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Tuesday, May 7, 2019


“An entire afternoon wiped out in one minute, right at the close!”

Are you not entertained, with all the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT]
manipulation at the NYSE cash open, almost every frickin’ day? Why should
today be any different?

Well, that escalated quickly to the downside, didn’t it? … all I can say is about
frickin’ time, cuz after 19 out of 20 weeks higher, the air up here in the
NDX100 is getting mighty rarefied … the supposed negative China trade news
a perfect backdrop for some serious profit taking among the cash position
holders of NDX100 stocks, including the favorite FAANG darlings.

One algorithm buy signal today … PAMM up a few bucks.

Again, I’m getting ripped to shreds from the scumbag LP at Turnkey on trade
initiation … and my PAMM orders are being queued for a full 2 seconds while
the scumbag in charge shops our order … I’ve complained so many times
about this, and been told it’s being “investigated”, and then nothing happens
and I never hear anything ever again about it, that it’s maddening. And, in
case you’re wondering, it happens on liquidation as well … why should today
be any different?

The problem of course, is that it skews our profit objective negatively, and
impacts our results … and that’s why when it’s profitable, I get out. Most of
the time, it’s a good decision cuz I know if I overstay my welcome there will be
hell to pay if the market turns lower … at that point, a 2 second delay could
mean a 1 - 5 point worse fill. Like I said, they’re “investigating” … problem is,
the bank will never tell Turnkey the truth … they’ll dream up some bullshit
excuse, but they’ll never admit they’re crooks and stealing money with bogus
fills off the market … “whaddaya gonna do, sue us over a couple of NDX100

Here in the afternoon past 2 PM EST, and stock indices are hitting new lows
… and in the case of 80/10/10 markets like the NDX100, you just have to back
away and let nature take its course and allow the bottom fall out of this shit
and let the chips fall where they may, without trying to step in front of the
proverbial freight train … it’s been a very good run, and it’s time to correct
some … you’ll know we’re close to the bottom when we open lower for cash
trading at 9:30 AM EST, and then attempt to go lower but fail … that
turnaround produces some unreal profits, and it’s the classic “fingerprint” of
an NDX100 bottom.

So, onto tomorrow, and we’ll see what happens. Until then mi amigos
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!


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