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Sunday, June 24, 2018


“OMG! … this algo is better than an increase in my allowance!”

OK, the “Force Volatility Algorithm PDF”, and the “Force Volatility Algorithm: 
PART II, Special Rule PDF” has been released, and it’s over in the 
“Download Links” in the right-hand column. I’ve also deleted old files that 
were in there, simply cuz they have no use anymore to either the market (s) 
I’m trading or following, or they are obsolete. Fact is, the new algorithm is far 
better and more productive than anything I’ve ever published before, so why 
leave it up? We’re all here to make money, and this one definitely does that.

I decided the “Special Rule” for the DAX30 was so important, I wanted to make 
it its own document, simply cuz I want people to know of it when circumstances 
arrive, like they did this past Friday, when the “Special Rule” kicked in and 
prevented us from getting “donkey mauled” on the day. Love it & learn it! 
Enjoy the new algorithm!

Updated PAMM Spreadsheet directly below ... and with that, I’m outta here 
… until tomorrow mi amigos … “the future’s so bright I need sunglasses”!  
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody!




Friday, June 22, 2018


“Free will in your trading? … Look closely, you won’t like what you discover!”

A somewhat shorter blog post today, and also a little early, on what has been 
one of the “weirdest” days I can remember in the DAX30 in a very long time 
… I’ll end the suspense right now … there were no trades today in the PAMM, 
due to an algorithm “special rule” that kicked in with yesterday’s bloodbath, 
that specifically pertains to today’s trading action … what that rule is, how to 
use it and under what conditions, you’ll learn Sunday night with the release of 
the “Force Volatility Algorithm”.

You have to go back a long way in the historical data to see a day like today, 
after yesterday’s performance … however, unless certain conditions are met, 
which weren’t until minutes before the European close, action will only hurt 
you, whether long or short … and one look at an M5 candlestick chart from 
today since the open [06:00 server time; 2 A.M. EST.] to the European close 
[16:00 server time; Noon EST.], and you’ll see the infamous  
“Flying Wedge of Death” [FWD] rear its ugly head, and both destroy longs and 
shorts in quick fashion. Directly below, the FWD of today’s action, where 
multiple highs and multiple lows, locked in a very tight range, serve to skewer 
anybody with a position.

That’s not to say there aren’t any buy/sell signals that can’t be good … many 
are, but it’s not a question of profit, it’s a question of “risk” … and the math 
research says and tells you certain things, which if you ignore the warning, it’s 
not a question of “if”, it’s only a question of “when” … under the algorithm’s 
“Special Rule” scenario, if you make a trade, your “risk profile” goes way up
while algorithm conditions are NOT met, meaning quite simply you are going 
to experience sharp moves [up/down, who knows] that are basically a  
“coin flip”, and I’m not trading “coin flips” … problem is of course, once you 
get hit with something like that, it’s very difficult if not impossible to make it 
back in a tight range.
For those of you who trade your own accounts, once you clearly understand 
the algorithm manual, it’s gonna “blow your mind”, it’s soooo damn good. And 
once you get it, the “lightbub” upstairs goes on, and there’s no stopping you 
“yes, I’m supremely confident you’re gonna love it, and it’s backed up with 
solid math from almost 20 years of tick data … you’re not gonna need anything 
else ever again to consistently make profitable trades, nor would you want to”! 
I’ve dissected this “puppy” six ways to Sunday, running the data multiple 
times, analyzing specific risk scenarios and risk profiles, and looking at more 
examples of the data more times than a normal 13 year old boy looks at a 
Playboy … and bottom line is, “if you can’t make money with this, there’s no 
hope for you in terms of finding any trading method that’s gonna do the trick via 
short term trading”. 

