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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


“When members of the Mainstream Media (MSM) look into the mirror!”

“Life imitates trading … trading imitates life”. Longtime readers will know I’ve 
said this before, but never has it been more true than what we are seeing in 
today’s modern financial markets. The level of lies, deception, hypocrisy, & 
propaganda have never been greater … every “squiggle” of FX, in the major 
pairs, just has to have an “official … bought & paid for by central bankers” 
 explanation of pure bullshit, in this never ending 24/7 news cycle, where 
learned “talking heads” explain everything in full detail, to make everything 
seem patently obvious to those in the know … “yup, that’s why they’re ‘talking 
heads’ instead of traders making millions, cuz it’s sooooooo obvious … anything 
but the real truth behind what moves any of this shit for the 0.001%”. Gone is 
true price discovery, replaced by scumbag LP banks backed by various central 
banks, who of course, have the CNTRL-P button at their disposal to make sure 
their TBTJ [Too Big To Jail] LP bank buds have all the money they need for 
their manipulations. “Yes mirror, how beautiful & fair am I”?

Back in the real world, where we live in the “spin cycle” of a gigantic washing 
machine, the level of MSM political hacks who “spin” for big government is 
truly amazing … any sane person either ignores it or turns it off, recognizing at 
once, that if they don’t, they’ll drown from a rising level of toxic bullshit … like 
quicksand, once you get in it, it’s almost impossible to drag yourself out. 
“Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, we see on MSM [print, internet, 
and/or TV] has been filtered through the prism of propaganda that would make 
Dr. Goebbels proud if he were alive and could see it for himself … cuz the dirty 
little secret is, every modern day government uses the methods & tactics Goebbels 
used in Nazi Germany from 1933 - 1945 … specifically, how to control people via 
media [in all its forms] when everything around them screams the opposite of 
what is actually happening … in other words, how to get the Sheeple to behave 
like mind numbed robots spewing the company line no matter what … cuz all that 
matters is the narrative & the agenda”. 

In financial trading, it’s the illusion at all costs of “free & competitive markets”, 
and every day we get bombarded with bullshit from the usual suspects like 
CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc., where they trot out the usual array of hacks 
every day, who will be happy to look right in the camera and flat out lie to 
everybody, all the while they pick up their dutiful undeserved check … “hey, 
somebody’s gonna do it, might as well be me and get paid”! I think I heard this 
line of horseshit once before at Nuremberg.

And, right before our very eyes right now, we get the complete “shitshow” a/k/a 
Supreme Court nomination hearings, where we’ve seen “Spartacus” show up 
and attempt to die on a cross … any cross …  so long as the tinfoil base gets 
tears in their SJW eyes, retarded 2 year olds throw temper tantrums, and the 
all so predictable Junior High follies of, “she’s a slut”, or “he eats his boogers”
or “he sleeps with his sister”, or my favorite [from the 80’s classic “Vacation”
 “Daddy says I french kiss the best”! Well, they are Senators after all 
… pampered Poodles playing to the camera.

Want to know the real “who/what/when/where” the accuser Babe really is, and 
what the narrative/agenda is? Well, we already know that BK’s Mom oversaw 
her parents foreclosure a while back, and things didn’t work out to well for the 
accuser’s family … agenda much? Directly below, a link to an article about 
who her family is, specifically her and her Dad’s checkered past;

“Oh yes, I’m sure Andrea Mitchell [NBC Doyen & wife of Alan Greenspan] will 
tell you this, or maybe Rachel Madcow … maybe Joemika will bring it up, cuz he’s 
a “journalist” now don’tchaknow”“Nah, his balls are in her lockbox and will 
stay there forever … besides, he’s a Libtard now, cuz it earns him a big check 
every week … we still don’t know why a woman intern died in his Congressional 
campaign office back-in-the-day, and then he left Congress and got a divorce 
within weeks … but, probably a coincidence, don’t ya think”? And this is how the 
 “Deep State” works … ignore it at your peril. “Again, just a coincidence I’m 
sure”. [snark] 

Turning to today’s EURUSD & EURJPY markets … in EURUSD, almost 3 
hours in from the European open, and wait for it .... wait … ready? … ohhhhh, 
we got a 20 PIP range tip to tip at the extremes … oh, be still my beating heart 
with all this volatility … like I said yesterday, “Europe is where markets go to 

“Oh look, more “Brexit” bullshit news [rumors from the usual U.K. suspects in 
the MSM] hitting the wires @ 7:07 AM EST., just as NY traders get to their desks 
… gosh, this hardly ever happens to traders, only 27 months in a row running, 
with no end in sight! And longs? … once again, the “Chuckleheads” in Asia 
provide us the clue, as they ran EURUSD & EURJPY up all night  … and now 
comes this “reportedly” news item [cough, cough] from the august & venerable 
“The Times”, expertly released right at the “early bird” time of NY trading, where 
I’m sure the scumbag LP banks had no idea this was coming … except it comes 
from “in the tank” MSM sources I would bet let the banks know ahead of time 
… just a coincidence I’m sure”. Boy, there sure are a lot of coincidences today 
aren’t there?

