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Thursday, August 9, 2018


“Before you take me away, can I get an ETF NASDAQ quote?!”

Blue wave? “Sure, it’s the circle of water in the toilet after you flush”. 

While the country literally descends down the stairs into one of Dante’s levels,
the manipulation & lies regarding practically everything continues unabated in 
the MSM [Mainstream Media for you Obama voters]; most days, you literally 
can’t make up the twisted logic shit that gets thrown at you with a straight face. 
“Hell yes it’s funny, but more importantly it’s what the Coastal Elites think of you 
… that you’re that F-ing stupid to believe the spin … cuz as we all know from our 
favorite Propaganda Minister, one J. Goebbels, if you tell a lie often enough 
everybody will eventually believe it”.

One of my favorites, is that when Libtards of any stripe lose elections, it’s not 
really a loss but a win … and when evil Repubs win, especially white males, 
they really lost cuz they should’ve won by a margin of 98 - 2 … and as we saw 
yesterday [hang on, I can’t stop laughing] … it’s Ruskies, aliens, black voter 
suppression, hispanic voter suppression, Bull Connor on the Selma bridge only 
letting lily white old folks cross and vote, no ballots in Spanish, Spanglesh, pig 
Latin, & Eubonics so ordinary real “Murica” folks from Honduras, 
Guatemala, & Mexico got confused and accidentally voted “R” in a 
horrendous mistake, and can we get a “do over”? 

Oh, and official Hollywood is not happy … well, there goes my day. Imagine 
my shocked face to see Rob Reiner, Cher, Chelsea Handler, Rosie O., Debra 
Messing, and a whole host of wannabe nobody’s suffering from delusion, and 
then haughtily lecturing America for not listening to their idiocy. “Why, not 
even ‘woke’ actress Mila Kunis knows of a single person who isn’t totally 100% 
for any kind of abortion, at any time for any reason … do such people exist, she 
wonders”? Add to the list, the “Queen” of tinfoil left wing delusion, “San Fran 
Nan”, who said yesterday, “You must vote for Dems to leverage the rights of
illegal immigrants”. Don’t try and logically proceed through this drivel, cuz 
you’ll unnecessarily use up all the aspirin in the house before it’s over 
… nope, just sit and sop up the slop cuz someday, they believe, you’ll 
eventually come around and believe this utter pile of horseshit is in fact, the 
best chicken salad you’ve ever eaten. They’ve got time … they’ll wait.

And if you think somehow investment finance is immune to this … well, good 
luck with that. Cuz the same line of lies, deception, & propaganda are in play 
in trading as well. And nowhere is the bullshit any deeper than in the U.S. 
equity markets, where everybody from the President down to the janitor in 
the Eccles building, attempts daily to “keep the dream alive” for another day 
… and it sure does help when you got the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] and 
the CNTRL-P button at your disposal.

Which, of course, brings us to another day in the NDX100 market … the Tesla 
scam, “we’re gonna go private … maybe” notwithstanding, and the daily dose 
of not-so-good news from China overnight … well, ignore all of that, cuz buy 
MOAR! “What? … you’re tellin’ me you’re skeptical of the daily dose of 
permabull bullshit from CNBC & Bloomberg? … are you gonna believe them or 
your lyin’ eyes”?

So, to paraphrase from my new favorite internet heroine, one Alyssa Milano,  
“if the NDX100 goes lower today, it’s got to be the Ruskies infiltrating our sacred 
U.S. markets to hurt “Ma & Pa”, and thus subvert Murica in its attempt to bring 
even more illegal immigrants to our shore, so they can buy NASDAQ stocks, and 
of course get benefits”. Yup, that’s the official narrative for today.

Another useless trading day … no volume, no liquidity, and the  
“slippage meter” of the scumbag LP’s at Turnkey on DEFCON1, meaning look 
the hell out when you push the button … only one shit fill today, but in terms 
of points not that big of a deal … still, you know the drill [they’re crooks].

A shipload of trades today … PAMM down slightly, just north of $100 .

Volumes have been increased significantly … it doesn’t do me or anybody in the 
PAMM any good making $1.98 … I’ve flipped things around, and while losses 
on useless days may be there in some small sense, winners will be very much 
significantly higher … I’m not looking to scalp trades, but attempting to 
position us for more … therefore, losses can be from $0 - $150 bucks maybe 
$200, but winning days will see gains $500 - $2,000+ on most occasions. This is 
the 6th out of 7 trading days where the day’s range is more than 40% below the 
20 Day Range MA … unusual even for August. In any event, with the way the 
scumbag LP’s treat fills and trades, they counter scalping with shit fills via 
outrageous slippage … as I’ve said previously, they don’t like getting picked 
off, and have very long memories, and once they program the HAL9000 to fuck 
you blind, good luck at the turns getting anything remotely close to a fair & 
decent fill on the market … it is what it is, but it makes scalping next to 
impossible on most days.

This looks like the 8th day in a row NDX100 closes higher [maybe] … the 
longer it goes, the worse the immediate correction when big money hits the 
 exits … tomorrow or Monday look like good candidates for this … but, off the 
bottom it should be explosive on the way back up … I’ll be there, count on it.

PAMM Spreadsheet will be up, when the rage of getting raped by Turnkey 
LP’s the other day on some fills, goes by the wayside, and my laptop is no 
longer threatened with extinction by being thrown into the ocean when I look 
at the fills, and then post them … “and yes, it still pisses me off they don’t do a 
fucking thing about it, but sit there and pretend they have no influence or sayso 
with the crooked, thieving, scumbag LP”. So, on that cheery note, I’m outta here 
… until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!!





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