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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


“The dawn of a new day is here; where are you sitting?”

Ok, today marks a new day, a new beginning; tired of being lied to and deceived by the friendly folks at LMFX about their “PAMM” … “err, there ain’t gonna be one anytime soon, probably never” … that’s the word I got from the “new” senior management [as opposed to the “old” management that got shown the door over the Holidays] a couple of weeks ago.

As you can probably imagine, I used my very best “trader French” to let them know how I felt about being deceived since last Summer when they suspended their PAMM operations to “make upgrades” in June, and I was told repeatedly since then it would be “up and running shortly”. [Hint: any time a brokerage house tells you something will be done “shortly”, think “check is in the mail”.] Goodbye LMFX.

So, the worldwide search was on, and despite odds heavily stacked against me, I contacted some industry sources that shall remain anonymous … and bingo bango … I was introduced to a brokerage house in London, U.K., created by money managers for money managers. And after checking these guys out, I had to check my ears to make sure I was hearing what I was hearing; “Would you like to trade XAUUSD [spot gold] with a “net” cost … yes, “NET” … a “net” cost of approximately $0.15 - $0.20 per OZ.? The spread is variable but ranges between $0.05 - $0.20 during the New York day [a few pennies higher during other times] and the round turn [RT] commission is $2 per $100,000 notional traded [at current prices that is about 2.4 cents per OZ.]. 

And before I soiled myself, I quickly asked the money question, “Great, do you accept U.S. citizens”? “Yes, we accept anybody and have many U.S. accounts!” OK, now I can soil myself.

I am pleased today to officially welcome my new partner in trading, Turnkey Forex. [ ] Turnkey Forex will be hosting our new PAMM/MAM which will be starting here in less than a week; the new PAMM PDF document [along with POA form] has been uploaded to the cloud, and is available for viewing online and/or download in the “Download Links” section of the website over in the right hand column; if you are interested in my money management program please read this document.

In addition to hosting my PAMM/MAM, I am now an affiliate of Turnkey Forex; if you choose to open an account with Turnkey, I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link directly below:

It’s never been easier to open an account and get the great rates at Turnkey for yourself; not just gold, which is mind blowing, but the other markets as well. For starters, if you are into trading spot silver [XAGUSD], Turnkey Forex has the lowest spread I’ve ever seen on an MT4 trading platform; here in the very wee hours of New York trading time, the spread is $0.007; yup, that’s 7/10ths of a cent, and by the time New York opens in 3 hours it will be even lower; compare this to any other brokerage house and it’s not even close.

The day wouldn’t be complete without noting that another … yes, another, as in “again” … another U.S. brokerage house bites the dust; welcome FXCM [formerly America’s largest FX broker] to the dustbin of history, where you can join MF Global, REFCO, Stotler, and a whole host of others; the big difference with FXCM, of course, is that no customer money got stolen or disappeared; no, in this case it was a simple case of brokerage house fraud, where the house failed to disclose they were trading against their own customers all the while representing to the public they were a NDD [non dealing desk].

Meanwhile, the “legal beagles” at the CFTC & NFA, always ready to protect the public [snark], get another worthless scalp to explain away the purpose of their existence. EXIT QUESTION: If you enter a market order to buy, for example 100,000 EURUSD, what difference does it make if the firm fills the order for itself and sells it to you or hands it off to Vampire Squid [Goldman]? You get your fill and you’re long; somebody explain to me how the client is hurt by this, cuz outside of maybe getting filled off the market a little [“gosh, this never happens with other LP banks. Bwahahahahaha”.], where is the “evil” here that says the firm should be put out of business, especially considering the fraud and abuse from Wall Street the last 10 years with nothing but … crickets. Again, I will remind people: “stay away from the U.S. when it comes to trading. Period.”

Since we now have a new partner in trading, and after you have read the new documents I have uploaded to “Download Links”, if you have any questions/comments, please email me at and I’ll respond ASAP. I’ll have more PAMM/MAM news in tomorrow’s blog post; until then … I’m outta here.

Have a great day everybody!
UPDATE: At the moment, Turnkey Forex website is down for maintenance, as they are upgrading a few things.; as soon as it comes back up [shortly haha], the link in the blog post should be OK. I will test it myself once the Turnkey website is back online, and if the link is bogus I will let everyone know and post the correct link. Thanks to the readers/clients who let me know of the problem.


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