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Thursday, September 27, 2018


“Shhhhhh! … somebody might pick up on this tactic!”

Drug them all with free money & benefits from a government, and you can get 
almost anybody to do anything … and at far cheaper rates than you would 
otherwise think beforehand. The latest FX market moving propaganda from 
our very own FED chief, Jeff Spicoli … “umm, like totally awesome or 
somethin’ dude”! And, not to be outdone today so far, the Italians are haggling 
over … ready for it? … a budget! … “yea, like they’re gonna stick to that 
mountain of bullshit. Before the ink is dry on whatever they decide, within 5 
minutes they’ll be over whatever it is they tried to convince us of was fiscal  sanity 
… I dunno, but it seems to me, I need a bigger shovel every week to keep from 
drowning in the horseshit that keeps piling up”. You want the “truth”? … can 
you handle the truth? … “there’s an Italian budget problem when the banks are 
short EURUSD … suddenly & miraculously, there’s a “fix” when the banks have 
covered their shorts and are now long from all the selling … what a coincidence 
… who knew”!?

And of course, all of this political drama in D.C., which is pathetic and 
sickening, thank you very much unhinged Libtards who wouldn’t know truth 
if it bit them in the ass, and the propaganda emanating from central bankers, 
moves markets in unexpected ways … “I don’t know if modern day financial 
markets have seen this much dysfunction from financial & political Elites ever 
before … I don’t think they have, cuz the level of overt price manipulation in so 
many markets is clearly on display for everyone to see … there are many days, 
I’m left wondering if Goebbels is still alive and running modern day markets and 
politics … the level to which the “elite class” strains to shout and make their 
unfounded case, and the efforts at which they go through to silence critics and 
shut down speech they don’t like cuz it is witness to truth … well, nothing can 
interfere with the narrative & agenda, on so many levels, and what you are 
witnessing first hand … living history, if you will … is the attempted destruction 
of the American ideal of freedom, capitalism, & personal choice and liberty … on 
so many levels, authoritarian totalitarianism is right around the corner, waiting 
to be implemented … for me, this is truly sickening”.

Turning to today’s EURJPY market … once gain the “Chuckleheads” in the 
Asian session go full retard panic city, proving yet again, 
installment # 10,987, 564, that they are the biggest market “Chumps” ever in 
modern financial trading history … “I’m not sure traders there could piss on a 
beach and hit the sand, without first hitting themselves in the eyes” … first they 
rally it, then they panic sell it down on Italian budget worries [what’s next, 
locusts?] … only of course, to see them get stuck once again at the European 
open, where price skyrockets in minutes to fade Mrs. Wantanabe & gal pals 
and take their buy stops out … all in all, a nice 110 PIP Asian range … which 
of course means nothing to the trading Twits in Europe, cuz Europe is the 
session where any market price of any market goes to die, EURJPY no 
exception … and after about 3 hours of European bullshit, this market can’t 
move ± 15 PIPS from the 132.000 level to save it’s frickin’ life … three [3] 
hours ago, I liquidated our first trade; market is exactly ± 2 PIPS from that 
price now … what market, where? … intraday volatility, which was humming 
along fine, now dead in the water. “But, let’s not forget the objective of the 
scumbag LP banks, which is to get Mrs. Wantanabe & gal pals to panic sell, so 
they can get out of shorts to cover yesterday’s selling in the aftermath of Spicoli’s 
rate hike … mission accomplished, and once again the morons in Asia react just 
like Pavlov wanted, when he first trained his dog … maybe someday, they wake up 
and smell the coffee, but that ain’t happened yet, and they don’t seem to want to 
change their money losing ways anytime soon”.

Well, you know the drill … most likely between 7 AM - 8 AM EST., some PIE 
HOLE and/or Apparatchik will let loose with the “loose lips, sink ships”  
horseshit variation on a theme, and markets will explode one way or the other, 
and at that point all that’s left in any of these manipulated markets is the 
crying and gnashing of teeth. Another day of a complete “shitshow” of market 
activity, brought to you by central banker scum and their “tied at the hip” 
scumbag LP bank pals who implement their policies … “for the good of the 
public don’tchaknow! … what utter horseshit”. If Goebbels had understood this, 
like modern day central bankers do, he could've completely financed WWII 
and had money left over! “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the most 
manipulated market of all? … and the fucking mirror breaks in half and crashes 
to the floor from the stress OF THEM ALL”!

Fourth hour since I liquidated the first trade, and you guessed it, EURJPY only 
a few PIPS from my liquidation price … aaaaand the lyrics from the “Who” 
pop into my head … “we won’t get fooled again”! … can this shit move? 
… where’s USDJPY in all this excitement? … somebody call USDJPY and tell 
them the market is open … fifth hour now since liquidation … any guesses 
where we sit? … “Hoover Dam you’re soooooo smart”! I just asked the lovely 
& gracious Mrs., “are you sure I’d piss off the elephants at the circus job, from 
cleaning up their poo”?

“We’re sorry, trading has been temporarily halted due to a circus clown show in 
Washington, D.C., where Stalinist Democrats face off with spineless Repubs, in a 
battle to see who are bigger fucktards, with the only real losers the American 
public that gets to witness this clusterfark of political perversion, using real people 
for fodder … a truly completely clueless political class on parade … why do 
people continue to vote for these assclowns every election cycle, and then expect a 
different result? … normal trading programming to resume whenever this shit 

OK, now back to reality … scumbag LP banks stealing money … it is what it is, 
and one look at EURJPY where the last 10 seconds saw about 20 minutes of 
rally wiped out, should convince anyone that “the free flow of capital” in 
markets is a complete fucking joke … Europe closing [thank goodness, 
GTFO!], and in afew minutes, more of the same from yesterday from Squid & 
the boys in the NY afternoon … no way to sugarcoat this, just a complete 
trading “shitshow”, with nothing but “TNT & Crickets” and absolutely nothing 
else … a complete farce of a trading market.

Only one algorithm trade today … PAMM up a few bucks.

“Well, it would have helped things if the volume indicator in the order box hadn’t 
changed as I moved the mouse to buy EURJPY … what should have been 1.0 
turned into 0.10, and so this fuck up cost us a few dollars … C2 signal still had its 
normal 0.5 lot trade volume, so it wasn’t affected”. And again, I don’t know WTF 
Turnkey’s problem is, but again their LP filled us off the market by a full PIP 
versus C2, on buy orders that went in at the exact same time … let me say it 
again in case any Turnkey personnel is reading … “your LP’s are fucking 
crooks! … I’d send you more proof, but you don’t seem to want to handle what 
I’ve already sent you, and prefer to hide behind the SOP [standard operating 
procedure] of “duh, market conditions, duh”, instead of getting in the fucking 
LP’s face and demanding an explanation … of course, that’s too much to ask 
when you’re more than likely splitting the robbery proceeds, and then just hope I 
go away and forget … fat chance”!

Well, that’s a wrap for the day … Europe closed now and EURJPY is nothing 
but a raft drifting on open water … no real direction or conviction for 
anything, all the while Squid & the boys are watching and waiting … FFS, can 
this “shitstorm” of rotten trading conditions simply end?

The good news, though, is that our algorithm is doing a fantastic job of 
pinpointing bank manipulation and how to profit from it … all we need now is 
for the market to move when Europe & the U.S. sessions aren’t as fucked up as 
they are now … not much else I can do. So, onto tomorrow … until tomorrow 
mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

PAMM Spreadsheet directly below.

click to enlarge

Have a great day everybody!!






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