Now, out of the 5 markets I’m following now, that meet the math research 
requirements, currently only the DAX30 & the NDX100 “fit the bill” and can 
be traded on the MT4 via Turnkey … XAUUSD [spot gold] needs to see its 20 
Day Range SMA OVER $16.00 per Oz., before you want to trade it with the 
algorithm … right now, after this week, it’ll be lucky to be over $9.00 per Oz., 
given the pathetic action seen this week. Crude oil, both Brent & WTI, are 
beset with scumbag LP bank greed, and the wild and random settings of the 
spreads by these assclowns in their CFD’s, make trading this via Turnkey a 
complete joke … not that any other place is better, trust me it isn’t, cuz I’m 
pretty sure as bad as it is at Turnkey, it’s “worse, worse-er, and worser-er-er” 
at practically every other house on the planet. And I’ve talked to them and 
emailed them, and they tell you one thing to your face, and then turn around 
and screw you 2 seconds after you leave … so, “intercourse thineself”! And up 
and until something changes in the CFD space regarding the oil complex, and 
somebody comes in and makes an honest market in the future, nothing's gonna 
change and all that happens is that they completely screw customers. So, for 
those that want to trade oil, you have to go to the futures market … right now, 
the e-mini crude contract at NYMEX [CME] is set at 500 barrels per 1 lot, and 
the margin is approximately $1,300 per contract, and the market trades with 
2 ½ cent spread. The full contract is for 1,000 barrels per 1 lot, and the spread 
there is 1 penny pretty much all day. Brent is trade on ICE, and the specs are 
the same. “I like oil, but the scumbag LP banks are killing the CFD market, and 
making it untradeable with ridiculous spreads, high vig, and add to that 
commissions … trading the CFD market simply makes no sense when compared 
to the other 3 markets … granted, gold is sick right now in terms of range, but at 
least you’re not getting gouged”.

So, the algorithm will be released Sunday night … my main focus in the 
manual will be the DAX30, and I’ll use this market for examples … the 
setups, charts, and how all 5 markets trade, are basically the same … all that’s 
different are the parameter settings, and of course I’ll provide those settings in 
a different chapter.

Let me just say, the algorithm strips away the actual and/or potential 
manipulation attached to either of our followed markets. The algorithm lets us 
be the “casino”, NOT the customer, and when we trade, we do it with full 
knowledge it’s gonna be profitable well over 95+% of the time … it works great 
in up markets, down markets, dead markets … the only thing to stop us are 
small “doji” days where there is no range at all [usually meaning less than 70 
index points] … other than that, it’s clear sailing! Quite frankly, and I’m saying 
this with all the humility and respect for the market as an unpredictable beast 
as I can muster, I’m gonna be disappointed if I have a losing trading day going 
forward! … most likely, if/when that happens, it’ll be my fault cuz I screwed up 
somewhere. My point here is not to suggest the algo is the “Holy Grail” of 
trading, cuz it’s not … losing trades at some point are inevitable … but if you 
follow the rules and procedures I set forth in the manual, a string of losing 
trades on a normal, volatile day with a range in excess of 120 points, that 
would see me down for the day? … I think I will have had to screw up 
somehow, either not following the rules or some other “stupid shit” that’s been 
known to happen. 

And really, that’s my point; “this algorithm is powerful, and once you read 
through the manual and understand it, your gonna sit there and marvel at the 
fact you didn’t think of it first … it’s been in front of your face the whole time! 
It’s simple, but not easy … cuz all the trades you make when you are losing 
money feel so comfortable, these trades won’t feel like that, simply cuz you’re not 
used to making them … but train yourself through discipline and patience, on a 
demo if you have to, and teach yourself the correct trades to make at the correct 
time, and I can assure you that if you make the trade when you’re supposed to, 
the money will follow”.

I’ve decided to post the updated PAMM Spreadsheet Sunday night with the 
algorithm … this gives me a little more time for some writing, and right now I 
need all the time I can get to get it done. And with that, I’m outta here … until 
Sunday night mi amigos … “the future’s so bright I need sunglasses”!  
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great weekend everybody!




Thursday, June 21, 2018


“Thank you, Mrs. DAX30 for spilling the beans!”

“Well, that escalated quickly to the downside, didn’t it”? First came the Daimler 
earnings warning cuz of “tariffs”, but it wasn’t until the U.S. saw the sun come 
up that the DAX30 got hit with some insane action to the downside with 2 bits 
of news; 1) the U.S. Dollar “nosedived” on worse than expected economic data, 
and 2) U.S. Supreme Court says internet sales tax “OK”, reversing a 1992 
limited ban, and thereby gives the green light for cash strapped states [like all 
of them] to make online businesses collect taxes for them … “what could 
possibly go wrong here”?

