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Friday, June 29, 2018


“Meet your LP’s from Turnkey … you’re gonna love our prices!”

I will grant you, the outrageous slippage seen in the DOW30 & SP500 when 
they get the slightest bit volatile is much worse … however, that doesn’t lessen 
the wholesale robbery seen today in the DAX30, where at one point I’m 
wondering did A) the Yellowstone super volcano go off, B) did Frau Merkel 
just resign or be shown the door, or C) are “Ruskie” ICBM’s over the North 
Pole and we got 15 minutes? … “which is it, cuz this shit is nuts? … 5 - 10 point 
jumps in bid/offer, and then click the button and pray … get on the wrong side of 
an algo signal, and God help you, as these assclowns obliterate, not only the 
price, but widen the spread from 0.7 points, to as much as 2.7 points … take a 
look at your fill, and you want to puke. Add to that the bullshit fill initiating the 
position, where anything from 1 - 5 points is “fair game” according to these 
a-holes”. Call them on the carpet on this, and they won’t even acknowledge 
your complaint, other than to say, “duh, market conditions, duh!”, which is 
utter horseshit … and while not Turnkey’s fault, they just stand there and 
basically say to you, “tough shit” Skippy.

Throw in Pols, both European & American, and it gives them the excuse they 
need to program the HAL9000 for “ultimate” account destruction, at your 
expense and their profit bigger group of scumbags exist on the planet, 
than these low life LP’s, most notably from Europe & the U.S. …  “the poor 
dears simply need price protection, don’tchaknow, for all those nasty moves they 
themselves usually cause via stop hunts … how’s a banker supposed to pay for 
his 7 digit salary & bonus”?

And lest anybody think this is some kind of “sour grapes boo hoo”, go ahead 
and click the buy button when the offer shows 13.8, and you get filled at 18.0, 
and then the algo signal is a “false positive”, and when it goes down to 08 bid, 
you close it for a small loss and get filled at 00.3, or some such shit like that 
“then call me and tell me you’re not livid and want to hurt somebody”!  
“wait … wut?” … no shit “Wut”, as you just got bent over the back fence 
railing on the north 40, for unprotected AND unsolicited sex from your 
friendly 7-11 robber thieves, and that small loss turns into a 17+ point “drive by 
mugging”, and not much has happened in the market except they robbed you 
blind … “I’m a big boy, I can handle losses, but what pisses me off to no end is 
when these assholes steal money by being pure crooks, and then look at you when 
you call them on it like the look a puppy gives you when they just peed on the 
kitchen floor … “Wut? … who me? … say what”? … and then trot out the old 
standby, “duh, market conditions, duh!” and insult your intelligence while 
throwing that shit in your face”. In the infamous words of many an ex floor 
trader, “intercourse thineself”!

Now for the “salt” in the wound … lying assholes that they are, “we can assure 
you of fair and proper fills in the DAX30 … you have our word on that! … Do I 
look like a fucking idiot”? I have nothing but red hot contempt for these 

A handful of trades today … PAMM down a little over $200 … not the end of 
the world, but I would just add about 80%+ of that is slippage … simply 
fucking terrible fills on every single order, in & out, and all I can say, is that it’s 
a travesty these jerks aren’t in prison somewhere. No way can you trade this, 
when they do this shit, cuz everytime you click the button, you’re guaranteed 
to lose money somehow, some way.

Ok, that’s the bad news … now for some good news.

