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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


“Long? … short? … here, you take this GBPUSD trade today, OK!?”   

Today’s the day the British public finally gets to see just how spineless, 
feckless, worthless, & useless Pols can be, when it comes to “Brexit” … and 
that’s just the Chumps on their side! … never mind the globalist, elitist 
group representing the 0.001% … “but hey don’t worry, there’s always time 
right up to today’s vote, to delay things some more and kick the can down the 
road some more … a group of retarded kittens could do a better job than the 
assclowns running things in Britannia”.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the U.S. has the “high road”, when it comes to 
assclown Pols … it’s one gigantic “shitshow circus” of potential & perceived 
victims walking around the U.S., and someday ‘Murica will see the same as 
Britain when the debt bomb drops … but hey, that’s in the future so who 

Here as the sun starts to rise in the Caribbean, I have no idea how gold reacts 
today, to the comedy show a/k/a “Brexit” … more than likely total paralysis, 
and so what else is new, but who knows what the scumbag bullion dealers got 
is store for the market, cuz it all depends on what they know that we don’t 
and how they are positioned to take advantage of the mess.

My gut instincts about gold right now ain’t pretty … from the froth that took 
price up to 1346, the $60+ dollar drop hasn’t exactly shown any real pep to go 
back up with any vengeance … sure we’re a few bucks off the 1280-ish low 
[about $16 - $18], but we dropped quickly over $60 … a classic Fibonacci 
retracement “dead cat bounce” would be 0.382, which caps the rally at 
1305.97 … the high from the NFP fairy tale report was 1300.97 … so, we 
couldn’t even get a decent “dead cat bounce” out of gold after a  
“bigly & yuge” sigma miss from the jobs report … so where’s the “buy fuel” 
gonna come from for the next leg higher?

That doesn’t infer I think gold is headed materially lower … we would need 
to see the idiotic FED restart the interest rate hike mantra again, and I don’t 
think that’s in the cards, simply cuz the global economy sucks. Where does 
that leave gold? … probably stuck in a range of 1310 - 1320 on the upside, 
and somewhere around 1250 - 1270-ish on the downside … with more than a 
single digit probability of a blowout to the upside to the 1500 area, if a global 
depression becomes a reality and world central banks start throwing money 
from helicopters in earnest … a real possibility, simply to keep stock markets 

The big problem for gold is scumbag bullion dealer manipulation, and the 
unwelcome appearance of the “Flying Wedge of Death” [FWD] … cuz in tight 
range days, it takes very little manipulation to get either longs or shorts to 
panic if they think the high or low looks to be under threat … the day’s high 
and low become “magnetic attractors” in classic Chaos Theory jargon, and 
most times become self fulfilling prophecies as people panic before stops get 
hit off … only to go through by a few cents before turning with a vengeance 
and racing the other way, and now let’s do it to the other side. “Feel 
manipulated yet”? And we see this day after day when dealers keep the range 
tight … when daily ranges in gold are anywhere from $5 - $8, this is the 
highest probability scenario … and if you’re a scumbag bullion dealer, what 
better arrangement could there be for your profitability at public expense? 
… and the answer of course, is NOTHING!

Mid morning, and what day would be complete without a sell stop hunt from 
the dealers, that wipe out longs and at the same time can get them long to rally 
it some and bank some coin? … “this is who they are, and this is what they do 
… they should all be in jail, but when you spread the loot around Capitol Hill to 
Pols & regulators, not to mention corrupt to the core exchange types, this is 
what you get … and what we as traders have to deal with daily”. All of course, 
inside the infamous FWD so nobody outside of traders who got hosed notices.

As we head towards Noon EST, it’s turning into another worthless and 
completely useless trading day … a few stop hunts to the upside, and a few to 
the downside … of course, they all go nowhere fast … volumes and order flow 
non existent, accompanied by the usual assortment of mystery ticks & spikes 
gold is noted for over the years … the dealers love these types of conditions, 
cuz they wear traders out and eventually wear them down, and then get a 
good majority to throw the towel in on a trade at exactly the wrong time 
… hence the mini stop hunts. 

If it wasn’t for the NFP idiocy, we’d be in the 7th straight day of complete shit 
trading conditions … is this the best this stuff can do coming off a $60+ 
drubbing? … cuz if it is, then we got further to go on the downside, simple as 
that. And, like in January & February, March now sees its turn to host a slew 
of crap days that are simply untradeable … you’d have better conditions at 
Binion’s playing slots.

After 1 PM EST, and New York has a $4 range from the tips … more closely 
to about $3 ½ dollars, but I included a spike from hell … adjectives fail me for 
how pitiful this is, but hey, it’s what bullion dealers in New York do.

No trades today, cuz no algorithm signals … even if I had gotten a signal, 
volatility is too low to take the trade, cuz there would be too high a probability 
of a “false positive” with subsequent quick reversal in price. So, onto 
tomorrow, where I’m sure we’ll have more “Brexit” drama cuz that shit 
seems never ending … I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!




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