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Thursday, April 18, 2019


“Kind of sums up the whole week doesn’t it?!”   

Biggest range day of the week, and it’s 62 PIPS from the tips … seriously, I 
can’t even … not even data can move this shit more than a couple of PIPS. 
Well, that’s what you get when 1) it’s a Holiday week, and 2) central bank HQ 
puts the clamp on volatility … GBPUSD a disaster the last 10 days really, as it 
just can’t gather any momentum, one way or the other, to move somewhere 
… the scumbag LP banks bleed it one wy, and the BOOM! … a 10 - 15 PIP 
rally in your face in seconds or a couple of M1’s, only to rinse, repeat the 
entire saga all over again endlessly … you’d have better chances playing Keno 
in Vegas than here.

Gold? … please, I just ate.

Tomorrow and Monday sees FX open, while all stock indices and commodities 
are closed … what that means is simple; widened spreads and zero action 
… don’t even think about wandering in and trading something Friday or 
Monday, cuz you’ll regret it.

I’ll have an updated blog on Sunday, so be back then … until Sunday mi 
amigos … Onward & Upward!!
Have a great Easter Holiday weekend everybody!



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