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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


“GA. – 06 votes for Putin over Pajama Boy … Libtards in Hollywood cry!”

Putin wins Georgia despite California!! … wait … what? … well, nothing like losing Libtards [again] who will now tell the world that either 1) the Georgia & South Carolina special elections really don’t mean anything cuz we say so, 2) Putin hacked the election anyway, using all sorts of Ruskie tricks to get the Rubes in Georgia to vote for Karen Handel when they really didn’t want to, 3) people in Georgia are racist pigs cuz they didn’t vote for “Pajama Boy”, and most importantly 4) “Pajama Boy just wasn’t Libtard ENOUGH  for voters … and next time … yes, next time, Libtards need more “messaging”, they need to be more mentally unglued and angry, buy more tinfoil, get more California donations from Hollywood types who have less common sense than my dog, cuz as everybody but DEMS seem to know, people in Georgia just love fruitcakes from California. [Note: One can always hope & dream Kalifornia does in fact secede and become the socialist state it wants to be … any chance you can take Illinois with you?]

My advice to Libtards is please just keep up what you are doing all over the country, and show everybody every day what you are really about; which is 1) intolerance followed by violence, 2) hate speech towards anybody who doesn’t agree with your communist propaganda, 3) socialist policies that are nothing more than money grabs for special interests, and 4) spoiled children, who when they don’t get their way throw tantrums, hurl insults, and then go create more delusional policies nobody in their right mind would support. Throw in complete tinfoil morons with a capital “M” like Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, and my favorite John Lewis, who hasn’t done a damn thing in 50 years since he got whacked in the head in Selma, all the while feeding at the tit of the Federal Government, a/k/a “you the taxpayer”. Please, keep up your anti-American, anti-jobs, anti-everything that promotes prosperity, and continue with your du jour nutjob rants; cuz as we all know, everybody is Hitler for at least 15 minutes.

And if a picture speaks a thousand words, here is the CNN desk as the news breaks that, yes in fact, Karen Handel beats “Pajama Boy” in Georgia-06. Anybody but me notice the long  saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad DEM Libtard faces? Wait … what? I thought you guys were simply objective journalists reporting news? Hahahahahahaha …. What a frickin’ joke! And please, next election send in Pelosi, Schumer, Cankles, and the rest of the Socialist misfits in the DNC and spend plenty of George Soros’ money, and tell everyone what a bunch of deplorables they are for not supporting your communist agenda. Throw in the usual gaggle of Hollywood SJW losers, who for the most part are 5 – 10 cards short of a full deck, and I’m sure if you just spend $50 million next time, you can get a couple of more Millennials living in Mom & Dad’s basement too vote for whatever joke of a candidate you decide to try and shove down people’s throats. Best of luck Libtards, and keep up the excellent work!

"Deja vu baby, deja vu!"

Go buy some Argentinian 100 year bonds are cheer yourself up! EXIT QUESTION: “Are those sad faces a result of Libtards losing another election again for the umpteenth time, or is it the realization that “2 minutes after” they get their collective asses handed to them yet again, they’re still stuck with Pelsoi & Schumer and a DNC that is completely out-of-touch with “normal” Americans and is totally dysfunctional, and the hope of ever winning again gets dimmer and dimmer each time this happens”? I’m guessing it’s a combination of both … and this is what passes for journalism … they are Libtard Dems with by-lines, and all the money in the world isn’t going to change one person’s mind when it comes to voting. Can’t wait for tomorrow and hear some of the most outrageous and utter bullshit from “Libtard faithful”  as to why they lost, and lost handily … hell, it wasn’t even close, despite “fake news” polling days before predicting a “Pajama boy” win … yes, polling with over-sampled Libtards to get the result you want … Gee, where have I seen this before in recent memory?

Turning to today’s market … may God help us if today is anything like yesterday; one of the worst trading action days I can ever remember, with every single bit of trade flow either in the first half hour or in the last … not sure if any of the political BS from last night will affect markets today, but I don’t think so … here 3 hours from the open, it looks quiet with the SP500 slightly weaker than the Dow30, but of course that can change quickly as we move to the open … hopefully, we can get some sell side action here early.

