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Monday, June 26, 2017


“I don’t always trade stock indices, but when I do …”

Ah yes, the Sunday night “vapors rally”; cuz nothin’ gets me in the mood to buy moar stocks than banks all over Europe failing from Friday; first Spain, now a bunch in Italy, but not to worry Sheeple, Super Mario from the ECB says all is fine and it’s been cleaned up … move along, nothing to see here. [Cuz, according to ZH, the reason stocks rallied on vapors was because of the bailout … yes, seriously. “If only all banks could fail, the Dow30 would be at 50,000”!] And so, all of Thursday, Friday, and most of last Wednesday ranges in the Dow30 from last week, are now all “engulfed” by central bank buying in the “wee hours” … meanwhile, over in our favorite pet yellow rock market, the manipulators took gold down almost $20 per Oz. in seconds, hitting of course retail sell stops and filling them on the low, with an approximate $2 billion notional value, approximately 18,000 futures contracts. “Yes, by all means, sit there and tell me it’s all a coincidence. We simply can’t have bank failures and gold going up & stocks going down, cuz Sheeple could get ideas. In this Libtard, upside down common sense world, ideas are the most dangerous element and must be crushed. You do realize, all animals are equal but some are more equal than others … right”?

Regardless, more and more of the largest “Muppet Slayers” in the world, to which I refer to JPM, Vampire Squid, BofAML, Citi, and a gaggle of large hedge funds who are becoming more vocal in the chorus of, “the stock party” is over … put a fork in it cuz it’s done. And, as I explained the other day, a growing list of notable financial types are chattering about the FED “engineering” and hastening the next financial crisis by raising rates for 2 big reasons; 1) they got “no bullets in the gun” to fight the next downturn, so doing some back of the envelope cipherin’, rates got to be higher so they can be cut … “I’m sorry, in order to get rid of that flu bug, we’re gonna have to give you malaria first … sure, it might kill you, but hey, it just might work too”!, and 2) the clueless Twits in the faculty lounge hate president Trump with a burning passion and figure the MSM will blame anything that goes wrong on him, and not on their idiotic policies.

So while the FED wants us to believe they are going to cut their “balance sheet” … you know, all those financial assets they’ve been buying since 2008 … over the next 10 years [snickers & giggles], and have even given analysts a timetable of buybacks every month, “so has my deadbeat cousin given the credit card company his “plan” to pay back his balance over the next 10 years cuz he gave them a “plan” don’tchaknow”? EXIT QUESTION: “What happens when they don’t stick to the plan, and will anybody even care”?

Sooner or later of course, the math eventually wins … please, don’t anybody tell Illinois … and the idiocy of the politicians & apparatchiks become noticeable to even the dumbest among us [which are Libtards of course]. And there are no bigger con artists than the FED, and the little whispers we are starting to hear now will grow in strength and intensity. The FED’s plan is too save the economy over 10 years … “go lie down and take 2 aspirin, we’ll be with you in 10 years”! … yes, good luck with that. But hey, “Everything Is F-ing Awesome Baby”! [EIFAB], cuz they’ve said so.

Here 3 hours + from the opening, the Dow30 is about 80 higher, drifting just a tad off it’s high for the day … the SP500 a case of the vapors as well … cuz everything just screams buy stocks. And while the Darth Vader types keep telling us, over and over again about how the market is going to crash, even now giving us dates in the future we can tune in to see it, business as usual is back in town, the central bank “buy vapors” firmly in control, and another week starts sharply higher, what the hell is new exactly?

90 minutes from the open, and of course the Dow30 is up about 100 points from Friday’s close … and I have no doubt, the entire day will be to “defend & protect” the overnight “vapors rally” at all costs, with 1) unlimited bids in key stocks of the index components, and 2) if necessary, another slam down of the pet yellow rock … the stage is most likely set for another crap day of tight ranges, low M1 volatility, and breathtaking boredom.

