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Friday, September 28, 2018


“You’ll grow up to be a great Libtard … this country has lost its fucking mind!”

There isn’t much I can add to yesterday’s complete “national disgrace”, where 
a person has to sit through hypocrisy, lies, & deception … except to add that, 
the nation gets to see “up close & personal”, what “The Free Shit Army”  
political party [a/k/a Dems] will do to sacrifice anybody on the altar of “agenda 
& narrative” to achieve power. While overall, I’m not a big fan of Graham 
[R- S.C.], I give him due credit cuz he “hit it out of the park” with his 
unscripted rage at SJC Libtards and their thirst for power. I’ll say it again,  
“the modern day version of the Democrat party cannot be trusted with power in 
government, in any way, shape, or form … if they get power again, the country is 
O.V.E.R. … put a fork in it cuz it’s dead … to them, 1) everything is hate speech 
and needs to be controlled, 2) the 2nd amendment must be eliminated, 3) all 
people of the wrong political persuasion are guilty until proven innocent, and even 
if they produce evidence of innocence, that’s not enough, and 4) even though all 
animals are equal, some are more equal than others, namely Libtard women and 
anybody else who feels delusional "offendedness" as a victim of something 
… anything … boo fucking hoo”!

You got to see yesterday, “sunlight” hit the back-stabbing hypocrites & 
political operatives who infect D.C. like a virus … all the “back room” high 
powered lawyers, lobbyists, and other swamp creatures who feed off 
Washington like gigantic parasites … all with only a single objective, which 
ain’t the “truth” … these people [if you can call them that] feed off the system, 
sow discontent, and look to destroy others entire lives for cheap political points 
… why? … cuz they make shiploads of money off of it and become “experts” in 
human destruction, which is exactly who the authoritarian Stalinist’s in power 
want on their payroll … useful idiots indeed … “these people, along with poser 
Senators, are truly disgusting wretches … now that the chick has had her 
15 minutes of fame, and more than likely a check from a George Soros funded 
shell company, I wonder how long it will take her to figure out she’s been used 
as a political prop, only to be ignored and dumped once she has no use by her 
political class overlords”? … simply put, how low can this country go before 
Sheeple wake the fuck up and smell the coffee?

Turning to today’s EURJPY market … “oh, those crazy Italians”! … who knew 
they could be such drunken sailors on steroids spending money? … see my 
shocked face … yet somehow, EURUSD pretends to overlook these problems 
when convenient … convenient to who exactly? … “well, the scumbag LP banks 
when they’re long sopping up customer selling and need a rally … you know, 
like the one they got from 1.13 up to 1.18 … amazing how this works with 
coincidences isn’t it”?

But … but … the Italian budget crisis! … on wait never mind, as banks trap 
European traders into the European close and force them to puke their guts 
out and explode EURJPY price higher, as somehow EURUSD climbs over 
30+ PIPS straight … another painful lesson to be learned, if you haven’t 
already figured it out, that banks control the narrative & trading agenda, and 
that if you get in the way, they will steamroll your ass into the ground.
 “Go ahead, get your MT4 lagging indicators to predict this! … good luck with 

Another trading fuck up, as today sees our C2 signal not have the right volume 
for the trade, compared to the PAMM … C2 trades FX in 10,000 per 1 lot, not 
the conventional 100,000 per lot seen at Turnkey and most other brokerage 
houses. Cousin It this morning set the trade level at C2, and he set it wrong 
… when I saw the fills and volumes, I liquidated them both to start the process 
over … little did I know it would explode higher from our liquidations, but 
whaddaya gonna do? It is what it is … meh.

Of course, what we’re seeing in EURJPY makes no fucking sense whatsoever, 
given all the hoopla this morning about the end of the world in Europe via the 
Italian budget mess … since when has Italy NOT been a complete fuck up of a 
mess since the end of WWII? A very nice algorithm call today, the only one we 
got so far, but I’m really not very happy about the action we’re seeing in 
EURJPY … it’s either exploding and leaving no prisoners, or it’s as dead as 
dead gets with zero movement, and not a helluva lot in between. In other words 
there isn’t, except in brief spurts, any flow to prices or the trade … everything 
is “herky jerky” with mystery ticks and shit fills via the scumbag LP bank 
“slippage circus” … where the hell is any resemblance to a “normal” trading 
market? Add to that the extreme moves in intraday volatility, that sees very 
wide margins instead of a somewhat regular steady flow … simply put, an 
absolute nightmare for trading.

Well, here we are at Noon EST., Europe closed now, so the clown circus of 
liquidity from the likes of Squid & the boys coming to the fore … “sure, 
nothing but fair prices and trading on a Friday afternoon from the usual suspects 
… snark much”?

Again today, only one algorithm signal and one C2 & PAMM trade … PAMM 
up a couple of bucks.

The algorithm signal worked beautifully, while our order operations here at 
vegas HQ resembled the “Three Stooges Invade Trading” … [facepalm]. 
Nothing really left to say except “Oy”. Our fills at Turnkey continue to suffer 
non acceptable slippage versus C2, but so far neither Turnkey nor any of the 
scumbag LP banks want to talk about it or tell me why I’m getting shit fills 
“well, I know the reason, they’re thieves, but hey we already knew that, so no 
surprise here”.

Sunday night sees an important “TRIPLE SPECIAL” blog post, so don’t miss 
it … no hints, I’ll let it be a surprise [no, I’m not being committed]. Until then 
mi amigos … I’m outta here for some Vitamin C therapy … Until Sunday 
night … Onward & Upward!!

PAMM Spreadsheet directly below.

click to enlarge
 Have a great weekend everybody!!





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