Once again, the Chipmunk ramp at the open from an hour or two ago … don’t these assclowns ever learn? …

Today is as clear an indication of manipulation as you will ever see … the drop to take out sell stops, led by dealer LP bank down tick bids, followed by the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] when it’s over ramping the bat excrement out of it when the selling dries up … and when the selling is over, it’s some very quick and fast bid price jumps to the upside leaving you gasping for air … if you’re short you’re screwed … if you want to be long you have to “pay up” to the dealer to get your fill. Still, ranges are small, which means buying these breaks below the NY open aqua line is dangerous; what we need to see are ranges that are > 100+ Dow30 points, something which historically has been easy to accomplish; lately, not so much.

After the PPT comes in and ramps the bat excrement out of this stuff from the upper 30’s to low 70’s in 2 minutes, it’s been down ever since; I almost got long  around 45 on the drop back, but when it rolled over and died @ 16:31, it never came back and was straight down, Now, this brings into play either a double bottom or a new low; of course, we got both, not to mention some dealer shenanigans down hitting the lows that should land somebody in jail, but won’t cuz the regulators are 1) too busy watching midget porn to care [see GAO study if you think I’m joking], and 2) are clueless Twits who don’t have a clue or want a clue.

Two things of importance kept me from getting long down here; 1) lack of range, 2) down drafts on bid prices from the LP, where 3 times they smacked the bid greater than 10 index points between bid prices … the last time going from 21424 bid to 21413 to 21406 to 21402 [the low], and next bid on my machine is 21415 … all this happened in about 3 – 5 seconds … completely normal in the central bank paradigm era where dealer LP’s can fill you anywhere they want, and 3) we then spent over 2 hours approximately 10-12 points chopping above the low of the day. You really think they [LP banks] are letting everybody in the world have 2 hours to get long at the bottom? Well, not me.

And then of course, the PPT shows up again and in 4 minutes the Dow30 rallies 25 points straight up to the 21440 area; and in what can only be a bad dream, when it’s over there is nothing behind it cuz it was all bullshit to begin with, and so we start the slow glacial drift lower. Here about a half hour to the close, and outside of the PPT shenanigans today, there was zero buying interest.

I made one trade today, caught the first PPT rally up to 21490 area where I sold my long position from the mid 80’s; not a lot of profit, but it was the only long position worth taking via algorithm rules; when the up spike came I liquidated. The key is, not caring what happens next. And again, while I’m not looking to scalp, when the algo says sell to liquidate, I sell to liquidate; it’s smarter than me.

Today has seen a slight pickup in intraday volatility, which bodes well for tomorrow and going forward … I would hope these New York ranges can improve some, cuz we most definitely need to see bigger ranges to make some decent money. And speaking of scumbag LP’s, still haven’t heard from the Dow30 LP via Turnkey on our bat guano fill from last Friday … it’s only been 5 days, and the poor dears have to figure out a way to tell us we’re screwed, the fill stands, but have a nice day, OK? You think it’s easy to come up with the right corporate bullshit to feed the trading public?

It’s now after 3:30, and trading is finished no matter what happens, but I’m left with the impression from the price action that the selling is not finished; I don’t know whether it happens overnight or tomorrow morning after the open, but the inability of the PPT THREE TIMES TODAY to keep the market propped up and off the lows has failed. Now, that doesn’t mean the central banks will just walk away and let traders have their way with this stuff, but I can definitely see the 21300’s sometime tomorrow. Hopefully it opens lower tomorrow and goes immediately lower, which should produce a first leg that most likely would be the low of the day; we’ll see.

And once again today, you can see what starts to happen when the market starts to break down after 3:15 ESDT; there simply is nobody there to buy it cuz there is no time left for the market to rally, and that exacerbates the selloff most times. If you get long and it goes against you, anything can happen on the close; who wants to be in that position?

Here, very near the close we see the PPT yet again step up [the 4th time today] and ramp the Dow30 up about 25 points, and in the process save the Dow30 from a new low for the day, in less than 90 seconds on “vapors” cuz they can; sets up an interesting day tomorrow, where the early morning hours will set the tone for the day and give us the clues we are looking for in tomorrow’s action. Onward & Upward.

PAMM spreadsheet directly below.

Beach calls my name cuz I can hear it! … the dog says “me too”! of course … we are outta here … until tomorrow.

Have a great day everybody!



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