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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


“Rules? Logic? … we don’t need no stinkin’ logic!”

A little website bookkeeping to start the day off … the “new” Version 2 
Information Document on the “-vegas EURUSD Algorithm” advisory signals on 
C2 is back up over in “Download Links”, after some revisions. Like everything 
else in life, what you see and hear from brokerage houses and/or corporate run 
America, very often isn’t what you get … “read the fine print” is what they tell 
you … and of course, the reason it’s “fine print” is cuz they don’t really want 
you to read it.

In any event, the three [3] takeaways from the revision are 1) the name of the 
advisory signal service on C2 is “-vegas EURUSD”, and it is up and running 
with signals starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 13th. Sign up at C2 as an 
“investor” in any signal advisory is free … you can sign up at and once that is done, here is the direct link to our 
advisory: , 2) in order to sign up and 
get the free 30 day trial of EURUSD trade signals, you have to give them a 
bankcard [credit/debit Mastercard or Visa], and 3) you enter the  
“coupon code” listed in the Header of the website and this gives you 1 billing 
cycle [30 days] of free service … cancel anytime or then subscribe. IF YOU 
IMMEDIATELY … so, make sure you use the “coupon code”. As I state in the 
“Information Document”, it didn’t used to be like this … years ago, to get free 
trials to advisory signals from any of the people hosting their wares, all you 
needed was an email address, or cell phone, and your name … well, things 
change and my guess is they had a lot of people that ended up getting free 
trials all over the place by simply pretending to be somebody else and giving 
made up names and simply creating new email addresses out of thin air.

Also in the website header, is the “handle” I’m using on “” … as I’ve 
stated previously, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution, 
and using the “free speech” alternative of “” instead of the Libtard 
Authoritarian Stalin Fascists at Twitter is what I’m using during the trading 
day to communicate some thoughts when appropriate … come follow me at 
“” where my handle is “@-vegas”.

Logic to a scumbag LP bank is you handing over your money via losing trades 
… and, if they can inflict more damage on you by setting their HAL9000 
computer systems to “MAX slippage”, the more the merrier. Recent trading 
action in EURUSD, for example, makes “ZERO” common sense … only 
through the prism of real modern day finance can you get any real handle on 
what is truly happening … so, as we sit here waiting for tomorrow’s ECB 
meeting clusterfark, and trading action is muted [a/k/a DEAD!], I’m gonna 
‘splain it to you.

Modern day financial trading markets are dominated and controlled by two [2] 
forces; 1) central bank policies and their silent manipulative practices through 
the scumbag LP banks, and 2) since banks literally control the markets, the 
daily government Pol and/or government Apparatchik “rumor mill” 
“Brexit” being the most popular option 27 months and running, but Trump 
Tweets also in the mix, as well various economic releases when the banks feel 
the need to clean the order books. If you somehow think any of these financial 
markets have anything to do with “fun-der-mentals”, whatever that means, I’m 
sorry but you’re living in an illusion.

We all see the almost daily “Brexit” bullshit play out, and the violent up/down 
effect it has on stops, and to sit there and deny that these asshats don’t know 
the effect they have on prices, and don’t supply the mistress pipeline and/or 
crony capitalist pipeline with money for nothing, is to deny reality … and this 
of course, is why the only rule of Forex is, “there are no rules in FX”! None of it, 
or anything for that matter, is illegal in spot FX … it may be immoral as hell, 
but no country has laws preventing manipulation, price fixing, front running, or 
inside information regarding FX … while there may be civil suits against 
bankers, do you see anybody being prosecuted criminally? [Hint: “Not a frickin’ 
chance Skippy”!].

The scumbag LP banks are supposed to make their money from the spread 
“but why simply settle for nickels and dimes when there are $20 bills to be 
picked up with no consequences?” … the two [2] main supply chains for bank 
largess being, 1) the HAL9000 fill computers set to “MAX slippage” on every 
order to fleece traders, and hopefully from their perspective, 2) front running 
corporate orders, where the size and amount of $$$ is far larger.

