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Monday, April 24, 2017


“The Oracle at Delphi speaks! [And then has another ouzo.]”

Well, that was a “nothing burger”; oh sure, a few shorts got blown out of the water … natch … but other than that, all the establishment banker types in the world are yucking it up over the rubes who paid “big time” for option protection; “that giant sucking sound you heard Sunday afternoon in the U.S., was options premium imploding right before your very eyes, as the LePen versus Macron in 2 weeks was expected”.

And in “troubled times” like these, it’s nice to know Mr. Panos is around for some sage advice on dealing with all of these panics the last few years; having lived first hand through the Greek crisis, Brexit, the U.S. election, the Italian crisis, the banking crisis, another Greek crisis, and the Netherlands election; and in his own words, a few choice comments on the French Fry election.

“It don’t matter; stupid French can’t even make a decent car anymore. They’re like us … kinda … only maybe 10-15 years behind the socialist curve … we Greeks on the other hand are right there on the cutting edge of “free shit” … you want free shit, be Greek baby! … Germans can’t say no to us, and the EU sucks … BUT! … hooker prices are down, ouzo is cheap, and I can watch soccer on the telly, so who cares, they’re just stupid French Fry Twits”!

All in all, a pretty normal weekend … President Trump trolls the MSM and Leftists everywhere lose their minds [again], the NYT is caught yet again in another deliberate journalistic lie, this time with the New England Patriots visiting the White House but since Libtards everywhere could care less about facts than a narrative agenda, everybody chuckles under their breath and moves along, and of course in Chicago, it’s business as usual with 5 killed and 26 wounded over the weekend in EX Preeezy Chalky Soetero’s beloved hometown, where local Pols & murderous gangs team up to fleece the local morons, idiots, complete dumb asses citizenry and put cash into their offshore accounts from numerous illicit activities; “You don’t think anybody in power wants to see this ‘cash cow’ disappear do you?Ahhh yes, normal everywhere … good times”!

Scanning the financial horizon this early A.M. sees the shorts yet again crushed in their hopes for Armageddon; “Never, ever, bet on the end of the world … Why? … Cuz it can only happen once! … And even if you are somewhat right, you are joined at the hip with all the other financial “doomsday preppers” and get to stand in line and try and cash in your winnings … good luck with that fill”. EXIT QUESTION: “Where can I sell an SP500 put this morning”? SHORT ANSWER: “At the bottom”.

Not that any of this matters much to the elite socialist French Fries; you know, the ones who live the capitalist dream with expensive cars, multiple houses, lavish travel, and plenty of graft, corruption, & bribery to replenish the coffers [“Bernie, you go girl”!!]. Nope, they can rest easy now; one of their socialist “milk sops” made it to the magical second round, where when elected absolutely zero will change; terrorists will still kill, immigration will continue unchecked, the socialist state will continue to grow and rob productivity, and of course the globalist corporate agenda where the elites have placed their undying trust [hello Super Mario] will make them even richer while continuing to gut the middle class.

And there you have it in a “nutshell” why the DOW30 is up about 200 index points on the New York open; “Ok, we dodged another bullet … whew! … now let’s kill the shorts for their insolence”! It really isn’t any more complicated than that; and while the junior MBA’s manning the FED’s “Plunge Protection Team” are a little disappointed they couldn’t “spring into action” overnight, free beer and pizza at Squid & JP Morgan’s trading desks last night, I’m sure, eased the pain of Sunday night “work”. “Damn, we don’t ever get to hurt anybody”!

The world is “safe” now from the “populist wave” goes the thinking and it’s back to global fascism in all it’s glory for the 0.01%; “Everything is F-ing AWESOME baby”! Only in reality it ain’t; France will get worse, Europe is rotting from within, and the number of people who are “waking up” is growing. All that has happened in France is that another “bigger” band-aid has been applied to stop the bleeding; the patient still is on life support; none of the other band-aids have held; what makes you think this one will?

How many Syrian or other MENA refugees live next door to Obama? Cankles & her serial rapist husband? Pelosi? Schumer? Merkel? Hollande? Tony Blair? Corbyn? Members of the ECB governing council? Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it? Apparently not, cuz like all progressive elites who think they know what’s good for you cuz you’re way too stupid and pedestrian to know anything of substance after all, there’s one set of rules for the rubes [voters] and another for the ruling elite.

“Guess the animals that think they are MORE equal than others”?

It’s taken way too long, but people are finally figuring it out; while the MSM spits out globalist propaganda en masse [“NYT, WaPo, LAT, please call Dr. Goebbels office immediately for your daily instructions”.], people can see their lives eroding right before their very eyes.

So while the ruling globalist elite can smile today cuz they got “one of their own” as the prohibitive favorite to become President of France on May 7th, and mold him into the “milk sop doormat” they expect where zero will change, people are waking up to the fact they are being “played” and that the term “democracy” means nothing while globalist “corporate fascism” means everything. The clock is ticking; enjoy your ride while it lasts.

