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Thursday, September 13, 2018


“The Maestro says, manipulation works for me! … sadly, not for thee”!

All eyes on Super Mario today, as the ECB policy meeting on interest rates & 
other shit that manipulates markets gets into full swing … who knows what 
utter bat guano he spits out at the presser, cuz with history as our guide, this 
guy is what’s known as a “loose cannon”. In any event, EURUSD & GBPUSD 
could be rockin’ later, but so far it looks and feels like an NFP Friday, where 
everything gets compressed into a few hours of trading and then lies down to go 
“sleepy time” … we’ll see. Against this backdrop, the EURUSD sits in about a 
70 -85 PIP range for the 9th day now on the daily candlestick chart 
… something has got to give here soon. 

“Well, that escalated quickly to the upside, didn’t it? … thank you Super Mario!, 
but it was also weak inflation news from the U.S., so he can’t take all the credit”. 
And with that, Pie Holes everywhere cheer, cuz when it’s all over and the 
short covering rally stalls, that’s it for the day … now we’re into the NY 
afternoon, where M1 candlesticks look like smudge marks on an exam paper 
“I’m sure Squid & the boys will make anybody that trades this crap now, feel 
right at home going to the NY close”!

Today was our first day with the EURUSD advisory signal service over on C2 
… central bank meetings are a lot like NFP Friday reports, cuz when the news 
breaks SHTF, spreads widen, sometimes the MT4 gets turned off by the 
scumbag LP banks, and the HAL9000 goes into overdrive to hand out shit fills 
cuz the “slippage meter” is set to “what won’t get us indicted”? The day gets 
compressed into a short time window of only a couple of hours, and then most 
often the market dies after Europe closes around 11:30 - Noon EST, and it’s a 
pure bucket of hog slop the rest of the day, where asking the market to move 5 
PIPS is like throwing a baseball across the Grand Canyon … yea, good luck 
with that!

Only one [1] algorithm signal today, which was “spot on”, but there were other 
factors in play today I want to bring up. First of all, I got two [2] laptops, side 
by side, right in front of me … the first is set to Turnkey MT4 with the order 
box up and ready to go, and the second is simply on the C2 “web order entry 
system” for the “-vegas EURUSD Algorithm” advisory service. I get the buy 
signal from the algorithm, AND AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, I push 
both buy buttons in order entry … my fill at Turnkey was 1.16862 … my fill at 
C2 was 1.16853 … a rather remarkable difference of 0.9 PIPS … this of course, 
from the fair and honest Turnkey LP’s, which as we all know are total 
scumbags and fill off the market a whole helluva lot more times than they fill at 
the bid/offer on your screen.

Ok, time for liquidation, and since I got “ripped” getting in, you know my rules 
for shit fills … which is simply, GTFO as soon as you can with profit. Well, when 
I saw it rally over 1.16870, I hit both liquidations at the same exact time … my 
fill at Turnkey was 1.16867, and my fill at C2 was 1.16872 … again, ½ a PIP 
isn’t the Bank of England, but when you consider they rip traders all day long 
on millions of trades, I can assure you it adds up to a helluva lot of green 
… green they stole as sure as I’m sittin’ here.

Natch, I sent Turnkey everything associated with both sets of trades … “6 weeks 
from now the LP will tell me … duh, market conditions, duh! … now STFU and 
get back to clicking buttons”. They’ll never, ever admit to anything and of course 
the brokerage house will back them up.

Now, I realize one is “live” and the other “demo”, but after asking C2 about 
this, they take an average price of live offers [for buys] and live bids [for sells] 
from a group of dealers to establish the fill price, and don’t simply take “last 
price” the computer system may be showing … “what I want to know from the 
scumbag LP that filled us, is why the hell the big difference in price? … cuz, quite 
frankly, my opinion is that you filled us via the HAL9000 slippage software, and 
pocketed the difference … and then you’re gonna tell me it’s impossible cuz your 
computer system did a self diagnosed rectal exam on itself and everything came 
out OKIE DOKEY and the fill was “f-ing awesome”! … do I look like I fell off the 
turnip truck last night and wandered into trading”? Welcome to FX, where the 
thievery is every bit as rampant here as in other markets … only much less. 

Directly below, the M1 chart of the algo signal and our trade, with commentary.

click to enlarge!

This was the only trade algorithm signal the entire day, post the ECB 
decision & Super Mario presser. As you can see, though, the algorithm nailed 
the swing low … if I hadn’t gotten such a shit buy fill, more than likely I would 
have captured more of the trade … it is what it is, though, and stuff happens.

Onto tomorrow, and my message to Mr. Market is simply, “Move without the 
Pie Holes, will ya”? And by the way, I’ll be archiving the trade charts off the 
algorithm on a weekly basis by date and trade number, and placing them over 
in “Download Links” for viewing and/or download. Over time, this will give a 
very good visual reference for 1) ascertaining how good the algorithm is at 
picking swing lows [mostly] and highs [rarely but sometimes], and the risk on 
the trade as we held it until liquidation, and 2) a great way to see all of the 
algorithm trades over time and their profit effectiveness. First archival charts 
for September, I’ll create and put up this weekend.

And with that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!! PAMM Spreadsheet starts again this weekend with 
this weeks algorithm trades.

Have a great day everybody!!





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