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Tuesday, September 27, 2016



Most of the debate last night I heard on the radio, because as I said yesterday, I can’t stomach watching Cankles waddle around in one of her Chairman Mao pantsuits without throwing up; just looking at her almost makes me ill, let alone listening to her socialist “focus group” BS.
I’m sorry, I don’t like being lectured to by a corrupt politician who wouldn’t know truth if it bit her in the ass; lecturing me on race, taxes, and whatever SJW project of the moment. She’s a condescending elitist, who has bastardized her entire political career for making money off of “the great hustle”; that “hustle” being to game the political establishment through influence peddling, corruption, treason, and outright money laundering tax fraud through the Family Crime Foundation. She’s about as likeable as the ebola virus, and if her lips are moving, it’s a good bet she is lying about something, because that is what she does. If this country elects her, it’s over; make plans to get the fuck out ASAP before she confiscates your wealth.
On the other hand, I don’t know if Trump will be a good President or not; I’m willing to make the case that he has the potential, but nobody really knows. One thing I can say for certain though, is that it would be almost impossible for him to be any worse than what she will certainly bring down upon the Sheeple of the U.S.
Vampire Squid & crew most certainly had the “false flag” rally already in mind before one word was spoken last night; a really pathetic attempt to muscle the market higher [SP500 higher, USDJPY higher] followed by the obligatory MSM financial types labeling it the “Hillary Rally”; talk about “spin” that is out of control. Of course, when it was over and the polls started rolling in, only the lefty shitbox CNN [Clinton News Network], which the Japanese Home Shopping Network out of Billings, Montana has a higher viewer rating, had Cankles winning; everybody else was a slam dunk for “The Donald”. Again, the Clinton “spin” was at work, but nobody is listening to them anymore.
Nothing really affected gold overnight, and the early New York range was just a little over $5; basically a dead night. That all changed slightly after the 8:00 open, and we got our first legitimate downward waterfall in quite some time. While the range at that point was still a miserable $10, it did set off a buy signal with an exhaustion hit at RM=1. Directly below the trade of the day.

Since then, the daily range has expanded out to about $13.50, but so far [as I write] no other waterfalls or exhaustion line hits. Remember, waterfalls that occur below the daily white horizontal line must 1) be larger than normal since the move started down, and 2) the range for the day needs to be over $12 if the waterfall does not hit the exhaustion lines; you need both criteria to initiate a buy.
Again, for you “Newbies” out there visiting the website maybe for the first or second time; again today, the facts don’t lie, and the gold volatility algorithm nailed the exhaustion line hit with about a $3 move from top to bottom; since nobody is “perfect” your gain should have been in the $2.00 - $2.50 per Oz. area.
Day-in, day-out, the gold volatility algorithm nails this market for profits; obviously, some days better than others. But there isn’t one of you out there that can show me on the MT4 trading platform an XAUUSD M1 candlestick chart with algorithm overlay, going as far back as you want, where the algorithm led to losses for the day or had a “big hit” drawdown. Only if you “pressed” your trades past where the algorithm recommends you stop after the appropriate range has been achieved, do the probabilities for profit from the signals breaks down and goes lower. If you follow the rules, you make consistent profits, and when you don’t, well …
Both ASSETS FX & LMFX have superior spot gold markets compared to the rest of the industry; they are practically identical in terms of net cost to trade in 1 Oz. increments; both are right around $0.25 per Oz ± a couple of pennies either way. Although I can’t prove it, my belief is they use the same liquidity provider on their MT4 platforms.
So, no matter what your preference is, no matter how small your account is, and the fact you can download the algorithm and documents for free over in the “Download Links” [right hand column] section, my only question is what the hell are you waiting for? “Oh yes, please, tell me again how much you love the ‘Pudding Business’ just one more time, cuz I love to hear it!”
And, as my regular readers know, I support what I write and release to the public, so if you have any questions/comments, drop me a line at and I’ll get back with a personal response ASAP.
There isn’t enough Corona’s & Limes on this island for me to drink to get that image of Cankles in her red “power” [“see, I’m OK, I’m not sick!] jumpsuit out of my mind; but hey, I’m gonna try anyway. The dog is getting antsy, and he’s walking around with the leash in his mouth, cuz when he sees me typing the blog on my PC, he knows we are close to going to the beach. “Master, you’re killing me here… C’mon man!” I’m soooooooo outta here … until tomorrow.
Have a great day everybody!

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