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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


“For maximum relief, slowly but firmly bang head against window!”

Is it just me, or has the whole world descended into insanity? While I sit last night, and ponder the various manipulations of markets, politics, and society in general, I read and watch video of supposed grown adults kicking, spitting and shouting at a statute of Robert E. Lee that was pulled down by the peace loving group ANTIFA. “Umm, guys, you do realize it’s a frickin’ piece of metal right? … right? It’s been standing there for how many decades? And you just now “discovered” it and are moved to violence cuz your feelz are hurt? Ok, I see … were you blind for 8 years when President Empty Suit was in office?” And I find myself held hostage by “useful idiots” of the Left … spontaneous demonstrations my ass … another George Soros, B. Hussein O., & Cankles production financed and money laundered through various organizations with the sole purpose of destroying not only Trump [who they detest & hate more than anything Kim Jung Un could say or actually do], but the institutions and democracy of the country.

To Libtard Nation, and the entire tin foil hat crowd that makes up modern day Democrats, all that matters is rage, hate, victimhood, race, identity politics, and the need for vengeance … especially against the dumb ass “hicks" between the coasts who simply can’t or wouldn’t see the virtues of the anointed candidate who’s turn it was to be President. It’s an insult to intelligence is what it is … and for those misdeeds, the country simply needs to be destroyed. Let’s face it, we’re all hostages to the antics of these paid Loons, and my only wish is that they all get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. EXIT QUESTION: “Why isn’t George Soros in prison”?

Turning to today’s markets … FED minutes at 2 PM today, most likely keeping this under wraps; then all hell breaks loose as usual. That doesn’t mean the usual stops hunts and other various manipulations aren’t going on … oh hell yes … it’s that time of year when European politicians and various other EU Apparatchiks take off for vacation, and you know, they more than likely need a little scratch in the kitty for mistress expenses; cuz Candy has needs don’tchaknow! Well, today’s “trial balloon” from the ECB, that Super Mario wouldn’t be laying out new policy directives at the Jackson Hole Summit next week sent the EURUSD reeling quickly. Who says Apparatchiks don’t learn quickly? After Kim Jung Un’s plunder of U.S. markets via long gold & short SP500 before the words flew, all you got to do Skippy is tell Candy to be short EURUSD at a certain time, and when it goes down, click the “close position” button … wait ‘till tomorrow and get the funds shipped out to wherever … go shopping and get all the toys you need for out little trip next week! Who says life has to be complicated? Cuz, as we all know [or should], in FX the only rule is that there aren’t any rules.

Meanwhile, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s “vapors” time once again in the U.S. stock indices … of course we open 70 higher from overnight, stocks vaulting higher quickly in the first half hour of the European open, and then going sleepy time; thank you SNB, you’re doing God’s work. So, it’s the same old, same old in the Dow30 & SP500, which now haven’t moved to let us know they are alive in about 8 hours. As for the DAX30 … pluhleeze! … I just ate breakfast!

It’s midday already, and markets everywhere absolutely dead in the water; bigger waves in a bathtub with nobody in it. For its part USDJPY not doing anything; thirty-ish PIP range very low. Markets across the board waiting for the FED minutes at 2 PM; which if I think about it should be a non-event … it’s the minutes of what they did, not a policy statement; that’s already been issued, so I don’t know what it is the Street is looking for to move anything, although the words “inflation expectations” and “balance sheet reduction” are memes the “talking heads” will scrutinize with a microscope, like an Anasazi witch doctor reading the clouds to see what day is a good day to die in battle. All-in-all, they more than likely are about the same.

Again today, markets everywhere a mess … “Flying Wedge of Death” seemingly a permanent fixture now in markets thanks to the ever present central banker manipulation; the moves are quick, violent … and then they die and go sleepy time … rinse, repeat ‘til the next time, and you get the drift.

Ok, FED minutes out … round up the usual suspects … straight freight train move, thank you … place your bets and then hope … cuz, once the train starts it doesn’t let anybody on until the end, and then of course it’s too late. And so, in USDJPY, no algorithm signals cuz it’s straight down to the bottom with a down signal that began approximately 45 minutes earlier … welcome to the new normal. What utter bullshit, cuz lately every market is mirroring roulette.

One redeeming side to USDJPY over other markets, is its seeming ability to create its own bull or bear market every day; simply put, every day is a new experiment in terror, where anything and everything is possible, and no high or low is out of reach, and if you let this thing get away from you by thinking it can’t possibly “go there”, it will go there and kill you. It creates fantastic trading opportunities, but you have to wait for the algorithm signals, and if you don’t get them you simply come back later.

One trade today, very early in the day … a buy signal off a “Kumo Cloud” break to the upside … it went literally nowhere, and about 10 minutes later I scratched with the tiniest of PIPS profit, cuz market conditions were slowing down already and the M1’s were getting smaller and smaller. As it was, it was a good decision, cuz until the 2 PM FED minutes came out, nothing really happened … and then it’s the runaway freight train off the cliff to the bottom of the ravine. Speed of light … crickets; what else is new? Now, with about an hour to the New York close, USDJPY finally gives an algorithm buy signal … too little too late, cuz not enough time left ‘till the close; I’m simply going to pick up trading in Asia tonight to see if there is any follow through. I will say this, though, my fills in USDJPY were right on the money today, with zero slippage … please, keep up the good work LP.

PAMM spreadsheet will be back tomorrow; got some changes to make first tonight.

Beach time! … the dog and I are outta here … until tomorrow.

Have a great day everybody!



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