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Sunday, September 23, 2018


“Too bad Mark Twain never got to know the FED!”

So, the spineless “R’s” caved, which the Libtard Stalinist’s a/k/a “D’s”, knew 
would happen cuz they always do … and so the Supreme Court clown show 
will continue, until they change the goalposts again and bitch about some other 
“unfairness & universal travesty” cuz they can’t win elections, and the Kabuki 
theater never ends … Never mind she’s a Libtard activist, her family got a 
foreclosure judgement from BK’s Mom, her Dad was CIA Black Ops, the 
allegations are 36 years old, she can’t remember exactly where, when, there’s 
no police report, and she told nobody … but then 36 years later she gets 
triggered by his nomination? … what a bunch of shit, ya all knew was coming, 
cuz Stalinist Libtards will do anything to stop anybody in their supposed way 
… well, cuz they are authoritarian communists … Never mind the 2 biggest 
serial rapists and/or abusers in politics today, namely Clinton & Ellison, get a 
free pass from the supposed “outraged”, where there is actually evidence. In 
the Clown Chamber of Congress, Feinstein  employed a Chinese Spy for 20+ 
years, but no news here … “Sparatcus” Booker ADMITS he groped a 15 year 
old teenage girl back in the day, and has the fucking nerve to sit there and 
judge BK over 36 YEAR OLD unfounded & uncorroborated “allegations” 
cuz her politics is right … I could go on, but all I’d be doing is repeating 
myself. “If you can’t see what’s going on here, you’re literally too stupid to 

Which brings us to the other “clown shitshow” this upcoming week, as the 
Oracle Twits at the FED hold court … while not as gross as the other, the lies, 
deception, hypocrisy, and general level of bullshit will be just as high. Cuz as 
we all know, “Everything is F-ing Awesome Baby!” will be the official line put 
out to the financial MSM and repeated to the masses. Basically cuz, you’re too 
stupid to understand what we’re doing for the 0.001%, so STFU and sit down.

Directly below the key stats for the upcoming week.

Since we’re trading EURJPY, I’ve decided it would be helpful to include stats
for USDJPY as well. This way, you get can a good “snapshot” idea of normal 
ranges for the day as you trade, over the last month.

As you can see, at the moment we’re getting just a hair under a 40% increase 
in daily range volatility in EURJPY versus EURUSD, where the spread is 
about 0.2 PIPS higher on average for the cross … that is more than an 
acceptable tradeoff, and the primary reason I’m trading EURJPY for the 
PAMM & also on C2, where both pairs use the “-vegas EURUSD Algorithm”.

When setting up the C2 advisory signals, I had to choose an account starting 
balance setting, which I chose at $10,000. I did this cuz 10K is easily divisible 
into any real account you might have. I’ve also chosen as the standard trade lot 
size for the account, 0.50 lots … granted, this is low compared to many traders 
leverage sizes, which I specifically chose to do … in any real account, you are, 
of course, free to choose your own leverage wherever you feel appropriate 
… same with the “auto trade” feature with C2; you set the trade level size on 
each trade, not me. 

I chose to specifically choose the trade lot size as “low”; at present leverage is 
only about 5:1 … first of all, I don’t primarily care about ROI 
[return On equity] @ C2 … what I care mostly about is “risk” and 
“theoretical draw downs”, which C2 measures accurately AS A THIRD 
PARTY, and is extremely  important [or should be] to investors … C2”s 
“draw downs” take into consideration how much any position, from the total 
accumulated positions since inception, went MAX against the trade from 
entry, not simply where any trade was liquidated; if left to liquidations only, 
it might give a very false idea of what the manager is doing with risk to get the 
reward. Obviously, the lower this number is, the better.

Second, once put into a profitable position, any chimp can manage a trade 
… all the cards on the table are to the traders advantage, cuz you’re flexibility 
to either scalp or hold a little longer are totally up to you, and you’re NOT put 
into the position of reacting negatively to scumbag LP banker manipulations 
and becoming the latest installment of Pavlov’s dog. 

So far, during our first full week of C2 trading, we’ve seen the new phenomena 
of “NFP-itis” for each day, where only a few hours of trading is available 
before the whole thing dies, a lack of consistent intraday volatility, and 
problems at Turnkey, where hopefully they got their problems fixed. All of this 
has held trade volume down, and can be considered “shit happens” now & 
then … things should return to normal this week, especially with the 2 clown 
shows on the main stage … we’ll see.

PAMM SPREADSHEET directly below. The spreadsheet is new from the start 
of the C2 signals … it gives both PAMM & C2 fills, but the dollar amounts and 
actual P/L/ is only for the PAMM … in the real world, I have no idea what 
someone is doing with the signals, and what size trades they are taking, and so 
there is no need to compute profits for things which I do not know. 

 Have a great rest of your weekend everybody!!






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