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Friday, November 29, 2019


“Sooner or later, they will come for it all!”

Oh boy, “markets” [meaning the dead ones that don’t move anymore] reopen
after a U.S. Holiday, and traders come back to a big bag of nothin’! … stick a
fork in any market to see if its moving, cuz more than likely it’s dead … none
more so than stocks, which are still in the grips of the “QE levitation act”
perpetrated by the FED, to keep the stock market bubble alive and well into the
New Year, and most likely into the November 2020 election. “So, what’s the
point of even being open if nothing is going to happen”?

Well EASY PEEZEE … banks gotta scam every market for pocket change to
keep the largest money laundering scheme known to the history of the world,
alive and well, and running on schedule to make the payments … payments?
… you think all the POLS, Apparatchiks, regulators, exchange pooh bahs, &
brokerage house execs come cheap? … what the hell do you think runs the
world, and why nothing short of abolishing the FED and commencing the
revolution is gonna change things one iota? … nobody in power wants to see
anything changed.

Meanwhile over in crypto, where markets are humming much to the chagrin of
government types everywhere for 3 basic & big reasons … 1) they can’t control
it so they have no idea how to tax it, 2) they have no idea who’s doing what,
except to know that their BFF’s, the scumbag TBTJ & TBTF banks, aren’t in on
the trading, so there’s no bags of money to be had for looking the other way,
and 3) what they can’t control they don’t like … period … financial freedom is for
elites, not serfs and worker bees like you! 

The entire premise of government today is twofold, and can be summed up quite
easily; 1) grow the “deep state” and keep them loyal, and 2) YOU can’t be allowed
to have financial freedom cuz we need your money … “learn how to be a good
worker bee and we’ll flood you with “freebies” [that you pay more for than
otherwise, but nonetheless, you’re a worker bee, not a card carrying member of
the elite.], but don’t ever think you’re gonna be free”!

So, markets are “open” today to skim money … nothing more complicated than
that … and with almost ZERO VIX in anything, good luck with whatever it is you’re
trading, cuz the scumbag LP’s will make sure they click off every MT4 technical 
indicator buy/sell signal to get you “to jump” … and then proceed to fade the
signal and force you to puke … in essence, you’re a Pavlovian dog and don’t
even know it! … when they have unlimited free amounts of money from the FED,
to do their policy bidding [wink wink, nod nod], and can always get more for the
asking, AND they can see order flow, what the hell do you expect them to do?

Well, guess what? … can’t do that in crypto … say whatever you want about the
minuscule futures exchanges in BTC, the corrupt CME and the inept ICE … add
‘em both up and they don’t do 1% of world daily volume … and can the scumbag
banks see order flow in BTC? … nope, unless they want to hang their hats on the
liquidity and order flow at ICE & CME … who the hell is gonna do that? … and
without that, how are the banks gonna control & manipulate BTC? … that’s right
Skippy, they can’t … and now you know why more and more traders of all stripes,
are coming from every market on earth to crypto, cuz they’re sick & tired of being
sick & tired from the asshole manipulative banks and what they’ve done to
everything but crypto … and it’s early yet on a dull Friday, but after about 10
hours of trading, BTC has an approximate $340 range … size that up against
anything else, and let me know what even comes close … right, nothing.

Turning to the DJPI30 [Dow Jones Propaganda Index 30], markets close early
today … it’s been about 3 dozen trading days since the major indices in the U.S.
have been down 0.5% … want to see manipulation? … well there it is … and
everything will be fine, until it isn’t … since February 2016, each succeeding
“crack” in the stocks dam, has seen greater and greater explosions in VIX … this
next time will be no different … at some point the Ponzi scheme ends, and it
makes sense to assume it can’t happen before November 2020, but I wouldn’t
bet the ranch on that … somehow, someway, consensus almost never occurs
like most think it will.

The major point I want to make about crypto, though, especially BTC, is that you
have to reign in your leverage to acceptable levels of risk, or this puppy can blow
your donkey right out of the water … this shit moves fast, and while not every
move is fast, there are plenty during the trading day that do … and if you get
caught in too high leverage for your trade, if this freight train comes for you, this
freight train runs you over! … the crypto M1 Scalpers Algorithm limits risk very
well in trades, but I will point out that if you fiddle fuck around and try doubling,
or tripling up on losers, or some such shit as this, they will carry you out toes
up! … you have to be disciplined in this market, and while it’s not my biz to tell
you what your leverage should be, somewhere between 10X - 20X is where your
trading should be.

Some very good algorithm buy signals today in BTC, for some very good gains
on trades … quite frankly, this market and the other 8 pairs at PRIMEXBT offer
the best trading conditions going … if you’re not here, it’s a mystery to me … and
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would have paid to me and use it in your account … this isn’t rocket science

Some may have noticed a new addition to the right hand column … open a
PRIMEXBT through the pic, and get a 35% deposit bonus [if you want it] … given
the nature and scope of the bullshit going on in the traditional markets on the
MT4 with 1) collapse of VIX, 2) overt central bank manipulation, and 3) no daily
ranges worth a shit, every day you wait and wonder when markets are going to
come back, is another day down the rat hole waiting for some kind of VIX
miracle … why wait, crypto is here, and you can successfully trade it NOW!
… duh.

