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Monday, August 6, 2018


“Go with Gov’t kid … more money & they never go to jail!”

Another fun filled week on the docket, half the world taking vacation and the 
other half wanting to, but again I’m afraid markets will be buffeted by 
politicians opening pie holes, enriching those “in the know”, and leaving many 
standing at the train station. We’ll see, but notice markets do absolutely 
nothing in terms of price now, when Pols are silent … “even if there were such 
a thing as “fun-der-mentals”, they’re gone now … as important as your annual 
Santa’s wish list and just as effective … in its place is simply a “policy initiative”, 
where a group of Apparatchik Elites want government at some level to initiate or 
protect 1) stock prices, 2) suppression of gold, 3) complete control over FX, and 
4) manipulation of interest rates … all in the name of “public good” 

Some days the tide rolls in and they back away, cuz they know they can’t 
completely stop a mini meltdown on unspinable bad news … prices seem to go 
south quickly … not to fear, the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] and other 
central banks, most notably the Swiss National Bank [SNB], are there to 
manipulate price higher AFTER the selling and punish the hell out of the 
short sellers, and return OZ back to normal … “just don’t go trying to look 
behind the curtain, OK”? And of course, no operation would be complete 
without the scumbag TBTF LP banks front running the PPT & SNB and 
gobbling up some free loot for the effort.

Someday, this shit ends … what can’t be sustained won’t … it will be 
interesting to see who gets the blame when SHTF and the major U.S. indices 
are all down more than 50% someday … there always has to be a “fall guy”.

Turning to today’s NDX100 market … “this is a complete joke of a trading day 
… muppets keep buying stocks … well, cuz the day ends in “Y” I think … other 
than that, here at Noon NY time, the NDX100 has seen about a 30 something 
point range … back & forth stop hunts, and of course the usual gaggle of mystery 
ticks on the chart as the scumbag LP banks look for retail spec booty to claim for 
their very own … disgusting, but whaddaya gonna do”? The SP500 market so 
manipulated by the PPT & SNB, it sits for minutes at the high bid for the day 
with no trading … traders unwilling to trade it with their large bids beneath 
the market … welcome to modern day “Joseph Goebbels finance”.

Volume & liquidity today an absolute “nothing burger” … quite frankly, on 
days like today, which are overtly manipulated and being driven around by the 
PPT & SNB, to name just a few, it’s impossible to know when they back away 
from the bids and let price fall … and then go back to their manipulative bids 
… all for the public’s protection and welfare of course … “it’s for the children, 

Only one trade today … PAMM up half way to 0.1%.

Bought near the open and then sold the first rally … since that time, it’s been 
nothing short of a very slow manipulative crawl upward, with a subpar range 
and zero liquidity & volume. That the “Ministry of Truth & Propaganda 500”
a/k/a/ the SP500 is dragged higher, having a big affect on slowly seeing the 
NDX100 go slightly up as well. I’d be lying if I told you I’m comfortable being 
long up here at nosebleed levels above 7400 in the index … up and until it can 
go above 7455 and stay there, it looks like “double top” territory with some 
severe downside projected … don’t know, of course, but it takes hours to rally 
this crap and seconds to bring it down, and I have no intention of getting  
“monkey hammered” in a long position.

With an hour to go to the close, this is truly pathetic … yea, I know it’s August, 
but the nature of trading today has nothing to do with actual “trading” … it’s 
all about the manipulation … when they show up, when they leave, and when 
they back away cuz they know if they don’t they’re gonna get their bids hit 
… that’s what markets have become. I wouldn’t be surprised if the indices 
went up every single day to the election in November! [Well, actually I would]

Up some today, and it’s these slow days where if the index moves slightly 
higher, the PAMM most likely will under perform the index … no matter, cuz 
unless it plans on never going lower again, the PAMM will outperform the 
NDX100 over time WITHOUT the risk. I’m more than happy to leave this 
crap alone with conditions being slow and subpar, cuz like I said before, it 
takes hours to rally, only seconds to break … get caught in this, and it’s 
literally “mission impossible” to make the ticks back without doing  
“stupid shit”.

So, onto tomorrow, where we’ll see what new manipulations the PPT & SNB 
have in store for the “tulips” that are known as U.S. stock indices … and with 
that, I’m outta here … until tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

PAMM Spreadsheet directly below.

Have a great day everybody!!






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