All last night, I traded the Hang Seng CFD using my personal account … the 
algorithm is a little different for the Hang Seng … remember, this is a market 
that has ONLY 6 hours and 15 minutes of trading during the active part of the 
day, and routinely logs daily ranges of 400 - 800 points! It opens at 
9:15 P.M. EST [01:15 server time, Turnkey ] and goes ‘till 12:00 A.M 
[midnight] EST … then it stops trading for an hour for … LUNCH! 
… reopens at 1:00 A.M. EST [05:00 server time, Turnkey], and the afternoon 
session goes to 4:30 A.M. EST [12:30 server time] … if you trade the Hang 
Seng CFD, Turnkey symbol H33HKD, you have to be out of your position 
before Lunch, and before 4:30 A.M. EST, otherwise you’ll get caught in the 
spread widening to as much as 50 points before reopening! If something 
happens in the world during this time, and you’re in a position, you can 
assume it won’t be in your favor and you’re “toast”, made worse with a spread 
Vito Corleone could only dream would be possible … at exactly 
04:30 A.M. EST, the “day session” of trading has ended, and I can promise 
you, a 50 point spread will immediately be in the order box … that lasts until 
exactly 05:15 A.M. EST, when the night session kicks in, and the spread 
returns to 2 - 3 points, and the market begins to trade again … the  
“night session” in futures [HK Exchange] lasts to 1:00 P.M. EST, but the CFD 
at Turnkey closes the day at 11:45 A.M. EST [15:45 server time] … the bottom 
line is this: be out before Lunch starts at MIDNIGHT EST; market reopens at 
1:00 A.M. and last until 04:30 A.M. EST … be out before 4:30 A.M. … then, if 
you want to continue to trade it, be out before 11:45 A.M. EST, or you’re in a 
position until 9:15 P.M. when it reopens for the next day. All told, 
6 hours and 15 minutes of market trading.

Now, you’d think with the ranges this market logs, that slippage would be 
simply terrible … “I traded it all night, and got filled right where I thought I 
would be filled, except one order saw an extra point to the fill” … much better 
trading conditions than any U.S. stock index, and far better than the DAX30 
… oh, and it had a 523 point range today, just a little above the 20 day range 
MA. While most offshore brokerage houses have a spread in the Hang Seng 
of between 7 index points [low side] and 24 index points [high side], with most 
in the 14 - 16 index point area, Turnkey has a solid 2 - 3 index point spread the 
entire day, including the night session … add about half an index point for RT 
commissions, and you got a ride on one hell of a market for a net cost of only 
2½ - 3½ index points … THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST SPREAD IN THE 
first two [2] hours of today’s H33HKD.

Now, the CFD in the H33HKD is made up of 33 of the biggest companies in the 
far east; of the top 10, 7 are financial in nature, 1 is IT, 1 is a real estate 
conglomerate, and 1 is telecommunications. The top 10 make up approximately 
61% of the value of the index. The CFD is priced in $HKD, where currently the 
exchange rate is pegged right around 8 per USD … since the index is 1 lot = 1 * 
the index for the CFD, each point is worth approximately $0.13 USD per point. 
Margin is calculated at 1%.

And again, it’s worth noting that the index is much more volatile than the 
DAX30 … during the day session, in the chart above, which is the most active 
part of the day, and where U.S. & European markets are essentially closed and 
have little effect, expect volatility to be 3 - 5 times greater than the DAX30, 
quickly and you can’t wait around for a better fill, thinking it’ll come back, 
or something along those lines … in this market, it moves fast, but it moves 
smooth … none of the horseshit like we see in the DAX30 or the US markets 
… I think that’s because the HFT’s are largely absent from these eastern 
markets, and the LP’s are Korean, Japanese, and/or Hong Kong based, 
including HSBC … these are far different than the European LP’s [Deutsche 
Bank, Barclays, etc.] & the U.S. LP’s [GS, JPM, Citi, etc.], whose claim to 
fame is screwing customers.

Bottom line is this: I traded all night with no problems, in a market that was 
moving fast, but got decent fills and had no problem with slippage … “if you 
wait in this market, “you snooze, you lose”, and losses can mount quickly 
… getting up on a trade is important, and if it turns, you bail first and ask 
questions later … being long, simply hang on as long as the market has some 
momentum, and when that starts to stall, liquidate ASAP. If you wait for the turn, 
you will not like what can happen … so, sell the spikes and don;t worry about 
what happens next. “It’s a great market, and I wish I had discovered it sooner 
… highly volatile, with super low spread & “net cost” make this a trader’s dream 
market … all wrapped up in approximately 6 hours, and if you’re a night person, 
it doesn’t get any better than this if you live anywhere in the U.S.”

