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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


“Next to George Washington, the best President evaaaahhhh!”

Libtards, of course, cringe at the sound of Reagan’s name; why? Easy Peezee: Cuz he told the truth about big government and the destructive forces emanating from it. Libtards essentially have replaced religion with government, so when you question it and point out the graft, bribery, corruption, hypocrisy, influence peddling, double dealing low lifes who inhabit government and pretend to want to “help the poor” while lining their own pockets, you are in fact questioning the existence and purpose of those who hand out the “benefits” [a/k/a “the cash”], and that provokes a discernible reflexive and negative reaction from the faithful. However, whereas Christ is always with us no matter what, whatever government giveth, government can taketh away at their whim … Reagan hit this point “out of the park”.

It’s amazing what people will do, and the lengths they go to, to rationalize their behavior towards things. It really shouldn’t be all that surprising, cuz from the time we grow up, and go through the maze of corrupt cottage industries catering to our “growing up”, we get to see up close and personal just how hypocritical and corrupt damn near everything is. We get to see as kids, the rotten teachers, the evil school administrators, the feckless counselors, and before you know it you got the system figured out as to how best to manipulate it for your own benefit.

So, with this in mind, I’m LMAO reading the email I got from Turnkey yesterday about our 2 fills recently and the lengths they [brokerage house & LP] go to in justifying the robbery; it’s just another indication of the double dealing “life under the big tent” of government we’ve all come to know and love [not]. Cuz make no mistake, they get away with it cuz everybody in the food chain is feeding off of customer accounts. You seriously gonna sit there and tell me the regulators care, especially when they get tons of graft “under the table” from the industry? Back when the first of modern day institutional & retail, large scale hit job came in January 2015 with the Swiss Franc, I said at the time that if you wanted to know who was responsible and guilty of insider trading, simply check the Mercedes Benz dealerships in Zurich in the coming couple of weeks for blonde bimbos in their 20’s buying 380SL’s with cash, and you’d have your answer pretty damn fast. Of course, it’s all still a mystery to the regulators.

And so, what impressions do I walk away with when I’m told [apparently with straight faces and they’re serious] two incredibly logic riddled pieces of information; 1) “Our computer system checked our computer system and our computer system says your fills were 100% accurate and on the market, and 2) other brokerage houses that we checked with have the same fills at the same time, proving there was nothing “nefarious” on behalf of the LP”.

OK, my response to each: 1) “Oh, I didn’t know you had the HAL1000 computer system from “2001: A Space Odyssey” as your failsafe corporate “know it all”; maybe you should re-watch the movie and get back to me, and also, did you never hear of the phrase, “the fox guarding the hen house”?, and 2) the LP has hundreds of brokerage houses getting the same treatment; telling me there can’t be anything wrong cuz the LP gave the same quotes and fills to others at different brokerage house clients proves absolutely NOTHING AND SAYS NOTHING”! And, like government, this passes for critical analysis; meanwhile the head of the LP scumbag bank just financed his daughter’s fall ballet lessons. “Nothing to see here Sheeple … move along now … just a little hiccup in the system … we’re here to help you, remember”?

And last night, fresh from her gig in Londonistan somewhere, ChairSatan Yellen goes to great lengths to assure us all, another stock market stock indices crash will not happen again in our lifetimes; cuz, 1) “Everything Is F-ing Awesome Baby!” and don’t you forget it, and most importantly 2) cuz she says so. Well, I don’t know about you, but maybe you should lay in some fresh water and beef jerky in the basement on this “chutzpah” … Oh wait … I forgot … she’s from the government and she’s here to help. And of course … remember …  these are the same types of people who regulate the trading industry. I know I sure feel better. Over on ZH is another take on Grandma Yellen’s idiotic & delusional thoughts; seems I’m not the only one who thinks we are being led down the “primrose path” by a bunch of faculty lounge types who are clueless. The link directly below in case you missed it today … it’s a good read.

Turning to today’s trading … late sell off on the close took stock indices lower yesterday … however, as is so typical lately, better trading in the “wee hours” than anything we are likely to get once New York opens … c’mon, who doesn’t like manipulation when we’re all asleep? … no important economic releases today, so it’s shaping up as another “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] every rally is a “ramp up” on vapors kind of day; we’ll see, but rest assured, it’s highly probable today, the central banks put a lid on market declines and we will most likely see higher prices later … of course, I could be wrong about this. Here about 3 hours from the open, it looks like a slightly higher open come 9:30; early rallies are going to be sold.

