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Friday, September 21, 2018


“That look you get when everything you believe in turns out to be bullshit!”

Things you wish were true but aren’t; 1) financial markets are “fair & honest”, 
 2) our elected leaders serve the “people”, 3) the intelligence community 
[another great oxymoron] works for the protection of the people, & 4) “justice” 
is honorable. Things you know are true; 1) today’s Democrats are thug, 
authoritarian Stalinist's, 2) most Republicans are spineless pieces of jelly, 
3) government at all levels is corrupt, and 4) no bank, in any capacity, has your 
best interests at heart.

A small list to be sure, but I continue to run into people who have that  
“Dorothy look”, cuz they can’t believe their country has turned into shit before 
their eyes in less than a generation … “well, Sheeple continue to vote for 
corruption, bribery, & graft, so what do you expect? … keep returning to office 
assclowns like Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, and the rest of the corrupt 
cabal, who’s only real talent is moving goalposts for an MSM that has the 
“vapors” for more progressive bullshit, and promoting MOAR free shit for the 
Free Shit Army [individual responsibility is so “yesterday”] … financial markets 
are just a reflection of greater society … fish rot from the head down … all the 
cesspool of corruption & bullshit present in the hypocrite capital of the universe 
[D.C.], is also prevalent in financial markets … some days it’s hard to tell which 
has the greater stench”.

Turning to today’s EURJPY market … “Chuckleheads will be Chuckleheads, 
ramping EURJPY higher in the last 2 hours of the Asian session … of course it 
gets faded, as Mrs. Wantanabe & gal pals wouldn’t know what to do with profits 
… all they ever do is deposit MOAR money”. We’re in the European session now 
… which means of course, all markets are basically dead … nothing here but 
“crickets”“oh for sure the Pols & Apparatchiks, of all stripes, are out on the 
wires babbling about “Brexit” this and “Brexit” that, getting Cable to dance for 
the mistress fund, both up & down, and a little coin for the Pols & regulators who 
don’t do shit, but expect and demand their cut anyway … an amazing sight to see 
as headlines race by, which one can outdo the others and say the most inane and 
already known info, as if it’s newsworthy, which can only mean the purpose is to 
line somebody’s pocket … “if only Vito Corleone knew what could have been” 
… would he have been any worse than the scumbag LP’s , Pols, & Apparatchiks 
we have now”? [Hint: emphatic NO.]

And of course, I fully expect SHTF sometime between 7 - 8 A.M. EST, as Wall 
Street “early birds” get to their trading desks, and another “NFP day” [cuz the 
day ends in “Y”] will be at hand in financial markets, from equities to FX.  
“Just another day in the manipulation washing machine”.

“Well, that escalated quickly to the downside didn’t it”? … and once again, 
making me look like a broken record, Pols & Apparatchiks step in the way, move 
markets drastically with volatility from the HFT’s & scumbag banks, and the 
results are all too familiar … Congrats to the Chuckleheads, who once again 
show the world how to buy highs and sell lows, any market be damned, but who 
today excelled in shoving EURJPY to over 133.000, tripping over themselves in a 
buying frenzy, that now gets undone [installment # 4,898, 766] by either Europe 
[if it ever moves again] and/or the U.S. session … Mrs. Wantanabe, call your 

Once again, it’s another “NFP Friday Friday” trading day, with almost all the 
action [except for the Chucklehead buying spree at 2 AM EST.] confined to the 
7 - 10 am EST window … and now? “Well, now that Theresa May pissed all over 
bullish enthusiasm, especially in Cable which is getting monkey hammered 
unmercifully, and the fact that EURJPY has been up every day this week, where is 
any of this stuff gonna go? … here @ 10 AM EST, the M1 candlesticks are already 
approaching 1 & 2 PIP ranges, and unless there’s more downside selling via 
people who haven’t been paying attention and are still long, and the banks looking 
to take out further sell stops, I have a real hard time seeing EURUSD and/or 
USDJPY rallying … where’s the buy fuel gonna come from”? Not sayin’ it can’t 
go up a couple of PIPS, just that the risk here going forward the rest of the day 
is definitely on the downside.

“OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART”!! … well, it’s about fucking time 
IMHO, proving once again that the squeaky wheel gets some grease … One 
trade today … PAMM up a little more than half way 0.1%.

Directly below, the day’s trade with commentary.

click to enlarge!

Only one [1] algorithm buy signal up to about 10 AM EST … it worked out OK 
for some bucks, but the real news is I actually got decent ON THE MARKET 
BID/OFFER FILLS, on both entry and liquidation from the Turnkey LP 
“should I run out right now this instant and buy a Powerball ticket? … why are 
the dog & the lovely & gracious Mrs. attempting to shove me out the door while 
nodding their heads”?

Going forward into next week, what we need to see are 2 things; 1) could all of 
you Pols & Apparatchiks just STFU and sit down, and pretend to let markets 
function normally … do you have to open your collective Pie Holes every 
fucking 5 minutes with inane bullshit?, and 2) we need better “flow” to prices 
… yesterday we got that, and don’t make me relive the Turnkey MT4 fuckups, 
that had me in therapy well into the night. If we get either or both, it would be 
ideal, especially in EURJPY. And while I’m placing my Festivus wish list for 
the trading Gods to see, how ‘bout some better activity in USDJPY … these 
small and shitty daily ranges are irksome at best … quite frankly, take it up or 
down, it matters not to me; just let it move some, OK?

