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Monday, September 24, 2018


“Saving ‘Murica from men … but for “Pajama Boys” they’re liars!”

The shock isn’t that Libtards pull this Supreme Court bullshit … entirely 
predictable in my book cuz it’s who they are and what they do, which is pure 
authoritarian Stalinism, and cuz they think they have moral superiority over 
everything, having self anointed themselves with Libtard Holy Water, there 
isn’t anything that can’t be changed at the last minute to keep the narrative & 
agenda alive. No, the shock will be if the Repubs don’t cave and actually stand 
up and call these assclowns out … I’m waiting, but fear spines to weak in the 
RINO crowd.

Can you imagine if Keith “she’s lying” Ellison, Ted “Mary Jo” Kennedy, Joe 
“Plugs” Biden, or Bill “put ice on that lip” Clinton, had even 10% of the MSM 
scrutiny BK is getting today? … “well no cuz that’s different cuz shut up”!
… now today, we get more dubious accusers stepping forth for their 15 minutes 
of fame [and no doubt George Soros money], with stories more flimsy than the 
first … and this is entirely predictable from the Libtard playbook, cuz when the 
first feminist babe’s story starts to unravel, the second is trotted out cuz you 
have to now deflect from the first … by the time we get to the “nth accusation”, 
the Libtards scream “pattern of abuse” and demand execution. “Robespierre & 
his guillotine crowd of Jacobin's from the French Revolution, no doubt would be 
proud … but just remember Libtards, the infamous Robespierre was guillotined 
himself a short time later”. 

Forget proof, witnesses that can corroborate the account, police reports, etc,. 
and the presumption of innocence everybody but Republicans enjoy … nope, 
it’s purposefully shit from the ancient past that is unprovable on every ground 
of normalcy & decency … “but who ever claimed Libtards have decency? 
… they’re pure unadulterated Stalinist’s in every way, shape , and form … they 
only have the Progressive agenda and the destruction of traditional America in 
mind … started with Woodrow Wilson, over 100+ years ago, and has never 
stopped … they can’t win elections anymore without illegals voting for them, and 
even then the country gets lucky cuz Cankles ain’t President … I’m waiting 
Repubs, to put an end to this shit and fucking vote”!

I’m sorry folks, writing today has “triggered” me … directly below, from my 
very best recollection of memories and talks with my lawyers over this painful 
weekend, are the 2 men who have “abused” me from years ago … I can’t 
remember when, have no specific places exactly, can’t tell ya what they did 
except it was horrible.

I think the guy on the left tried to grope me in a bus station in Burlington, 
Vermont … can’t say for sure, but his Mr. Burns look has triggered memories 
long forgotten … something about free candy in his van or something … meh 
… the guy on the right, I think, is just another dick from Chicago. “Anybody 
that was in that bus station between 1980 - 1990, and remembers a crying adult, 
please call “Dewey, Cheetum, & Howe” @ 1-800-freevegas and leave a message 
… “better call Saul” will get back to you”!

“I want a full FBI investigation, and it’s only proper given the seriousness of the 
charges, that these 2 step down from the Senate until resolved … of course, any 
investigation must see them testify first and immediately answer these horrible 
charges, and I’m gonna need expense money to get to D.C. for the effort. Yea, I’ll 
be waiting for justice, OK? … Isn’t that how all this shit works? … throw shit up 
against the wall and see what sticks via character assassination, from dubious 
sources at best, at the last minute? … Really? … Why not, they do it? … Touche 
fellow gangstas”!

Finally, this just in … “it’s almost as if they knew back in July, this cooked up 
brew of shit was coming down the pike … who could have ever guessed they 
would do this? …. Bwahahahahaha”! Link directly below.


Turning to today’s EURJPY market … “Chuckleheads try and sell the market 
off in the last 2 hours of the Asian session, and promptly get it blown up their 
collective asses … apparently the checks cleared over the weekend from Mrs. 
Wantanabe & gal pals, and they’re at it again … the ink isn’t even dry yet on the 
checks to the brokerage house, and already it’s gone”!

Another typical European session, where zero trading activity takes place … if 
it wasn’t for the “Chuckleheads” panic at the end of the Asian session, this 
market would be declared dead …  for the first 3 - 4 hours we got a 20 
something PIP range, up/down, a pig sty of a mess … let’s see what happens 
starting at 7 AM  - 8 AM EST, though. The daily range in USDJPY is 
exceedingly tight @ 22 PIPS … good grief, what a pile of crap … and of 
course, you can blame it on the upcoming FED meeting on Wednesday, which 
I’m sure the “talking heads” will do in spades. Quite frankly, here at the early 
start of the U.S. session, there isn’t anything here … volumes light, trade flow 
very choppy, and liquidity very poor … the trade appears to be waiting for PIE 
HOLE & Apparatchik news.