As I said yesterday, “thieving LP’s got to be thieving”, and as I write in the early A.M., the Dow 30 is right on its high of the day, so of course the LP goes from a 2 point spread to 2 – 3 point spread; the purpose here is simple enough. They expand the spread to get an extra point to set off stops and pad their pockets … it’s who they are and it’s what they do … it’s got nothing to do with anything else, and when the market falls back from whatever range we have today, the spread goes back to 2. “I dunno, maybe the HAL1000 computer system can run a diagnostic and assure us all everything is completely 100% A-OK … no worries Dave … Dave? … Dave, you’re not worried are you”?

Well, that escalated quickly didn’t it? … welcome to the bullshit of the PPT, where you to can get short and get killed quickly when they stampede the market … oh, like they just did for 50 points straight up in the Dow30 in 2 minutes, the chart directly below.

And now, this presents somewhat of a problem this morning, cuz they just “burnt through” buying power that they would potentially want and need later from the “crash & burn” crowd … until later when they do it again … and then again.

Now comes the ‘talking heads” with the “official” central bank explanation of the sharp rise in the Dow30 … “ECB spokesman says Draghi’s comments misinterpreted” … oh, very nice … and did this spokesman just decide on his own to trot out and give his opinion, or were there others that saw what the Dow30, DAX30, & SP500 did yesterday and weren’t happy about it … and now, after some “arm twisting”, in order to change the theme for the trading day just before New York opens [I’m sure it’s just a coincidence], he comes out and “bombs” the markets … and of course, the PPT is at the ready to inflict as much pain as possible on shorts, as sure as the sun rises in the east, they knew beforehand what was coming and were prepared to act aggressively … Welcome to the new world order of central bank trading.

And, since it’s a new day, I’m sure our glorious and wonderful HAL1000 LP has filled all the buy stops set off by the PPT and filled them fairly … not that I want to know, cuz you already know every damn one of them is filled up at the high of about 21420 in seconds from much, much lower prices… cuz, you know, it’s where the market really is … our HAL1000 says so … Dave? … Dave, you’re not worried are you?

So, what comes after the forced North Korean confession from the ECB Apparatchik? … try nuttin’ honey … business as usual on Wall Street … cuz you know, these Apparatchik sycophants for the ECB, BOJ, SNB, & the FED of course, all work hand-in-hand for us … right? It has nothing to do with outright theft … OMG, only a tin foiled cynic would think that … “yup, and proud of it”!

Market opens, and of course, the institutional Chipmunks buy the day’s high for the umpteenth millionth time … same bat excrement, different day is all … the blatant and outright manipulation and crucifixion of shorts on full display … so, from an hour ago, the Dow30 is 80 higher and it’s “mission accomplished” … if you are confused by all this, it can only make sense if you subscribe to my premise of central bank manipulation.

Fun & games after the first hour or so, with the PPT having more fun than any quasi-government manipulator should possibly have the right to; already, and we’ve only been open an hour, I’m sure the HAL1000 computer running the show at the LP in the Dow30 is generating floods of happy emails, as these guys have discovered Christmas in June, and the machine is smoking hot from all the action. Already, the PPT manipulators have been in the market about 5 times punishing shorts out of nowhere with the message, in not so understated terms, “you will not be allowed to take the market lower … PERIOD”! Problem, though, is it’s all manipulative central bank buying, and once they’re done prices fall quickly back … market starts to drift lower and then … BOOM! … here they come again … so, am I [or anybody else for that matter] supposed to know they’re coming in half a dozen times in the first 90 minutes and blow both the Dow30 & SP500 to smithereens up the wall with no signals or any kind of market action that is predictive? And as I have said before, these asshats in government don’t understand markets or trader psychology, cuz if they did, what they have done today so far would be done in the LAST 90 minutes of trading, not the first [who knows, maybe they do it in a few hours but I doubt it]. The most powerful rallies always occur in the last 90 minutes of trading when the shorts get trapped with no time left.

In the process today, in 2 ½ hours the entire “the market is gonna crash bigtime!” meme is blown sky-high out of the water, and anybody buying into the theme today, and stayed at the “short party” a little too long, got literally crushed in seconds not once, but about 5 or 6 times in succession. “By all means, be short consistently and tell me how it works out”. And here in the late morning, cuz as we all know the LP’s do such a wonderful job of making “fair & unbiased” market quotes and fills, the Dow30 just hit a new high while at the same time the SP500 went lower … buy stops filled, market goes lower immediately, and thanks, come again soon! … “Dave … Dave? … We don’t have a problem do we Dave”?

I must admit, I didn’t see this coming in the A.M. today … thought there was a chance in the P.M. we could see something like this, but this … I can only imagine the complaints the HAL1000 is going to receive after today … government market manipulation on steroids. Over the last 24 hours, now that order books have gotten cleaned out on both sides … first the sell stop side, and now the buy stop side, I’m sure in central planner HQ the champagne corks will be popped this evening on a job well done. But, hang on … PPT #7 right here before Noon takes the Dow30 up to 21490 area on more buy stops … and we haven’t even gotten to the half way point of the day yet.