And in a nanosecond, there goes AMZN in the backseat with  
“Thelma & Louise” off the nearest steep cliff. And seein’ how the NDX100 hits 
an all time high last night @7335.6 [on the CFD], there’s plenty of room on the 
downside for some “profit taking” [thank you Bob Pisani, CNBC bull peddlers], 
and away we go! None of which is any kind of good news for the DAX30, which 
brings me to today’s “teachable” moment in market insanity and what to do 
about it.

About 98% of all trading days will see daily ranges in the DAX30 of 
approximately less than 250 index points; about 1.8% to 1.9% will see ranges of 
250 - 350 index points; that leaves about 0.1% greater than 350 index points. 
And while we didn’t see total “bat shit cray” today, we came “Hoover Dam” 
close … and the dirty little secret is, that it almost always has been created by 
external political or geopolitical news events that shake the core of the market, 
and bring into question the sustainability of stock prices higher … and that 
creates “panic” on the sell side, where only God knows the level at which people 
will go to sell anything down the rabbit hole … “price shocks, here we come in 
your face”! Bottom line is this: “when intraday price action starts making 3 - 5 
index point moves in fractions of a second, it’s time to back away and let nature 
take its course … anything you do will spell trouble … sell it [take a look at 
earlier today and what happened 4 times … 50+ point up moves that turned on a 
dime and killed shorts within minutes], and you get to panic again real soon on 
the upside … buy it on a rally, and watch how fast it drops when the short 
covering is over … say goodnight to about 20 points if you’re lucky”!

But here’s the “real deal” teachable moment about today’s DAX30 trading 
action, something I mention in the manual and show extensively; “as bat shit 
crazy as this day was on the downside, as bad as the news was, and outside of a 
total meltdown in U.S. stocks, especially NASDAQ, the action on the upside 
[try 5 frickin’ times!!] in the DAX30 was greater than the volatility on the 
downside in shorter amounts of time! … in other words, the blistering short 
covering melt ups were something to see and behold … so fast and vicious, some 
of the gain in price couldn’t be captured no matter how fast you were”!

As I point out in the manual, 1) above average crazy markets in terms of 
historical volatility, 2) markets that have insane intraday price activity, and 
3) markets that have incredibly low costs of doing business [spread & RT 
commission], which all 5 of our markets exhibit and have, 
do NOT … REPEAT, DO NOT, go straight up or straight down, and are 
1) extremely unpredictable, and 2) regularly show super mega spikes up and 
waterfall spikes lower, and then go “sleepy time”, thus frustrating hardened 
traders looking for follow through and never getting it, except enough to keep 
them looking for it.

Now, the only way you can CONSISTENTLY make money in these markets, 
and the data backs me up on this, is to 1) not follow any kind of “trend”  
indicators for trade initiation, cuz in a fast market they are too slow, and you 
end up buying a breakout high and sell breakout lows … exactly what you 
don’t want to do, 2) understand and comprehend the nature of the market you 
are trading, meaning that in either of the stock indices we follow, the NDX100 
& DAX30, both have “bias skew” to the upside, meaning you can buy sell side 
panic breaks and make money over 99% on every trade, and 3) you never, ever 
chase price, meaning buy rallies and sell breaks … nothing will lead to your 
account going down faster than this one point. 

And all this points to what I have said repeatedly of late; “the purpose of trading 
is for big money to get small money to do trading they don’t want to do [buy highs, 
sell lows, and then panic to get out], thus transferring money from small money to 
the accounts of big money … and they do it constantly and consistently every 
day/week/month/year, and most retail traders don’t have a clue they’re being 
manipulated … turn the shit around on them, and attempt to beat them at their 
own game”!

Turning to today’s DAX30 market … “Oy, the double whammy of Daimler’s 
warning & Supreme Court tanking NASDAQ … but, as anybody who thought 
“I’ll just get short and stay short” found out, staying short is extremely risky and 
it leads to panic buying when they goose the index higher on those buy stops 
… rinse, repeat 5 times, and you got today”!

Two trades today, both from the long side … PAMM up halfway to 0.1%.