“My lips to God’s ears? … I dunno but … well, that escalated quickly to the 
upside, didn’t it”? Super Mario waxes eloquent with some happy horseshit on 
inflation, and BOOM! … “did your alums at Vampire Squid need some mistress 
money today”? “And for the shorts … aaaaaand the money is gone”! Welcome 
to modern day markets everybody.

Through all of this happy horseshit from Super Mario, USDJPY didn’t move 
… and even though EURJPY had shot up and exceeded it’s 20 day MA range 
by a few PIPS, here sits USDJPY dead as a log. “And you can’t help but ask 
yourself how long this shit is expected to stay like this? I don’t think very long, so 
if/when I get a buy signal, it has to go rather quickly or else I’m gone”.

And sure enough, just like Pavlov’s dog, traders race to get long EURJPY on 
Super Mario’s comments on inflation … and once the dancing is done and the 
public long, here comes the “slow bleed” lower … where about 80 minutes later 
the market is about 60 PIPS off the high, the Yen is now rallying, and EURJPY 
is closer to its low of the day rather than its high … “another mistress fund 
and/or crony capitalist shitshow, brought to you by the central banks to do 
2 things; 1) enrich their pals and TBTJ scumbag LP banks, and 2) crush retail 
specs, like its sport … cuz they can”. And what once looked like dog shit, that 
turned into gold bricks, upon closer examination is dog shit again … the public 
and Mrs. Wantanabe “hijacked” three times today … how much more can you 

And so the “clown circus” [in D.C., that would be many] claims more victims, 
now with reports Deputy AG Rosenstein apparently resigning cuz he expects 
to be fired … “this Dillweed needs to be indicted for treason and fucking shot at 
sunrise” … part of Mueller’s deep state horseshit and a swamp creature par 
excellence. “No Rod, you’re part of the fucking problem … you got caught while 
ingratiating yourself to Cankles & crew cuz you thought, like the other swamp 
creatures, she was a shoe in for Preezy … you’re wrong and now get to pay the 
price … good riddance to shit on  stick”.

Oh my, I got the “vapors” … USDJPY expands its range to 27 PIPS now for 
the day … “somebody remind me again, how the hell you trade EURJPY, when 
USDJPY can’t frickin’ move”?!

So, with the cross currents of a CAT5 hurricane, both longs and shorts get 
crucified on the altar of FX today, unless you’re in USDJPY where you’re 
dying from boredom, and EURJPY doing its part … of course, in all of this 
“shitshow” you’ve got the scumbag LP’s setting the “slippage meter” to 
double MAX, so expect the worse … “I did, and wasn’t disappointed”!

Only one algo trade today … PAMM up a couple of bucks.

Once again, like previous days, it’s “NFP-itis” all over again … nothing, TNT, 
then crickets … there was more than one algorithm signal, though … however, 
volatility levels at the time nixed the trades, for the very simple reason that 
with extremely low intraday volatility levels, it doesn’t take much of anything 
to set off “false positive” trade signals, that lead directly to losing trades 
… thanks, but no thanks.

And, what would a trading day be without “scumbaggery” from the LP’s at 
Turnkey, who can’t seem to find a fill price from their bid/offer illusions 
“duh, market conditions, duh!” is all you’ll hear from them when accused of 

Directly below, today’s trade with commentary.

click to enlarge

It’s afternoon in NY now, meaning Europe is closed, and all that’s left of the 
FX “clown circus”, is Squid & the boys … both sides of the order books cleaned 
out today, so it’s the usual “chopfest” with shit fills and plenty of fake moves to 
set off MT4 indicators to get you long at the top or short at the bottom … this 
you can take to the bank. Given today’s three ring circus, I want no part of the 
NY afternoon, cuz I know what it brings.

At some point here, it would be nice to have a market that actually trades, 
instead of waiting for PIE HOLES & Apparatchiks to speak so the appropriate 
day’s “fund” can be filled with public money … tomorrow not likely to be any 
better, as traders get a case of the “vapors” over Wednesday’s upcoming FED 
interest rate meeting, which will no doubt set off nuclear weapons at the 
scumbag LP banks … oh, won’t this be fun?

I’m not so much disappointed in the one trade today, just the nature and scope 
of the trading action inside 2 hours … and then that’s it! … time to go “sleepy 
time”. But, this is how you make money in FX … it doesn’t come from being in 
the market every minute or doing 500 trades per day … it’s picking your spots, 
regardless of your trading method, and sticking to your guns … “the only good 
gun powder you need to slay the scumbag banks, is dry gunpowder that shoots 
them metaphorically dead and takes the money … some days it’s small and others 
it’s large … point is, take it, not give it”!

Until tomorrow mi amigos … I’m outta here … Onward & Upward!!
PAMM Spreadsheet directly below.

click to enlarge

Have a great day everybody!!






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