Early afternoon in NY, and the central banks are giving a lesson to the stock indices; “you will go down only when we want you to, not before … got it”? And those who refuse to learn the lesson get to go home with lighter wallets. Since the final PPT ramp up in the Dow30 at right before Noon, it’s been a nothing burger of sharp bursts up, then down … rinse … repeat … having fun yet? I’m thinkin’ at least half the traders on the street are suicidal from today’s action, it’s been that vicious and fast, and the upside action has gone much further than I think anybody imagined was possible today. Of course, when you got the PPT coming in every 45 minutes of the day jacking prices up on “vapors”, anything is not only possible but probable as well; with 2 P.M. only a few minutes away, who knows what they got planned for the last 2 hours. Since Noon, when the high in the Dow30 was made, the SP500 is up approximately 2.5 index points and the Dow30 is down 10 points … sure, talk to me about correlation.

The first 2 PPT explosions to the upside occurred before the market open; the second one was almost finished on the NY open, and it was after this correction to the downside that I made the days only trade; the algo got us long a hair early, which didn’t cause any problems, but the third move higher via the PPT saw the Dow30 rally only slightly, while the SP500 rallied 4 full index points. I can take a hint, and liquidated; and for a while it was a good idea, until the PPT came back in for rounds #4 - #7 during the next hour. And while we made money on the trade, and the algo called it, after that the market never did Mr. Jack Squat until expanding the day’s range up to 170 points. And if you think I’m getting long up anywhere near the high of 21493, you’re simply nuts … I do not buy rallies … the probability of expanding this range even higher is not good. If we can get some kind of real correction of 30 – 40+ points from the high and then a good reversal off of that correction low … sure, I’ll make the algo trade … but since I got out of my trade today, the market hasn’t corrected much more than about 15 points … not enough at these levels to justify the risk; so, a small profit today.

On another matter, the PAMM spreadsheet can’t be done today, not because I don’t have the Microsoft Excel via Office 365 working … I do; got it corrected last night and they hopefully fixed the bug permanently. No, the reason no PAMM spreadsheet today is our wonderful, fair, account loving LP via Turnkey has messed up the trade history for the master pool account on the MT4 trading platform. Since last night, I have no “trade history” from which to get trade prices nor times from June 20th forward; I’ve made Turnkey aware of the problem since early this morning, and was told “we’re working on it”. Maybe the HAL1000 ought to have a talking to, but I’m sure between days off, champagne corks popping, counting all the money, and filling out complaint forms for the LP cuz of bat guano fills, that they will eventually get around to it. So, PAMM spreadsheet is ready once I can get prices and exact times from the MT4 when they get it fixed. By the way, this MT4 “glitch” in “trade history” doesn’t affect the money balance or anything else traded related in the master pool account; everything is good there, it only affects “trade history”.

Near the close, and another frustrating trading day, not because the PPT came in 7 times, but the simple fact that once this freight train gets rolling up, it never corrects back … and no, 2 or 3 M1’s down 7 points is not a correction or break … about the time it does come back, we then get the “Flying Wedge of Death” [FWD] coming into the mix and saying hello, and the propensity of the Dow30 these last months to go from high to low back to a high and then back to the middle is about 20X times higher than we have ever seen it historically … for that you can directly blame the central planners and the PPT for their manipulative efforts. Another very annoying factor today is the breakdown and lack of strong correlation between SP500 and the Dow30 … the vast majority of the time when I’m long the Dow30 and it goes up 5 points while the SP500 goes up 3 – 4 full index points, I know I’m in trouble and living on “borrowed time”. To then see me liquidate and the Dow30 start climbing rapidly while the SP500 then breaks a point … well, I’m left in “la la land” wondering what universe I just wandered in to and how do I get out of it? … cuz stay too late in a trade in this stuff, and the LP will burn your donkey with slippage like you can’t believe.

Whatever the situation, though, the version 4 volatility algorithm is “gold”. I’m not saying it’s “foolproof” or will never have a losing trade; only an idiot or fool would ever make such a claim. What I am saying, though, is that a series of trades taken during any given trading day will give us profits the vast majority of the time, and put us into an excellent probabilistic scenario to make money … obviously, some days are better than others, and we can’t control market behavior; whether it’s dead or bat guano crazy, it is what it is. Right now we are sitting at 50+ year lows in Dow30 intraday volatility based on percentage moves … as I’ve stated before, I don’t think this can last very much longer. So, we take what the market gives us and move forward; I’ll have more on the version 4 algo tomorrow. Onward & Upward!

Time for the beach … the dog says it’s DQ ice cream time first & we are soooo outta here … until tomorrow.

Have a great day everybody!



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