Probably about a dozen buy signals today … a large portion of them I couldn’t 
make the trades for one or another of two reasons; 1) the signal comes after 
price runs 20+ points in literally 2 seconds, or 2) I get the signal, and in less 
than a second price jumps 10 - 20+ points before I can get a long trade off 
… frustrating, but nothing I can do about it, cuz I’m not buying a 20 point 
jump [one signal today it was 30 points] … hell, I want to sell that if I could 
have gotten long, not buy it. 

And in every case today, that I saw, not a single buy signal was wrong or 
unprofitable, if you somehow could have gotten the trade at the signal … a 
couple early on were close, but as I have said before, when it isn’t working for 
you, and you’ve been in the trade more than a few minutes, you either have to 
liquidate it or give it a very small amount of additional time to work out, and 
if it does, as soon as it’s profitable get out.

Today sees small gains in spite of a large 250 point range day to the downside
“sure, with hindsight it’s an easy sell, but sells early got rammed up people’s 
noses with short covering rallies that were blisteringly fast and vicious … it 
wasn’t until U.S. stocks got the “Thelma & Louise” treatment after the Supreme 
Court decision, a half hour to an hour after the NYSE open, that things got 
extremely messy on the downside for a time … and then again, the explosion 
higher that wiped out shorts for the FIFTH TIME TODAY … sure, a piece of 
cake. Only by following the “Force Volatility Algorithm” did I not get long on any 
of those massive rallies, cuz it sure looked like the low was in for the day three or 
four times … but the algo says NO!, it’s not how we do things, and you need to 
wait for a signal … and it’s a damn good thing I listened! … yea, somewhat 
unlucky on the immediate gap higher in price on multiple buy signals, but as I 
said before, ain’t buyin’ a 20 or 30 point blast up … and once Europe closes at 
around 16:00 server time [Noon EST], it’s over and things die quickly in the 
DAX30 … now what”?

And although I say it in the manual, I’m gonna say it here to, and that’s this,
“gone are the losing days, unless there’s an alien force that causes a mess up 
(cough, cough, see yesterday for details), cuz there’s only “ONE” realistic way to 
have a losing day … and it’s so improbable I’m not even worried about it! Sure, it 
could happen, and today’s action & news should give you a strong clue as to what 
that type of scenario that is, cuz after the NYSE open today, it sure looked and felt 
like upticks were gone forever … and then a funny thing happened, like IT 
ALWAYS DOES … BOOM! … another “in your face” rally, that burns the 
eyebrows off anybody that is still short hanging on for more, or anybody that just 
got short recently … you couldn’t shove money down the toilet faster and lose 
more if you tried! … so how come we never just keep going down and never come 
back? … history has never seen it … why should it happen now? … even during 
the ‘87 crash, a 36 “sigma” event the world of finance has never seen before or 
since, the market rallied numerous times to trap shorts; it wasn’t until the final 
45 minutes of that day that things turned ugly, and who the hell is gonna be 
buying then for a short term trade? … and I should know, cuz I was standing in 
the SP500 futures pit as it occurred”.

Yes, we can have losing trades, but if you follow the algo, they will ALWAYS 
BE SMALL … to get a losing day, look in the mirror to see where you “messed 
up”, cuz it’s about the only possibility unless some truly strange and “never 
before seen” shit is coming for us in the future. And so, all my trades today on 
the long side, and if it wasn’t for some truly bizarre market action with gaps in 
price via the bid/offer to the upside, today would have been a big winner … on 
the long side … on a day when this stuff went down 250 points in exactly 1 hour 
and 25 minutes, and then rallied 50 points in 25 minutes … the FIFTH TIME, I 
might add. Oh, and the good news from today; “hey, I didn’t “F up” today, and 
actually got the order tickets right … do I get a participation ribbon or 
anything”? Much more on all of this in tomorrow’s blog post.

So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings … the future’s so bright I need sunglasses! 
And with that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!
I’ll have the updated PAMM Spreadsheet here, after tomorrow’s trading 
… right now, I’m using all my spare moments outside of writing the blog and 
trading, to finish the manual on time, for Sunday nights release.

Have a great day everybody!