Ok, today has been nothing short of a disaster … pretty much anything/everything that can go wrong did … and again today, the scumbag Dow30 LP at Turnkey really hurt us; not only because of what they did, but also from the profit they made us miss. We were long from 21428, with a stop at 03, and while the market was 29 bid, in approximately a few seconds it went … and I’m not exaggerating one damn bit … from 29 bid; next bid is 16 bid; next bid is 11 bid; and finally, the next bid is 03 [which hit our stop], and the very next bid on my screen a millisecond later is 15 … to put it mildly, I’m sick and tired of these LP scumbags, and my conversation with Turnkey management on the telephone today made that very, very clear.

Here’s what I want people in the PAMM to do; if you can, please send Turnkey an email [be nice, no swearing, leave that for me], and let them know in no uncertain terms that you don’t like being screwed by the LP in the Dow30; either in slippage or stop fills when they decide to set off our stops on purpose. Please, giving them shit is the only thing they understand. Remember, though, it’s not Turnkey’s fault, they are only the brokerage house … they actually have some good people working there and they are trying their best to work on our behalf; it is the LP banks that are to blame and are nothing but thieving crooks. We simply have no access to the LP, and are forced to go through the brokerage house.

What angers me more than anything is that I did everything right, and when it took off from 28 to go higher, it went all the way into the 70’s before turning back … so, not only did they screw us with a loss [more than likely taking the trade for their own account], they screwed us by us not being long from 28. These people [LP’s] are frickin’ thieves and crooks, and should be in jail for robbery.

All in all, down about 1% today because of this, and it really pisses me off; I can take losses when I’m wrong, but losing money when I’m right frosts my cupcake, especially when I made the correct algorithm trades; taken together as a group, all the algo trades combined would have produced a nice profit today if it wasn’t for the thieving LP. I did what I was supposed to do, the algorithm did its job with the trades, and yet it wasn’t enough to overcome the LP, who simply robbed the PAMM like a thief robbing a 7-11 at gunpoint”.

 I don’t like getting screwed on stops that come out of nowhere [mystery ticks], slippage on fills, and last but not least, having the spread widen 50% to 3 points from 2; did I mention these people are pure scum? Add to that, everything from screen capture software to Microsoft Excel is down on my computer, and it’s been one of those days. I’ll get it back up and running, but in the meantime, I may switch PAMM trading over to the SP500, simply because these scumbags in the Dow30 refuse to make an honest market. Stay tuned, tomorrow’s trading will more than likely be in the SP500; slightly [maybe 1 Dow30 point] more expensive to trade, but a hell of a lot more honest than the fricking thieves they got in the Dow30, where quite frankly, I’m tired of getting screwed by these assholes … and yes Turnkey, if you’re reading this, your main LP in the Dow30 are assholes and crooks, and you can tell ‘em I said so. Question is, what the hell are you going to do about it? Most likely, nothing … did the SP500 go down 3 index points when you crucified my Dow30 stop? Hell no it didn’t, it was purely a dealer LP stop hunt in the Dow30, where the scumbag bank gets to “hit off” and screw their own customers … with more than likely they themselves taking the other side of the trade … did I mention I really dislike these people?

I’ll get the PAMM spreadsheet up, when I get Excel running properly again tonight or early tomorrow. I’ll be back at it tomorrow … look for some SP500 trades instead of Dow30; it trades exactly the same. We should have a “smoother” trading environment in the SP500, but the most important thing is it is a much deeper market with less corruption from the LP. I don’t think it is the same LP as the Dow30, from my conversations with Turnkey … I base that on my talks with them and the fact they are having problems almost exclusively with the Dow30 market, and not the DAX30, NDX100, or the SP500. Of course, we will see, but given the algo works equally well with the SP500, it can’t be any worse than the utter corruption from the Dow30 LP when it comes to execution of trades. It pisses me off we have to make back what shouldn’t have been taken from us to begin with, but that’s life in the pits sometimes; despite these crooks, it’s “Onward & Upward”.

Time for a stiff drink … I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos.

Have a great day everybody!




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