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Thursday, December 6, 2018


“Good advice!”

Taking a quick tour of markets, it’s pretty obvious where every single bit of 
trading action is taking place, and has for some time … granted, since the 
FED stopped the “easy money” program for the 0.001% elites, and have 
pulled the plug on overt propping up the U.S. stock market, things in the 
stock indices have come a bit unglued, and action has gotten back to historical 
norms … however, this is due more to FED & “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] 
schemed manipulations over the last decade since the 2008 financial crisis, 
than anything else … if they had let the markets “trade” instead of propping up 
every “Hoover Dam” squiggle to the downside, we wouldn’t be having the 
volatility we see taking place now … “but hey, they’re the smartest people in the 
room, so they know best [snark]”!

So, outside of present volatility in stocks, FX for the most part is dead 
… USDJPY a shell of its former trading self, thanks to the BOJ and  
“Peter Pan” Kuroda … gold, outside of a day here and there, asleep at the 
switch, and for the most part can be labeled a central bank Ponzi scheme 
… commodities in general very lackluster … no, the only market NOT under 
the spell of central bankers, and one which they have zero influence upon is the 
energy complex, and in particular crude oil.

Now, that doesn’t mean crude oil isn’t manipulated, simply it isn’t 
manipulated by government central bankers & apparatchiks like we see daily 
out of Europe in FX & everything else traded … the world’s most important 
commodity can’t be controlled by central planning HQ. And for a while now, 
crude [either Brent or WTI] has been putting in eye watering ranges, 
anywhere from 2% - 5%+ daily … yes DAILY … and the world doesn’t seem 
to be falling apart at the seams does it?

Make no mistake, take a group photo of the key players in the oil complex, and 
you get the following.

“A midday break from trading WTI crude oil … Star Wars ain’t nothin!”

As I said yesterday, you couldn’t make up a more villainous group of scumbags 
than the Saudi’s, the Ruskies, and every other tinpot dictator and thug who’s 
got oil in the ground, and then on top of that, they’re the key players in the 
world’s largest and most important commodity … is this not the supreme ticket 
for double MAX “scumbaggery”? And it just so happens, today is an OPEC 
meeting day … expect the usual gaggle of lies, deception, thievery, more lies, 
more market deception, and outright mugging of the oil price, as the virtuous 
energy ministers stride up to the microphones and lie through their teeth. 
 “Ahhhhh, good times”!

If you’re new to this “game” of trading markets, meaning you got less than 5 
years of heavy trading experience under your belt, the action in crude oil may 
seem “crazy” … but, before 2008 and the era of central planning was born out 
of the financial crisis, this type of crazy action, WAS THE NORM … now, it’s 
the exception. And how do  you describe this type of market? 
… EASY PEEZEE: “it’s called a “MOMO” market, meaning it’s all about short 
term momentum”. And the one common denominator all good “MOMO” 
markets have is excellent intraday volatility … “it’s up, down, all over the place, 
with no high or low safe and stops being run consistently, in an extremely high 
volume environment … which is exactly what we see in crude oil, where between 
Brent & WTI they trade about 2 - 3 million futures contracts a day ...  and to be 
precise, this is WHAT WE DON’T SEE in markets like gold, where some days 
gold can’t move 50 cents to save its life in abysmal volume and liquidity 

The reason professional traders love “MOMO” markets, is cuz of the volatility 
… simply put, I’m not afraid of losing on any trade, cuz I can get it back plus 
more with the next trade … how do you do that in a market like gold, where if 
you lose $1 ½ on a trade, where do you make it back inside a shit range? 
Imagine gold with $50 - $75+ per Oz. ranges for the day, all day every day 
“hell, you’d be crying when the weekend came cuz you’d want the market to 
be open … somebody, anybody … open this market back up NOW”!  … do you 
think that volatility would allow you to make money? Of course it would, but 
we don’t see it cuz the central planners at the FED & BIS don’t want gold to be 
volatile for policy reasons … policy reasons that benefit them, not us … and so 
it goes in almost every market traded, except crude oil. 

Of course, in a sane world, this kind of discrepancy would be instantly fixed by 
a group of banks that would introduce a CFD in crude oil that mirrors the 
futures market, and allows more investors and traders the ability to trade 
crude oil via much lower contract sizes than the futures 1,000 barrels per 1 lot 
standardized contracts, with a fair and reasonable bid/offer spread … in a sane 
world … unfortunately, as we’ve witnessed via Turnkey, what you end up with 
is horrendous slippage and a bid/offer spread you can drive an 18 wheel semi 
through … in other words, a complete rip off from the banks that makes 
whatever volatility advantage you get from the market, disappear instantly 
when you trade it and impossible to make money. “So yea, wouldn’t it be nice to 
get gold back to being a “MOMO” market once again, LIKE IT USED TO BE 
before 2008, and especially since 2012, when the “Rally Protection Team” [RPT] 
first showed up … don’t hold your breath waiting”!

OK, so what to do about it? … “well, for most people, it’s a frustrating set of 
events, simply cuz to trade crude oil, you need a lot more trading capital than 
most people either can or are willing to put into a trading program or algorithm”  
… at present, you need about $7,000 per 1 lot in futures … and as we all know, 
bank CFD’s at offshore brokerage houses [cough, Turnkey, cough] are a 
complete fucking travesty of the highest order … so what does the smaller spec 
trader do?

