS & Apparatchiks” trading paradigm you had better
ask it, or suffer the consequences … it looks to be a somewhat docile Friday
that’s shaping up, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

And just as I finish the last paragraph, here shortly before NOON EST, comes the
“bomb”, and some bullshit headline from Bloomberg, which I believe is owned by
“The Enquirer”, but I could be mistaken … and suddenly, it isn’t Friday anymore,
it’s “Frankenstein Friday”, where if you’re not careful, you’ll be making an
unsolicited donation to a POL’S & Apparatchik’s mistress fund … oh, good times!

Algorithm signals today, except for the very aggressive trader, have kept us out of
our markets … the signals just aren’t there, and here’s a very brief rundown on
each market … GOLD: an absolute joke for trading conditions and a literal
nightmare to trade … the logistics of scalping this market are as bad as I have
ever seen it, with the phantom, mystery tick quotes + slippage + the spikes from
hell, making it untradeable in its current form … bid/offer spread nearing 20 cents,
and slippage IF YOU’RE LUCKY of 20 - 40 cents, and you’re looking at a half
dollar gold trade, which is a joke … the algo can’t give you a fair and decent fill,
and you sure as shit aren’t gonna get one via Turnkey and their band of thieving
LP’s … trade it, and then watch in horror your fill, and wonder how the hell do I
get out of this at a profit? … might as well play roulette in Las Vegas
… DOW30: like gold, a joke at Turnkey, where slippage is horrendous and I have
no idea where the bid/offer spread truly is … all I know is that it’s north of 3 to
maybe 7 … just complete shit here … DAX30: probably the best trading conditions
for any market, simply cuz they can’t fuck it up and retain business from their
European base of customers, but scraping the bottom of its 20 Day Range MA,
OVER THE LAST 2 YEARS … 9 out of the last 13 trading days have seen daily
ranges below 100 index points, which is pathetic … add it all up, and potential
gains right now are thin, while risk is high, even though the algo here has been
excellent even among very low range days … GBPUSD & EURGBP: don’t want to
trade them until Brexit is over and done with, otherwise we subject ourselves to
really bad horrendous spikes, which if against us, the market isn’t volatile enough
right now to make it back … NDX100: algo signals today have been lower than
normal, but slow trading days invite spikes like we’ve just seen in the stock
indices … sure, I want an active market here, but what I don’t want is unbridled
panic to get them … and outside of the Bloomberg spike and the open of the
NYSE day, what’s here on this Friday? … nothing, that’s what.

As for gold, I think it’s a “dead man walking” scenario going forward, until further
FED idiocy becomes clearer … until then, it’s simply the “Comex Con Game” at
work, and you’re really behind the 8 ball with trading conditions as they currently
exist … truly, the FED has ZERO credibility with financial markets, but you can’t
ignore their “tea leaves” … and right now, the “tea leaves” have taken away the
punch bowl of lower interest rates … maybe they’re lying or simply are clueless, a
probability far higher than most would want to admit, but with ZERO rate cuts
projected anytime soon, something has to give here … either they change policy
or gold goes lower … and from where I’m sittin’, it looks like very tough sledding
to get past the 1530 level and stay there … I’d be a lot more comfortable with gold
in the mid to upper 1400’s [1450 - 1480], than here around 1500.

So here we are at the end of another manipulated trading day, and very little
change from where we were 10 hours ago … some panic buying, some panic
selling in gold, and with each passing hour somebody reacts like a Pavlovian dog
to a headline “whistle” from the usual suspects … at the end of the day, most of it
was contributed by frauds & liars … just another day in the money laundering
capital of the world, New York … update on Sunday … much more info on the
trading course coming this weekend … until then mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great weekend everybody!