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Friday, March 15, 2019


“Rewind the trading tape … same old shit, different day!”  

Third day in a row, we see the “same old shit, different day” syndrome at 
work … ranges in Asia & Europe $10+, and that means rewind the bullshit 
trading day tape for more of the same today … nothing of significance on the 
economic docket today, and the drama over for the moment … with 
the expanded range overnight, it’s tough to see what motivates gold to move 
other than the same "skim” bullshit the scumbag bullion dealer banks provide 
to line their own pockets … in other words, my take here early is, we’re gonna 
be lucky if New York sees a $4 range today.

I find it supremely ironic the gasps of horror coming from ‘Murica, over the 
college admissions cheating scandal … that the scum of Hollywood, Wall 
Street, the Hamptons, and the upper echelons of power they’ve constructed 
for themselves, has elicited shock … Shock! I tell you … that they could be so 
“low life”, hypocritical, deceiving, and quite simply liars & crooks … “you 
know, they desperately want you to believe what they themselves truly despise 
… hard working Americans who earn their rewards, and who don’t pretend to 
be something they aren’t”. Ughh!, how downright pedestrian the plebes have 
The only mistake they all made was simple; “your payoffs/bribes  didn’t include 
the “right” people … no Pols, no Apparatchiks, no state & local government 
types who feed off the public like parasites, no “higher education” types that we 
know of so far … in other words, no bribes to those that matter”. Flip this 
around and think of the scumbag bullion dealer banks, who rob the public 
daily with overt manipulation of the metals markets … hundreds of millions 
of dollars a day … where’s the outcry? … where are the investigations? 

Of course, we all know why it’s allowed to take place … Pols & Apparatchiks 
of all stripes including the Judiciary, regulators, exchange parasites, and 
brokerage house execs ALL get part of the skim … this has been going on 
since the days of physical trading pits, where on Mondays most brokers 
would mysteriously bring brown bag lunches that day, and on the elevator trip 
up to the clearing house to pick up my trading coat, I’d ask them on the 
elevator, “hey, lemme see what kind of sandwich you brought today”! … and of 
course get the “evil eye” stare, or simply told to fuck off … so, see my shocked 
face that is shockingly shocked! And yet, 30 minutes later, all their clerks in 
yellow coats are scurrying around the exchange floor with multiple brown bags 
in their hands looking for other clerks to take upstairs … “hmmm, must be a 
large refrigerator upstairs somewhere that I don’t know about, that keeps all 
these sandwiches nice and fresh” … yea, that’s the ticket … nothing to see here 
Sheeple, move along.

All it takes these days, is one look inside government at the power level, and 
you can easily see the corruption that emanates as brightly as the sun during 
the day … think DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, SEC, CFTC, NFA, IRS, etc., etc. … so, 
to all you Elites, congrats on being dumb asses, you simply forgot to include to 
pay those who count, and that ain’t some tennis or water polo coach … “you 
should have learned from the scumbag LP banks, cuz they cheat, rob, steal, and 
plunder every day to get what they want … what were you thinkin’? … and of 
course, today is another day, and the band plays on while everybody pretends 
Wall Street is honest … no wonder this country is in deep trouble”!

Another day, another $10+ range that will now get beaten up into a pulp by 
New York … I have no idea what today holds, but history says it’s over before 
it even has started … deal with it, cuz that’s what New York is about in gold. 
However, you shouldn’t interpret the historical data as an invitation to fade 
Asia and/or Europe … marginal moves in New York often happen in the 
direction of Asia / Europe, or it simply goes sideways in glorious chop … not 
all the time does it get faded like a cheap suit; many times it does, but it’s not 

Here right before the official COMEX open, gold makes marginal highs to 
take out buy stops, and then proceeds to get “monkey hammered” in seconds 
“hmm, amazing how so called random markets seem to always do this, as if 
there’s some kind of invisible hand at work … nah, just coincidence, let’s go 
with that today shall we”? [snark] Can we just ban New York banks from 
trading gold? … we’d be doing the world a huge favor.

Fast forward to almost Noon in New York, and the clusterfark that is gold 
continues … terrible liquidity and volumes today, and the mystery ticks & 
spikes from hell are compounded by the fact that it’s a Friday … and for all 
the hoopla of the range overnight, New York proves my point again … viz., 
that first they attempt to undo it, then they blow buy stops up, and then they 
bring it back to where it was 11 hours ago … where’s it gone to? … Nada is 
where, but in the process an awful lot of traders get chewed up and spit out on 
“false positives” and eventually feed the stop hunts … “screw that”! And once 
again, for like the 59th million time since trading started decades ago, the 
scumbag bullion dealer banks in New York, not only screw the shorts, screw 
those hunted via buy stops, but turn it around in the afternoon  and everybody 
who is now long has a problem. It’s simply what history says happens, and spin 
it any way you want, the evidence is clear … “anytime Asia & Europe combine 
to give the gold market a $10+ range, when the NY bank sellers get to their desks 
around day break, 90%+ of the time it either goes sideways or in the opposite 
direction to end the day” … buck this, and you might as well be peeing into a 
90 MPH wind and expect not to get hit.

New York afternoon, and I want no part of this ...all this is, is chop trading for 
numbskulls … I’m outta here early today … this party was over before it even 
began … blog update on Sunday … until then mi amigos 
… Onward & Upward!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

UPDATE 1:30 PM EST: Had a little problem with Google docs word 
processor that kept wanting to double up the first paragraph, and then leave 
the second paragraph out. Got that fixed, so now the blog makes some sense. 
Sorry for the problem … in any event, isn’t gold fun when the range coming 
in is $10+? … “right, like going to the dentist”!



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