Back to the DJPI30, which again today is being propped up by the usual suspects
… what a crock of shit the FED has created … they say they don’t want
“bubbles”, and then they do exactly that … listen not to what these assholes say,
but what they do, and right now they’re in panic mode over what to do with
crypto … when there’s nothing left for them to manipulate, and when the markets
open and nobody is there, I guess they can buy and sell it to themselves to
“jerryrig” for the desired result … meanwhile, USDJPY has a  20 PIP ranges
today, isn’t that wonderful? … and all of you paying the freight, via higher
spreads, in the Yen crosses looking for some kind of volatility to bail you out?
… bwahahahaha.

In case you FX traders haven’t figured it out yet, USDJPY from back in the day
when it was “rock & roll” & one of the best markets to trade bar none at the time,
and bankrupted the likes of guys like Victor Neiderhofer, has been replaced by
Bitcoin [BTC] … and the Yen crosses that everybody traded for a decade and a
half and were very good VIX wise, have been replaced by the BTC crosses
… wake the hell up people, and smell the frickin’ coffee … the BOJ has killed
Yen VIX, and that Genie is plugged into the bottle going forward by the guys with
the CNTRL-P machine that you nor anybody else has … you want VIX? … then
move over to crypto! 

But today for the manipulators in the DJPI30, it isn’t about “price discovery”, it’s
about “protect & defend” the big cap stocks, and that means very choppy and
uneventful action … up and until China does something, and corrupt leadership
decides it needs to buy SP500 futures lower, indices are going to be defended
… and yes, we know it’s a “88/6/6” trading paradigm, but when that second
comes and China plays their cards, that back “6” is gonna be a B. I. Itch on the
way down … look for it, get ready for it, cuz it’s surely coming … even ChiCom
mistresses got needs & wants.

At mid morning, I got a message from PRIMEXBT about their upcoming 2020
PAMM program … they let me know that everything is on schedule for a Q1 2020
launch and that various parameters are being beta tested, and everything is on
schedule … that’s good news, cuz I’m gonna be there at the very beginning
… these markets are the future of trading, for reasons I’ve outlined already on
the blog … it’s the only place you’re going to be able to get CONSISTENT VIX in
any measurable amount with reasonable leverage, and expect to be my neighbor
in the Caribbean … otherwise, enjoy your stay in sub ZERO weather in the
winter months … you sure as hell aren’t going to consistently find it on the MT4
have killed VIX in “Hoover Dam” near everything … learn it, love it, & deal with
it … and the way you deal with it, is to leave the MT4 shit behind and start
trading crypto”!! … whether BTC, ETH, or XRP it’s up to you … all are excellent
trading crypto pairs, along with their respective crosses versus BTC … everyday
you sit there and hope FX, gold, silver, or whatever comes back and starts
becoming volatile again, are days wasted on “hopium” … they aren’t coming
back, at least not consistently!! … and on this dull Friday, with shortened hours
in everything but crypto, cuz crypto NEVER SLEEPS, BTC has a $463 range, or
about 7% of notional value, with quite a few fantastic algorithm signals you
could have taken had you already opened an account, gotten the TC and read
chapter 8 on crypto, and then FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS TO PROFITS! … I can’t
make this any easier for you folks, it’s simply not possible.

Stocks close early today … we’re about half an hour from the close, and this day
has been a complete waste of time in the MT4 markets … the DOW30 with a
NYSE session range of about 40 index points … that versus 463 in BTC … do
the math Skippy … money is money … I don’t go deposit onto my debit card or
bank account the DOW30, or crude oil, or gold … there’s no mechanism for that
… but I can load BTC onto a debit card and spend it, did you know that? … how
many times do I have to say this? … it doesn’t matter what it is you trade, what
matters is 1) is it volatile, 2) is it liquid, and 3) can the algorithms successfully
model its behavior for profit … if the answer is yes, then frickin’ trade it!!

Onto next week then … be back for the Sunday blog … until then mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great weekend everybody! 


Thursday, November 28, 2019


“Giving thanks for freedom with family!”

“WTF man, where’s my food … I’m watching football!”

A Holiday in the U.S., where millions travel around like rats in a maze, so they can
share a meal with family they rarely see … most often it’s a good thing, and can
bring families together in fellowship … sometimes it isn’t. So what is it, anybody
in the world can be thankful for? … you don’t need to have a Holiday to be
thankful … you don’t need to carve up a turkey to be thankful … you don’t need to
be in the U.S. to be thankful. So what is it, YOU who are reading this most thankful

Let me drop some hints … 1) be thankful and give thanks to GOD for life, families,
friends, & freedom, 2) give thanks to those NOW and long ago, both men &
women, who died fighting for freedom over tyranny, so you can be and do
anything you want, 3) be thankful you live in an era of vast telecommunications
networks and the internet, where truth is set free and government propaganda is
laughed at and scorned, 4) be thankful you still have time, especially if you live in
the U.S.S.A. [United Socialist States of America], to get your wealth out, and into
more capital friendly jurisdictions before Libtards confiscate it, and finally 5) be
thankful for “Crypto”, cuz it is outside of government control and manipulation.

