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Thursday, June 14, 2018


“What I want from a buy/sell … all the rest is coin flip crap!”

In some metaphorical sense, I feel like the highly trained 19th century physicist, 
at the turn of the 20th century, that’s handed Einstein’s work on relativity 
… two thoughts immediately cross your mind; 1) “wait … wat!?”, and 2) after 
the shock wears off, “it’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of this before”? And 
suddenly, it dawns on you what the potential ramifications are going forward.

As many of you may know, I now have extremely sophisticated & strong 
mathematical software at my disposal [Ph.D. level stuff, and truth be revealed, 
I’ve only begun to “scratch the surface” of what this “bad boy” can do and 
deliver], along with formatted data on every MT4 market going back many 
years … of course, to pay for all of this, I had to raise Cousin It’s rent for living 
in my garage, and charge CoS [Chief of Staff] Milton Waddums more for his 
constant supply of red staplers ... but hey, “no pain, no gain” as the saying goes. 
[Note: the dog & the Mrs. refuse on constitutional grounds, any sacrifice 
whatsoever, and continue to deficit spend me into oblivion.]

If I stopped 1,000 traders on the street and asked them, “what do you want to see 
after entry into any position”?, I’m pretty sure the answer from all of them 
would be some manifestation of, “well, I’d like to see the position start to profit 
rather quickly”. Ok then, where exactly does that acceleration momentum occur 
to give you max profit potential in the shortest time possible? “And that, dear 
readers, becomes the $64,000 question”! But, and it’s a very big “but”, only after 
you identify the markets that have enough intraday volatility to make the effort 
worthwhile, cuz if you’re in the wrong market, you’re wasting your time!

Now, I’m pretty sure a lot of you are gonna be somewhat surprised at the 5 
markets the math clearly shows are the very best, for achieving the max 
acceleration of force [buying for up moves or selling for down moves] at the 
start of a position as momentum turns in any market, and either shorts or longs 
panic rather quickly and aggressively … remember, this type of “force 
acceleration” or “force volatility” is completely different than how markets & 
especially other traders typically view the term “volatility” when referencing or 
talking about it. Large daily ranges are helpful, but in and of themselves, they 
aren’t particularly useful or measurable in pinpointing max acceleration when 
we need it most.

The 5 top markets in terms of “force volatility”, as I’ve defined it above, in 
order of significance and impact, and taking into account spreads, potential 
slippage if any, and the opportunities during the prime hours of trading for 
literally dozens of multiple trades, are 1) Brent Crude Oil, 2) DAX30 stock 
index [Germany], 3) WTI Crude Oil, 4) NDX100 [NASDAQ 100 U.S.] stock 
index, and 5) XAUUSD [Spot Gold]. 

In the upcoming algorithm manual [which I can assure you, will be 
comprehensive, easy to follow, and even easier to install on your computer 
screen], all 5 markets listed above will have a chapter devoted to it, along with 
detailed trading instructions for each, cuz like your kids [if you have any] they 
have different personalities and need to be traded differently. Hopefully, 
everything can be finished this upcoming weekend, but if not, soon thereafter.

As you can probably guess, the website focus will switch to these 5 markets, 
with Brent Crude Oil in the spotlight, cuz it’s the worldwide leader in “force 
volatility” by a long shot … nothing consistently even comes close day-in, 
day-out. Name me any market that has an average  2%+ daily price change 
over the last 2 years?

Turning to today’s Brent Crude Oil market … comments earlier this morning 
from OPEC members, giving their various 2 cents of “blah blah, yada yada” for 
next week’s OPEC meeting in Vienna, concerning the level of additional output 
among members + Russia, led to some interesting market action between Brent 
& WTI, as WTI showed some strength, while Brent was a weak drag. As we go 
forward over the next week, look for some really strange market action, as 
traders read and interpret “trial balloons” being released to gauge 
POTENTIAL market reaction.

Only one trade today … PAMM up a little more than half of 0.1%.

While I’m not here today to go over trading manual specifics, one condition did 
take center stage today, and that specific condition is the necessary daily range 
to start to trade Brent … the rule is simple: Brent needs at least a $0.60 cent 
daily range before I make any trade, and this rule cannot be violated.   

Well, we didn’t get that until 10:30 A.M. EST [14:30 server time], about 5 ½ 
hours into my trading day. Usually Brent has no problem with that little of 
range, but today it was a struggle. And while an average day can easily see 10+ 
trade signals, today we only got one … the one I took. There was another buy 
signal that came after 2 P.M. EST, but I left it alone cuz it’s after 2 … unless 
news prompts being in the market, initiating positions after 2 is asking to lose 
money, as at any time spreads can go higher and price action can die for the 

Granted, the profit level wasn’t much on my one trade, but I was up money 
and never in any real negative profit position while in the trade; “it did what it 
did cuz off the price decline the sell momentum died, and everybody that was short 
hit the panic button to liquidate, and that fuel was what propelled price higher 
momentarily … “like I said, this is “force volatility”, quick price moves in a very 
restricted time window, and while the other 4 markets have excellent “force 
volatility”, nothing compares to Brent”. So, we take what the market gives us 
and come back tomorrow … simple as that.

The future's so bright I need sunglasses! … I’m outta here … until tomorrow 
mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

PAMM Spreadsheet directly below. 

Have a great day everybody!





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