Anybody who has traded at least a few times in a live account has most likely 
seen “off the market” slippage on his/her filled market order … “congrats on 
donating to either the CEO’s slush fund or the banks Christmas party”. For most 
traders slippage is like jock itch … “no real pain, but constant irritation! 
… whaddaya gonna do, sue ‘em over $5? … and switching brokerage houses 
doesn’t matter, cuz they all use the same criminal banks”. You’re not trading 
against other traders … your trading versus the bank and only the bank.

Which takes us to front running corporate orders … if you need proof this shit 
exists, follow the ZH link directly below from a few years ago, in which the 
usual suspects got nabbed … no criminal charges of course, but meaningless 
civil penalties so the useless regulators can show the public they do something 
besides taking suitcases full of cash from said banks & hedge funds and watch 
midget porn all day.


It’s easier than you think to front run a corporate order if you’re the scumbag 
LP bank … simply keep the corporate “Jimbo” on the phone for a minute while 
haggling size and price, and while that’s taking place, hand signal what to do to 
a “prop trader” using an offshore account nobody can trace but the bank 
controls, to buy/sell beforehand and then when said FX jockey rips the 
corporate order, it shoves it into the prop traders appropriate liquidation order, 
and you end up with free money … and this goes on all day and night. But, 
since nobody can “prove” anything, and the prop offshore trading account is 
protected with the utmost legal protections of privacy, security, and most 
importantly anonymity, there isn’t anything anybody can do to stop it, even if 
they wanted to, which by the way they don’t. 

And there you go folks … this is modern day financial trading in a nutshell!

Turning to today’s EURUSD market … “well, what would a day be without 
some bullshit rumor from Europe causing a little price indigestion? … “I mean, 
orders got to be ripped don’tchaknow, and stops run at least once for cryin’ out 
loud … so today, its Italy’s turn at the plate, with the appropriate rumor mill in 
full swing over government ministers and the budget, right at the start of traders 
showing up in NY, for the U.S. day session … Ahhh, it’s good to be a gangsta”!

Today a “perfect storm” for traders to avoid … market going nowhere, and the 
HAL9000 waiting to rip your order … “oh wait … I’ve been assured by the likes 
of multiple brokerage house execs that tell me … duh, market conditions, duh 
… is the sole reason for my horrendous fill, and that the banks can’t possibly be 
screwing you cuz the HAL9000 did its own rectal exam on itself and found 
nothing wrong … and the logic pretzels these people create is truly astounding”!

No trades so far today in the PAMM, but I’m posting early today cuz I want 
everybody to have a chance to go over during the day [or night] and have the 
opportunity to sign up at C2 for our signals advisory, cuz tomorrow I start the 
signals. Also, if so inclined, you can join “” and I’ll see you there! If I do 
any trades today, I’ll post later in an update, around 4 P.M. EST … so, if you 
don’t see an update later, I’ll be back tomorrow with all the ECB action 
… until then mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

UPDATE 2:30 P.M. EST.: I came back to update, not cuz I had any trades, but 
simply to say, that once again the “rumor mill” via Apparatchiks is in gear, not 
with any real “news” news, but solely to move markets with some assclown on 
the wires saying the U.S. wants China to come back to the trade talks 
“mistress accounts, get ready to spring into action”! … thus giving the 
market “hope”, that further tariffs can be avoided … “this is the bullshit the 
financial MSM is feeding the public, when we all know it was simply a stop hunt 
from banks to liquidate long positions and clean out buy stops from the short 
crowd, cuz they don’t want to go long into an ECB meeting decision on interest 
rates tomorrow morning … you’ll never hear this, of course, cuz you can’t be told 
the truth about how markets operate, and so must be given “reasons” that make 
sense from a logic perspective … there ain’t no logic at work here … how about a 
phone call from a group of banks to the government telling them we need a 
frickin’ rally … Boom!, here’s your dutiful Apparatchik on the wires in minutes. 

Then it’s more Brexit horseshit, around 1 P.M. EST, with some “loose lips, sink 
ships” comments from some source in the E.U. and then the squeeze starts all 
over again … Pie Holes & Apparatchiks are the only things moving markets 
anymore; just the way central bankers and their scumbag LP bank pals like it 
… just another “shitshow”, installment #4,987,265 as the banker fun never 
ends. “As I said earlier, this is how modern day financial markets operate & 
function … oh, won’t tomorrow be fun with Super Mario & crew”!

Have a great day everybody!!




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