And now that both EURUSD & EURJPY got “monkey hammered” lower in 
seconds on panic sell stops [“Mrs. Wantanabe, call your bank”!], where the 
banks most assuredly covered, now we can most likely go “sleepy time” for 
hours on end, with nothing but mindless chop for everyone to enjoy … “just 
another drive by mugging & robbery by POLS and/or their anointed Apparatchiks 
to fund the mistress accounts, all with the help of  their buds, the TBTJ banks 
… everybody wins except … well, you know the rest”. This is what I get to deal 
with! [Not complaining, just sayin’.]

So, here we are hours later, with Europe about to close within 30 minutes 
[thank goodness, GTFO & go home already], and just like days before, after 
the drive by robbery & mugging from the almost daily “Brexit” fiasco, we go 
basically sideways with some light attempts at stops lower … USDJPY with one 
of the smallest daily ranges I’ve seen in awhile, sitting at 27 PIPS as I write 
after almost 15 hours of trading today … EURUSD not much better at 65 PIPS. 
Say whatever you want, it’s simply a scumbag LP bank "shitshow" for public 
consumption … “yes please, explain to me again the “fun-der-mentals” of this 
tragic comedy act”.

Yesterday afternoon into late last night, I spent considerable time analyzing the 
“-vegas EURUSD Algorithm” in the EURJPY pair … as I explained yesterday, 
we get 50+% more volatility with only a “net” increase in our trading costs of 
about 2/10ths of a PIP … kudos to Cousin It for doing all the hours of work, 
and yes indeed after hours of analysis, I’m happy to trade EURJPY using the 
algo … I think C2 Subs will really like the results, especially with EURUSD 
exhibiting comatose conditions most days … fact is, and there’s no getting 
around it, if EURUSD is trading well within normal parameters, it’s a very 
good market to trade … however, when it goes to shit in a hand basket, like now, 
where most of the range we see comes from mystery spikes, and then sideways 
action, it makes perfect sense for anybody to have a “Plan B”, and ours for both 
the PAMM & C2 advisory signals is EURJPY. When I finally went to bed last 
night, I was convinced enough to make EURJPY a tradeable market now, and 
today trade it, and put EURUSD on the back burner until it gets its act together 
… we simply get better moves with EURJPY, and stronger signals, and that’s 
why I’ll be trading it … I don’t marry a market, I’m here to make money, and if 
our primary market isn’t doing the job, time to move to EURJPY … “I’m using 
the exact same algorithm that is used in EURUSD, with some rules modifications 
cuz it’s a cross, but it’s essentially nothing more than a derivative of the Euro 
market, with far better profit potential”.

Only one algorithm buy trade today … PAMM literally “unch-ed”.

Directly below, today’s trade in EURJPY on the M1, with commentary.

click to enlarge! 

It was a great buy signal, minutes off the EURJPY bottom [so far], and once 
again the Turnkey LP, like the drug addict who robs the 7-11 every Saturday 
night, sticks us up and fills our EURJPY order 1.6 PIPS off the market from 
C2, where both orders went in simultaneously … “go ahead, put that raw egg on 
the back of my neck, and see how long it takes to cook … I dare you”! In any 
event, another shit, off the market fill, brought to you by the world’s fairest and 
best LP’s, courtesy of Turnkey Forex … “I’d bitch to them, but I’ll be ignored 
and told … “duh, market conditions, duh”! … and nothing happens anyway, so 
what’s the point”?

Noon now in NY, and with Europe closed and the drive by robberies and 
muggings done for the day, once again it’s left up to Squid & the boys to make 
and maintain fair markets … “yea, good luck with that, OK”? These markets are 
bullshit, where every day gets treated like it’s an “NFP Friday” “two to three 
hours of rock and roll, and then nothing but a bucket of hog shit” … we simply 
deal with it and move on. I want no part of the NY afternoon “shitshow”, 
courtesy of the usual suspects.

Tomorrow sees me again in EURJPY, up and until EURUSD can show me 
anything besides gap spikes and sideways action … today’s algorithm signal in 
EURJPY was “spot on”, too bad the Turnkey scumbag LP felt the need to screw 
us … it is what it is, though, and one of the many “unspoken variables” traders 
have to deal with in today’s modern financial markets. Usually, EURJPY will 
have 5+ signals a day, but with today’s limited Yen action [still a 27 PIP range 
after 16 hours, which is highly unusual], trading action in EURJPY was rather 
subdued, which held down the number of valid signals to one [1] … still, like I 
said before, I think Subs @ C2 are going to love the results from this market, 
which are consistently much higher than that for EURUSD … it’s moves are 
somewhat “more pure”, especially when Euro and Yen move in opposite 
directions, which is often the case. So, again today only one signal, but don’t 
despair Subs, it’s a “one off” thanks to a subdued Yen, and tomorrow is another 

PAMM Spreadsheet will be back on Sunday night’s “update special” blog post. 
Until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!!





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