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Monday, September 19, 2016


“So, you wanna a piece of me?”

We live in a world [financial, political, etc.] that is changing so rapidly, there are days when I just want to jump off and say “stop the spinning before my head explodes!” Two things today that “frost my cupcake”, and I got that look on my face like the dog above; “you pretend to throw the ball and expect me to run? WTF is wrong with you?”
The first is the crude oil pricing and spreads at ASSETS FX, where 2 things are in play today that I most definitely DO NOT LIKE; 1) increase of spread costs by 25%+ from 3 cents to 4 – 4.2 cents, and 2) this idiotic 3 decimal pricing by the “Black Pearl” liquidity provider [London] that does nothing more than rip customers off and place them at a bigger disadvantage when trading. So, why the increase in the spread? Because they can, and you’re not supposed to notice, so STFU and start trading. The 3 decimal pricing is nothing more than an attempt to pick buy/sell stops off from small retail specs who are trading, and serves absolutely no other purpose. None. This is a pure greed play by increasing the cost of trading for no purpose, except you’re not supposed to notice.
Those of you that have accounts at ASSETS FX, send them an email at the following; and let them know you don’t appreciate what Black Pearl is doing, and tell them to pass along your criticisms to Black Pearl, and that you won’t trade it unless they stop. That’s the only thing we can do; stop the money flow where it hurts them is the only thing they pay attention to and understand.
My second bitch comes from LMFX, where all of the PAMM upgrades should have been completed 5 weeks ago; in other words, I’m getting the same old “tried & true” brokerage house bullshit of 1) “Everything Is F-ing Awesome, Baby?”, 2) the PAMM will be up “soon”, and 3) “Everything is F-ing More Awesome-er than it was before!” and thanks for your patience. “If I want bullshit, I’ll walk into a pasture full of bulls, Ok?” In other words, I’m getting stonewalled by these guys and have no idea what the hell they are doing, why they are doing it, what the delay is, or how long it will be.
What is extremely frustrating to me [and I’m sure others as well] is that in order to put together a PAMM, you need to do planning which takes time; then the brokerage house comes along, and along with the LP, changes the rules that made you want to partner with them in the first place. It’s like I’m just some chump who just hopped off the turnip truck and said “wow, looky here, a place to trade. Go ahead and rip me off, lie to me, and change your trading conditions, cuz I’m just some rube who doesn’t pay attention to things like you sticking your fucking greedy hands in my wallet. Yea, no problem.” Well, it is a problem.
What makes matters worse is that we all [U.S. citizens & residents] are being “sold out” by our government to the likes of the pukes at the CME, who make no doubt about it, don’t like the fact you can trade CFD’s and don’t have to use their futures contracts. The number of “offshore” [definition = non U.S. based] brokerage houses that accept U.S. clients grow smaller every day, as most offshore brokerage houses want nothing to do with U.S. clients because of the hassles of the U.S. Government. The ones that do accept U.S. clients [like LMFX] know this, and thus feel no pressure to keep their promises; “shit gets done when it gets done, OK?”
To put it all into context, we HAVE NO STABILITY AMONG BROKERAGE HOUSES AND/OR LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS, AND THE ONLY THING YOU CAN COUNT ON WITH COMPLETE 100% CERTAINTY IS THAT THEY WILL DO THEIR UTMOST BEST TO FIND WAYS TO EXPLOIT YOUR ACCOUNT FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT. If that means THEY LIE TO YOU 100% OF THE TIME, raise spreads indiscriminately, raise commission round turn rates, increase slippage on market fills, not honoring limit buy/sell orders, and raping buy/sell stops at every chance, well … THEN SO BE IT! And when I see it, I get greatly offended by it. I’ll have more on our gold PAMM tomorrow.
Other than that, “Everything Is F-ing Awesome, Baby!”.
And, of course, the entire world is on “hurry up & wait” as this is Central Bank week [no trades today]; markets churning, going nowhere, as we all await the “stupid shit” they will unleash in the next 48 hours. Thank God, nature isn’t nearly as fucked up as the financial markets find themselves in with being controlled by the 0.01%. The beach awaits … I’m so outta here with this mindless, senseless chop.
Have a great day everybody!

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