You may have noticed I put on the website [here and over at traderzoocrude], 2
new additions … 1) a live “ticker” of crypto prices, courtesy of CoinLib, and 2) in
the right hand column, the Day’s top 10 crypto pairs in terms of volume … I put
these up cuz of their importance going forward … these are the markets that
matter, everything else is manipulated bullshit, thank you very much FED Twits.

Most times the U.S. has a big Holiday, the other 2 world trading sessions, that
being the Asian session & the European session, are slow to dead as well … they
don’t need an excuse to stop trading dull & listless markets … today being one of
those days, Bitcoin [BTC] still has a $155 range [so far], and the “day” is only
about 9 hours old … by comparison, traditional markets like FX, stock indices,
metals, & oil are so dead it’s laughable, although all to predictable given their
dilemma … and that specific dilemma, is what I wrote about yesterday, which is
constant loss of volumes & liquidity as traders “give up” trading these
manipulated markets for greener pastures … and that “greener pasture” is

So, the $64,000 question that should be coursing through your head is, “why is
crypto, specifically BTC, different”? … here are the reasons; 1) no government
manipulation, 2) no heavy scumbag TBTJ & TBTF bank presence to manipulate
price for their benefit cuz they can see order flow, 3) no regulated, corrupt
commodity exchange that sets price for spot … and btw, the corrupt CME does
less than ½ of 1% of world daily volume in BTC via their BTC futures contract,
hardly a benchmark of pricing, 4) crypto is “decentralized” [DEX], meaning it’s a
worldwide network of thousands of “nodes” nobody can manipulate to their
advantage, 5) millions of people, especially in the Pacific Rim of the world from
South Korea all the way down to New Zealand and everywhere in between, USED
TO BE heavy traders of USDJPY, gold, & stock indices … no more … they got
tired of being the “Chump” at the poker table and moved to crypto, and last, but
certainly not least, 6) low margins, 24/7/365 access, no KYC, and a belief that
crypto will not inflate away their wealth & prosperity via central bank bullshit
… in other words, crypto is currency that rises in value over time due to its
structure versus fiat … granted there’s volatility, but you’d expect that in
something that moves and is priced according to human “fear & greed” cycles
… what central banks have tried to do, is take VIX away from markets for policy
purposes, with the result of collapsing market structures all around the MT4.

Finally, there is the exquisite example of modern day Venezuela … in 1960,
Venezuela had the HIGHEST standard of living of any country in the entire world
… blessed with a then stable democracy, abundant natural resources, low taxes,
no inflation, and educated workforce, it was a great place to live and visit
… today, within one lifetime, a complete socialist shithole of unimaginable

Did stocks, bonds, real estate, bank accounts, or gold / silver save those in the
clutches of Chavez, then Maduro, and their band of “thugs”? … can you flee
with heavy mounds of gold on your back and expect to hike hundreds of miles
through jungle, without getting mugged, robbed, then killed? … nope … but if
you held crypto in a DEX E-wallet … safe, secure, 100% anonymous, and
remembered your passphrase, then you could make it out, get on the internet,
access your wallet, and start life anew … and those stuck in Venezuela with the
“safe stuff” everybody and their brother told them to invest in, what of them?
… well, they are either dead, or starving and dirt poor.

So, if you’re in the U.S. today and gorging yourself on turkey, take a second to
think about where the U.S. is headed, and what happens the next time a Libtard
Loon takes control of the WH, and his/her merry band of Loons control both
branches of Congress … 2020, 2024, 2028? … on which not so wonderful
Thanksgiving Day and in what year, do you sit there and tell yourself, “I was
warned, but I didn’t think it could happen here … now what”? … history can be
very cruel, especially when you ignore it!

It’s never been easier to open an account and start trading crypto [or other
markets as well] … open an account through my referral link in the header, fund
it with anything [minimum is 0.001 BTC, which = about $7 and change], and I will
send you the 92 page “Traders Course” [TC] for FREE, which is normally $60
… after you open & fund, just send me an email letting me know you did it, and
I’ll send you the Adobe PDF … chapter 8 is for crypto, specifically BTC, but is
used for the other 8 pairs as well … I show you how to trade crypto!

If you haven’t already, read my past blogs on the use of VPN & private email
account … accounts at PRIMEXBT are funded / held in account balances /
margined / paid out, in BTC … this is done automatically with no charge to you.
If you are a profitable trader, this is a great way to accumulate the world’s most
valuable currency over time … there’s no KYC to open an account, all you need is
an email address … funding it with BTC takes just a few minutes … and there
you go, Happy Turkey Day!

Even with today’s worldwide slowdown in trading, thanks to the U.S., BTC still has
a higher comparable range to anything that’s been traded in the last month! [and
as I write, BTC has just extended the day’s range to $161] … as I’ve said, trading
conditions are even better than trading back at the “zenith” of U.S. futures trading
via the pits … there was nothing ever, up ‘till now,  to compare to the 1980’s
… well, crypto is better than the 80’s! … trust me, I was there and know of what I
speak! … until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!