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Monday, June 25, 2018


“Some days, I wonder if I can make it to 1 P.M., before my head explodes!”

It was a great day for the algorithm today, in the DAX30 … plenty of algo buy 
signals for profit; the Algo gets an “A+” … Me? … one trade I got caught on a 
little longer than I would have liked and paid the price, but otherwise passable, 
so maybe “B+” … “the morons at Turnkey Forex, who can’t keep an MT4 
platform running, a SOLID “F” … NICE JOB IDIOTS, what’s a 3 hour wait 
while you get your act together between 8:20 A.M. EST. [12:20 server time] and 
11:20 A.M. EST. [15:40 server time], as I sit here twiddling my thumbs and the 
DAX30 goes ballistic with moves, while you Numbskulls try and figure out what’s 
wrong with your MT4 platform? … Profits? … yea, don’t worry about the 
approximate $400+ in profits the PAMM missed due to your fucking 

Some day folks, my head is just gonna explode all over the place.

All told, I estimate we missed at least 5 moves for big bucks in that 3 hour 
period, cuz looking at what I missed, there were some absolutely classic buy 
signals from the manual that would have seen roughly $400 in profit, maybe 
more … “but hey, you got it fixed right as Europe closes … gee, thanks for 
fucking nothing dirtbags … days over, WTF am I supposed to trade, now that the 
day’s massive action to the downside is over? … you morons ever hear of a 
fucking “back up” system? … “oh, sorry for the inconvenience” … “if you know 
what’s good for you, you’ll NEVER utter those words to me again, got it”?

I got the best algo in existence … I got a very good market with very low 
spread … I’m ready to go! … “oh wait … your brokerage house is staffed with 
total fuckups who couldn’t find their collective asses, with either hand, if they had 
a Rand-McNally roadmap in front of their dumbass faces! … and so, everybody 
gets to sit without a “Plan B”, cuz they’re too stupid to have one … and in case 
you can’t tell, I’m more than a little pissed off about this, cuz this isn’t supposed 
to happen … ever … as in fucking NEVER! … 3 hours? … WTF, did you forget 
to feed the Gerbils, to keep the wheel turning to power the MT4, or did the 
scumbag LP’s ask you to turn it off for a while? … I’d really love to know”! And 
if I had had a position on when this happened? “Well, they’d either eat the entire 
loss, or there would be blood … no other option, really”.

At first, they tried to tell me it was my internet … then it slowly morphed into, 
“Houston, we got a problem”. So, if you got some eggs at home you’d like 
cooked well done to make for next year’s Easter Eggs, just place them 
anywhere near me, and they’ll be done in about 3 minutes.

When the platform went down, cuz of that one trade I had made and was late 
getting out, we were down about $45, and that’s where we end up, thank you 
very much Turnkey … we should be up $350+, but no, cuz some people who 
should know better can’t run a brokerage house for shit! … not the end of the 
world, too be sure, but enough to piss me off to no end, cuz if it’s not the 
scumbag LP’s trying to pick our pockets every frickin’ day without fail, like a 
7-11 robbery, it’s some shit like this where the MT4 platform goes down 
harder than “Thelma & Louise”, and then they act like it’s no big deal three 
hours later.

A handful of trades before 08:20 A.M. EST, and like I said above, PAMM 
down about $45 or so … not the algo’s fault … hell, it shined and produced 
over the course of the day, just like I predicted it would in the manual … yes, 
there can be some small losers sprinkled in there, but over the course of the 
day, the DAX30 isn’t gonna let anybody be comfortable in any trade, and the 
short covering explosions on medium to very large down days are horrific 
“too bad I was sitting on my ass watching the action from another account at 
another brokerage house, to see where the DAX30 was trading at … thanks 
Turnkey … get your shit together will ya”?

Do the “Pod People” from outer space invade tomorrow? … will biblical 
Locusts attack the Caribbean? … what shit hits tomorrow, where they can 
say, “oh, sorry for the inconvenience” …  I need a drink, maybe two, could be 
5, could also be … I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
“the future’s so bright I need sunglasses” [if that is, Turnkey can keep the 
MT4 up & running] … Onward & Upward!!

I haven’t had time to post PAMM trades to the spreadsheet … later tonight, 
I’ll have it up, directly below.

Have a great day everybody!


P.S. It looks like the DAX30 “Special Rule” is gonna kick in at today’s close, 
unless there is a miracle rally. If you trade your own account, and trade the 
DAX30, make sure you read the PDF doc over in “Download Links”.



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