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Monday, February 6, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS ATLANTA FAL … [“errr, wait a sec.”]

“Every once in a while, life hands us perfect metaphors!”

“Ohhhh Matty & Cankles, you were this close!”

“Ya know, it’s just not fair … Atlanta had more total yards than the Patriots … take away that bogus holding call against Jake Matthews which obviously favored the Pats … and in OT the Falcons should have asked, no demanded, a recount on spotting the ball … Brady should have never been allowed by the rigged officials to just march down the field and score. They are all racist, bigoted, homophobe PIGS! Period! No justice, no peace!! And therefore, the Pats are illegitimate winners of Super Bowl LI and an “*” needs to be placed in the record books. Hahrumph!”

The preceding paragraph was brought to you by Snowflakes everywhere, who live in their own delusional reality and will no doubt have a victory parade in the Atlanta Congressional District of one John Lewis [D. “I-got-whacked-in-the-head-in-Selma”], who will congratulate the Falcons on achieving the most total yards in Super Bowl LI and are therefore the rightful, obvious victors over racists in New England; meanwhile in Boston, look for the usual suspects in anarchy to create riots, loot stores, burn cars, and knock down pregnant women all in the name of 1) freedom, 2) tolerance, and most importantly 3) diversity. And all the while, so they can share their “pain” with other SJW’s, social media will be on fire denouncing “whitey Brady”, racism, “it’s all Trump’s fault, and can’t “Black Jesus” just once be on our side.

And in case you somehow think I’m making all this “outrage” up, check the link from ZH with all the hilarious Twitter feeds. You simply couldn’t, in a normal universe, make this shit up and be believed!

Now, the obvious Libtard government response to solve this sports crisis is to mandate via EO that the Patriots must draft more Syrian refugees and transgender athletes onto their team, Brady needs to be suspended again … cuz .. shut up …, Belicek needs to take mandatory anger management and transgender outreach classes, and Kraft needs to give 49% of the team to “Something Jenner” and the rest of the Kardashian clan. How could any reasonable person object to this?

Ok, now that I’m back on my feet from LMAO, it’s time to turn to biz …quiet day really, nothing much to note … gold up a little, with an early morning shot up to the 1230 level, and nothing much happening in Cable or Yen … not surprising since the order books have been decimated on both sides the last week or so.

PAMM/MAM news will be tomorrow … PAMM/MAM PDF doc will also be uploaded tomorrow to the “Download Links” section of the website … and last but not least a few minor cosmetic changes to the website. So, until tomorrow … I’m outta here.

Have a great day everybody!



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