The “-vegas EURUSD Algorithm”, which is what I’m using to trade EURJPY, 
was specifically designed to take into account scumbag LP bank manipulation 
and short term trade flow, that results from playing and thinking like the bank 
casino, instead of the craps customer … and unless some truly bizarre, never 
before seen, market behavior sets in [which, let’s be honest, is possible], the 
algorithm “NAILS” bottoms flat cold … tops are different cuz there is “skew” 
involved with tops that most often you don’t see with bottoms. Today more like 
Wednesday, with the “NFP-itis” of FX, that sees very little in the way of 
windows of trading opportunity before the manipulators hit the exit gates 
… and when that happens, all you got left is “chop” & stops.

My volumes are still low, for the very simple reason I need to see better flow 
from the market before risking more on a position … trading action of late, 
notwithstanding yesterday’s good daily range and trade flow, have been rather 
dismal … if you get caught on the wrong side, there isn’t any way to make the 
loss back without upping leverage and trade volume, which if going into any NY 
afternoon with Squid & the boys is not really something that usually works out 
for you … “Vampire Squid [GS], JPM, & Citibank are the other crooks crook 
… what they do and how they fill orders is IMHO nothing short of criminal”.  
When trading action improves, I’ll be raising volumes in the PAMM and on C2 

On Sunday night, I’ll have another special Sunday night update, with some 
important stats on EURUSD, USDJPY, & EURJPY … I’m cutting today’s blog 
early, cuz trading is already starting to die down, and with the ranges we 
already have, I don’t see any reason for them to extend themselves in any 
meaningful way … sure, might be a little more to the downside or upside, but 
the reactions back will come quick & be vicious, leaving you squarely in the 
hands of the NY banks in less than 30 minutes when Europe closes … it’s a 
recipe for extreme chop, with plenty of risk and not a whole lot of reward for 
the effort … so, leave it the hell alone. It is what it is, you can’t change it … it’s 
the way markets are now, much to the central banker Twits delight.

Until Sunday night mi amigos … PAMM Spreadsheet will be back then 
… Onward & Upward!! [“Seeing how I got filled today like I should, how many 
lotto tickets should I buy? … the dog says drain the bank account … the Mrs. 
says 1, and play everybody’s birthday … decisions, decisions … see, it’s not easy 
being me”!]

Have a great weekend everybody!!





Thursday, September 20, 2018


“And then you get to deal with the Turnkey Forex LP’s! … watch your wallet!”

I think the world is suffering from “circus exhaustion” … politics, social head 
scratching, & of course financial trading … the truly bizarre is becoming 
normal, and it isn’t a good thing. So, people do whatever they can to escape 
… they stop reading or listening to the “news”; “might as well listen to a 
Goebbels speech from 1940” … they stop paying attention to anything outside of 
family & close friends … and politics? … good God, what assclowns the 
Sheeple have elected, especially the Senate, where it’s a race to see who is the 
most insane.

Welcome to another day of Euroland boredom … I don’t seriously think it can 
get much worse than what we are witnessing now … such tiny ranges and 
almost non existent volatility during the trading session … until of course, the 
U.S. session opens up, where who knows WTF happens next.

“Well, that escalated quickly to the upside, didn’t it”? … and with that has turned
 out to be a great range day in EURJPY, and we can all thank Turnkey for 
fucking it up royally beyond recognition. How so?

“Glad you asked! … I got 5 algorithm buy signals today, which were great … the 
first one, of course since it’s Turnkey & their scumbag LP’s, we get clipped again 
versus what we get filled at C2 by a full PIP on our buy fill … so, yet once again, 
not liking the bullshit off the market fill, I get out with a small profit. Ok, I’m 
thinking, the day is still young, plenty of time for some MOAR movement … only 
problem is the next 4 buy signals come and the MT4 is either shut off by the 
scumbag LP’s OR the MT4 can’t handle the volume of price changes and it 
crashes from an overload … I’m literally screaming at Turnkey, cuz they cost us 
some great profitable trades, and all I get from them is, “It’s not our fault” 
… Fuck that, OK? … I already told them, they’re a bucket shop … if it’s not shit 
fills, it’s MT4 “shut the machines off” by the scumbag LP’s cuz they don’t want 
to sell you anything in a rising market … OR, they lie and say it’s an MT4 
problem and MetaTrader’s fault … sure it is”.

And of course, since the new paradigm in FX is “NFP day, end in a “Y” day”, 
we get mind numbing boredom, followed by 2 - 4 hours of screaming madness, 
followed by Squid & the boys fucking people left & right once Europe closes 
… we get our shots, but thanks to Turnkey Forex, we end up with cab fare, 
thank you very much cuz they’re either incompetent OR negligent OR both 
“I’m going with option B right now for $1,000 Alex”!

“Oh, but don’t worry, now that Europe has closed and things have settled down, 
the MT4 works just fine … Dear Turnkey Forex: shall I hook it up to the 
telegraph pole for Morse code? … and since Squid & the boys are busy fucking 
traders with fills all over the place, since it’s the NY afternoon, I’m sure it’s 
working beautifully … all it takes is one look at the M1 in EURJPY now, and if 
you don’t think these crooks operate on a different schedule in the NY afternoon, 
then I suggest you stop drinking the Kool-Aid … nice fills Squid, JPM, & 
Citibank, as you maul the shit out of EURJPY from 26 to almost 50 in seconds 
before tanking it back to 30 … nice work if you can get it … but hey, the MT4 
works, so I’m sure Turnkey is all nice and fuzzy now”.

As you can probably tell, I’m seriously livid right now as I write … “what’s 
next from these assclowns, fucking Locusts”? A few cold ones and a walk on the 
beach with the dog will bring perspective back … but still. I’m not gonna stress 
on it, although it bugs the shit out of me, cuz it’s only one day. 

Only one trade today … PAMM up a few bucks … thanks Turnkey.

Should have had 5 winning trades, but had one … I’m not in a real good place 
right now … I gotta go take a walk I’m so pissed off. Until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!!