NEWS FLASH: “Fortunately, I got the answer, and I got the solution … and 
I’m announcing today … here, right now on the blog … I got everything the 
average small spec trader, those with less than 20K in their accounts, needs, 
wants, and prays for, in order to trade crude oil effectively for consistent DAILY 
profit, so that small accounts can become big accounts! … be patient … I’m not 
ready yet to divulge details … that will come over the remaining days & weekends 
left in 2018 … by the start of 2019 [just a few weeks away], or maybe even a little 
before, everything will be in place for traders of ALL ACCOUNT SIZES to take 
full advantage of the oil complex … I know many traders are frustrated with 
stock indices, FX, and of course gold … there’s a reason crude oil is the highest 
volume market in the world … finally, there’s a way for you to take FULL 
advantage, even if your account is very small … stay tuned, more info 
forthcoming in the days ahead”!

Turning to today’s gold market … “ZZZZZZZZZ” … another low volume, low 
liquidity nightmare for the overnight trade crowd … nothing really here but 
trouble inside a tight range … again … this shit’s getting old.

“Well, wasn’t that a nice screwjob by bullion dealers on the ADP numbers? 
… nothing but a stop hunt fuck job, masquerading inside a market that pretends 
it has a trade not manipulated by some fucking bullion dealer … yea sure, honest 

Finally, a small rally higher to take out some buy stops above 1243 … it only 
took over 7 weeks, but nonetheless it’s better than sitting and doing nothing 
… but in all candor, it was a sick rally that only extended price less than a buck 
from the old high around 1243.59 … not exactly a “power move” … so, while the 
day’s range gets extended to more normal numbers, the trading action still 
stinks … again, I say this cuz it’s important … “if you somehow got caught on 
the wrong side of one of these small moves, and a spike up/down, whatever the 
case may be, got you to puke a loser of say $1 - $1.50, where-O-where looking at 
the M1 trading action, do you make it back? … cuz I’m looking at it, and given 
action over the last hour or so, gold is fluctuating ever so slightly via bullion 
dealer bullshit, that unless you’re already positioned for another mystery spike 
move, it comes so quickly, you got no chance of capturing anything inside a tight 
range … and what if you lose again? … now what”? And this in a nutshell 
belies the importance of intraday volatility, and points out very strongly I 
believe, why most traders are trading in crude oil. Simply put, intraday 
volatility is your friend, not your enemy!

“Most traders don’t know or even care the difference between a drop of crude oil, 
and water out of a mud puddle … and what it all boils down to is the professional 
trader concept of “buying at 1 selling at 3, or selling at 5 and buying at 3” … AS 
dear amigos is called intraday volatility … and when it’s there, it’s like it’s raining 
money … and when it’s not there, trading is like being sent to the corner with 
your face against the wall … this is the reason most traders around the world are 
trading oil, and skipping all the other central planning HQ bullshit markets that 
do nothing but frustrate … so, why the hell would anybody be trading silver, 
USDJPY, etc., and getting stuffed by scumbag LP’s”?

For gold, now what? … we see the old high go, although less than robust, and 
we simply “hang” between 1241 - 1243, with little action to speak of and get 
excited about, the New York range today STILL BELOW the 20 Day Range 
MA … I still say, in order to get a good New York rally, the “Chuckleheads” 
and Mrs. Wantanabe & Gal Pals have got to puke lower in the Asian session 
… until then, the bullion dealers simply keep selling.

Noon in New York, and it looks and feels like it’s over … never really know ‘till 
the fat lady sings, but the action suggests the moves for the day are “fin”.  
Dealers looking very much like they want price below 1240, and the stop hunts 
on the sell side very much in play, IMHO.

One algorithm buy signal today … PAMM up 0.01%.

Early on low volatility, and readings in our proprietary “volatility heat map” 
prevented taking some early buy signals … there just wasn’t anything there in 
the market to justify a long position … sold on the way up and liquidated only 
6 cents from the high bid of the M1 and high for the day at the time … since 
then, volatility has died considerably, so no new signals forthcoming.   

From strictly a price perspective, this is a disappointing day for gold … “is this 
all ya got”!? Not only is New York disappointing, the day doesn’t even see $10 
for a range … given the VIX in stock indices and oil, what the hell is it gonna 
take to get gold moving again? Seriously, WTF!

Onto tomorrow, where I’d be surprised if Asia doesn’t go on some kind of 
selling spree to liquidate before the weekend … run some sell stops, inflict some 
damage, and then watch price recover … we’ll see what happens. Here after 
1 PM EST, gold loses the 1240 handle, after hitting 1244 & change … again 
from all appearances before we get there, another disappointing close in store 
as gold can’t “seal the deal”, so to speak, and go into the late afternoon New 
York close strong and either near the high or at the high of the day. Quite 
frankly, this is a repeated problem for gold when it rallies.

A lot to digest today, but let me wrap this up today with a summary of what’s 
coming for you in crude oil … “we got it nailed six ways from Sunday …  and 
for smaller accounts it simply is IMPOSSIBLE to get better 1) bid/offer spreads, 
2) trading conditions, 3) better strategies for profit, and 4) guaranteed lower risk 
on trades, than what is available to you now … NOT EVEN CLOSE! … when 
everything is ready to go here shortly, you’ll have to stop yourself from dreaming 
and peeing your jammies! … yea, it’s that good … and without embellishing 
anything or stretching the truth one bit, I can flatly state unequivocally, that for 
TRADERS, I have not EVER … EVAHHHHHH! …  seen anything better in my 
entire career! End. Of. Story. Put a cherry on top of it”!! PERIOD”!!! So, stay 
tuned mi amigos.

With gold dead to weak and looking like limp warm lettuce, and price drifting 
below 1240 [NOW BELOW 1238 and counting] and bullion dealers in firm 
control of the festivities with no serious buying in sight, I’m outta here … until 
tomorrow mi amigos … Onward & Upward!!

Have a great day everybody!!





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