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Monday, June 18, 2018


“I now bring this OPEC+ meeting to order!”

Round up the usual gaggle of Sheiks, Emirs, murderous dictators, thug tyrants, 
guys in shiny dark Italian suits wearing black shades, hundreds of over-sized 
Mercedes Benz limos, and throw ‘em all together in a stinking pile, and 
whaddaya get? … EASY PEEZEE: “an OPEC meeting this week”!

Hell, I’m barely out of bed this early A.M., and at my screen at 4:50 EST., and 
already there’ve been about 999 trial balloons & rumors floated about oil 
production cuts … I haven’t even had coffee yet, and both sides of the Brent 
order book have been taken out back to be shot in the head after unprotected 
“diddling”, and the range is already over $1.70 for the day … “WTF is this”?

And watching the last part of the mini melt up to the $74 per barrel level 
“and it’s only gettin’ warmed up for another buck or so on the upside … go 
figure, but hey, fun-der-mentals, duh”!, it becomes patently obvious, that this 
week is NOT the week to trade either Brent or WTI … between now and 
Friday’s official OPEC meeting, just get somebody to give you a nickel for 
every bullshit oil rumor floated somewhere, and you can take the kids to 
Disney World. “Cuz here’s the dirty little secret; when the oil Pie Holes start 
the “blah blah, yada yada”, all you’re gonna see is the screen go seriously red 
or green, and if you’re positioned the wrong way, you’re toast … and I might 
add, with no way to get the money back".
So, over to the DAX30 I go, and now bricks are flying all over the place with 
negative news that won’t stop … Italy telling France to go “pound sand” over 
refugees landing in Italy, Merkel’s government is in trouble over unchecked 
immigration as well, EU/China/US trade war heating up “bigly & yuge”, Audi 
CEO indicted this morning over emissions scandal, and of course the ever 
present ECB & Super Mario talking about an interest rate increase in the Fall 
of 2019 … “well, at least they got soccer for some good news … err, wait a sec, 
they got beat by Mexico yesterday in the World Cup first round, adding salt to 
wounded & frayed German nerves”.

“Well, this is gonna escalate quickly to the downside, isn’t it”? … however, as 
bad as it can possibly get in the DAX30, the “Force Volatility Algorithm” is 
still gonna get some good buy signals, and quite possibly some sells as well.

Two trades today … PAMM up halfway to 0.1%.

DAX30 down about 2% today, and yet during the most active part of the day, 
the algorithm signaled 8 buy trades … half came before I got to my screen, and 
with the other four, two gapped up “bigly & yuge” off a bottom where I didn’t 
take the trade, and the other two I took for profit. In addition to that, there 
were 2 excellent sell signals that came before I got to my screen … one in the  
“pre-market” [06:00 - 07:00 server time in GMT], which I wouldn’t have taken 
anyway cuz the cash market isn’t open, and the other a little while later 
… both would have moved immediately in our profit direction.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be up and at it around 3 A.M. EST [07:00 server time], 
cuz I’m not in the practice of giving up nice gains just so I can sleep … sleep 
when you’re frickin’ dead! In addition to this, today I traded “light” … this is 
the first day I’ve traded the DAX30 in a while … it hasn’t seen me since 2016 I 
think … yea, I know how it trades, and I know the algo inside and out, but I 
still missed 2 excellent trades cuz they moved faster than I thought they would 
… that’s what I get for thinkin’ [“Quick -vegas, go around the corner and see if 
it’s rainin’ there”!].

I just looked at the range in XAUUSD … “WTF is that all about? You go $27+ 
on Friday, and today you got $5.40 @ 1:30 P.M. EST.”? … talk about 
inconsistent; glad I made the decision not to trade it over the weekend, and 
instead opt for the DAX30 as “Plan B”, when Brent misbehaves or the world’s 
collection of misfits get together to attempt to manipulate oil prices higher, 
while at the same time increasing production. “Only when you lie, cheat, & kill, 
can you square that circle”!

Watching and trading the DAX30 today, I’m extremely pleased with the 
performance of the “Force Volatility Algorithm” … I simply can’t ask for better 
signals and consistently get them. When I used to trade the DAX30, I used a 
much different algorithm that either played totally off the day’s range, or 
attempted to catch a “trend”, and more often than I’d like to remember got the 
market stuffed in my face … “well, guess what? There is no such thing as trend 
… it’s a “human construct” to make you feel comfortable in taking a position 
… there’s simply big money chasing price [up and/or down] until they’re done 
… in neither getting in nor getting out, do they email you to let you know when 
the gig is up … the algorithm’s entire focus is on changing big money momentum 
at “crunch time”, no matter how long or brief it may be, and profiting off it 
… simple as that”!

Look for volumes to increase here shortly in the DAX30 … today, simply a 
light day in the face of an onslaught of news hitting the market, wave after 
wave for about 2 - 3 hours this morning … “began to wonder what comes next? 
… biblical locusts”?

During the week, I’ll be working on the algorithm manual, so blog posts may be 
a bit shorter than usual … it’s important I get this done in a timely manner, and 
with 5 markets to exhaustively cover [with examples], I still got a lot of work to 
do before next Sunday night’s release … “don’t worry Skippy, it’ll get done”! 
And with that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

PAMM Spreadsheet directly below.

Have a great day everybody!






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