Starting Sunday night with the Hong Kong open, I’m going to be trading this 
market for the PAMM … quite frankly, I’m fucking fed up with the US & 
European markets where I get lied to on a consistent basis, and then get taken 
out to the woodshed and beaten senseless with bullshit fills 
… EXIT QUESTION: “How can it be any worse than the terrible fills in either 
the DOW30 or the DAX30 we’ve experienced over the last couple of months? 
… last night I traded it with no problems, and it’s 3X-5X more volatile, with far 
better ranges, and much shorter hours … what’s not to like here, especially with 
an hour for Lunch after 2 hours and 45 minutes? In my book, this is a no brainer 
to trade”!

I talked with Turnkey today, and aside from the problems in the DAX30, I was 
surprised to learn that one of the highest volume traded markets there is the 
H33HKD … they have a ton of people already trading it … “well, I’m not 
surprised really, cuz after last night I can see why they’re there … as I said before, 
this is July Soybeans back-in-the-day, in late Spring with the countries biggest 
drought ever … all wrapped up into a very short session. There isn’t any need to 
hang around 10-12 hours and wonder if it’s gonna move”. So, H33HKD gets 
added to our trade list, bringing our number of markets to 6 … but don’t look 
for this list to grow, cuz staff and I are finished with all the MT4 markets 
… unless they add future markets [like interest rates, or maybe the 
FTSE MIB 40 (Italy)], we’re done.

I’m very disappointed in the Turnkey LP’s for the DAX30 … absolutely no 
reason to have the DAX30 exhibit this kind of behavior in a 127 point range 
day. Granted, once again the U.S. government sent out the usual gaggle of PIE 
HOLES to rustle things up, especially Mnuchin, who walked back some of 
President Trump’s supposed thoughts on the WTO, but even that doesn’t 
excuse the blatant robbery of price changes and slippage going completely out 
of control, and making any trade a complete guess.

Losing only $200 and change, I feel like I won today … it sure as hell could 
have been a lot worse, and the sorry fact is, this type of “robbery experience” 
has plagued the PAMM for far too long, and I’m “fed up” with Citi, JPM, & 
GS LP bullshit … “amazing how, in a market that is 3X-5X more volatile than 
the DAX30, and put in a range today 4X that of the DAX30, that I didn’t have 
any problems getting orders filled at the price I’m seeing on my screen … either 
buying/selling or liquidating … nada, zip, zilch & zero … how come? … I’ll tell 
you how come; the LP’s are “Pacific Rim” and make honest markets; if it were 
any other way, I would have gotten some bad fills today, and I didn’t … make no 
mistake, if you wait for the waterfall to sell, or the moon shot to buy, you more 
than likely aren’t gonna like your fill, but it will be what you saw on your screen 
when you hit the button … not some fucking “mystery tick” dreamt up by 
scumbags for scumbags and heisted from your account to theirs, cuz they can 
… that’s the difference”!

So I think people, once they get accustomed to the “Pacific Rim” markets, will 
like what they see versus the “scum” we get to deal with normally … there’s a 
reason why the H33HKD is a big volume CFD at Turnkey, and traders have 
and are responding … I have, and I love what I see … all I’m asking for is a  
“fair” market and not get screwed every other day … apparently, this is too 
much to ask of the European & US LP’s. In any event, we will do well here!

And with that, I’m outta here … as I said earlier, the H33HKD trades 
differently in the “Force Volatility Algorithm” than the other markets, 
specifically the NDX100 and/or the DAX30 … it’s far faster and more volatile, 
in less time … a “back-in-the-day” kind of market if you will … before Sunday 
night’s H33HKD session opens at 9:15 P,M. EST, I’ll post the special trading 
manual for this market, along with the updated weekly range averages of our 
other 5 markets. 

I think everybody is going to seriously like this market … there isn’t anything 
to not like about it! It has everything I [we] want in a trading vehicle, and I’m 
excited about making the switch to it … “NO more LP bullshit & thievery”!  
… until Sunday night mi amigos … “the future’s so bright in Hong Kong, I 
gotta wear shades in the Caribbean at night when I trade it, so it doesn’t hurt my 
eyes”! … Onward & Upward!!!

I’ll have the PAMM updated and posted Friday night, along with the special 
manual for H33HKD [only] … I simply haven’t had time to post them yet.

Have a great weekend everybody!!




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