A little bookkeeping note before the trading day starts; yesterday I updated the “Download Link” files and brought all of them current to the version 3.2 volatility algorithm. For you Newbies out there, for which this whole trading process is totally new and foreign, the MT4 setup & install, along with detailed instructions on how to get the version 3.2 algo up & running on your screen, is available for viewing either online or you can download the PDF. All files are available at in my “shared files” directory, and are of course free of charge to any and all who want them. Next weekend I’ll have updated historical charts of the Dow30 with exhaustion “hits” [SDEV lines], along with appropriate commentary.

Turning to today’s Dow30 market …. “Everything is F-ing AWESOME baby! … What with the index up 200+ points on the open … “nothing to see here Sheeple, move along; just some shorts that got shot and killed. Please Ma’am, no staring cuz it’s disrespectful; everything is fine now … move along”. Ok, move along to where exactly?

About half an hour until the NY open; boy are things quiet … not sure what this means, but since shorts always panic first, I’m thinkin’ unless some sell pressure starts showing up pretty soon, we could be in for a slow, steady march higher to the 20850 – 20900 level before it’s over; we’ll see how it shakes out as the day goes forward.

Ok, an hour into this mess, and it’s …. Crickets! … “why should anybody be surprised really after opening up 200+ points on all that wonderful globalist news from Vichy France”?

And in case you’re wondering, directly below here’s what today’s institutional indices traders want you to think they look like during the day when everybody is trading.

Here’s what they really look like up close and personal.

It always helps to know who and what you’re dealing with.

And as the economic data [hard & soft] gets worse, then “worser”, and then “worser-er” by the day, I can’t help but think the Twits over at the Eccles Building in D.C. might be just a tad worried over the state of the state. Not to worry, though, cuz … hell, I can’t think of a decent truthful explanation, except that everybody and their brother is bearish the indices and in the history of trading markets, the universe does not allow all of these people to win on ridiculously expensive “tail risk” option premium bets. Until this goes away [and a few learned this lesson the hard way this weekend past], don’t look for falling markets anytime soon; that doesn’t mean runaway to the upside, just if you’re bearish wait until the money is in your pocket before you go down and pick out that brand new, shiny red Mercedes 380SL.

It’s Noon in New York and … “hey, somebody check my internet feed and see if it’s still working cuz I don’t see anything moving”… Yup, it’s that kind of day again; to be fair, an awful lot of “stuff” between now and Friday that comes out, so as has been typical of markets these last few years, why trade when you can sit?

At this point, after what I’ve seen so far today in the stock indices markets, it looks to me like there is some rotation out of U.S. equities and into the Dax30, and any strength so far today in the big cap Dow30 stocks has been sold, while the Dax30 soars to new highs not seen in a long while; it could be a EURUSD play right along with an equity exposure play. What’s not to like if they both go up over the next year?

And while the Dow30 is up about 200 index points on the day as I write, it’s been there since the Sunday night open; granted, we got the “relief” rally cuz the globalist puppet Macron makes it to the final round where he is expected to win easily; right now, though, we aren’t seeing any follow through at all [zip, zero, nada, & zilch] on the buy side from the open, and that opens the downside to long liquidation as we go from the Noon hour into the close in about 4 hours. And if the bids dry up and we get some more institutional rotation [at any price], a small correction has the potential to turn into something far more serious on the down side; not predictin’, just sayin’.

From where I sit, there isn’t anything to do but wait; there isn’t any break and there isn’t any rally. Signals don’t mean anything when you get into a ± 20 point chop from the open, as they lose all of their statistical significance when there is no movement in the market. It becomes simply a flip of a coin.

Two hours until the close, and there’s more interest in a spelling bee in Utah on ESPN 4 than trading; some of the slowest action I’ve seen recently. Not really any interest in pushing stock prices higher from here from what I can see. Any and all rally attempts today, since the New York open have been quickly sold; more of that European rotation I mentioned earlier I think at play than anything else; when trading desks see this they back away cuz they don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of a move they can’t make back today. And that move up to the high of the day in the Dow30 between 2 & 2:30 P.M. for a tick or two? That was one of the sickest moves up I’ve seen in a while; mystery ticks that attempted to set off buy stops that either are non-existent or are higher up failed miserably.

Thirty minutes to the close, and I’m calling it a day with no trades; simply no time room to operate even if something did happen, which it hasn’t. If it’s any consolation, nothing else moved today either after the New York open, so it wasn’t like the stock indices weren’t the only ones that didn’t want to play today. Yes, it’s frustrating it can move 200 points on the open and then for 23 hours do exactly nothing but about ± 20 – 25 points from the opening bid in New York. Tomorrow is another opportunity and we’ll be there … all it has to do is move!

PAMM/MAM spreadsheet directly below. 

Time for the beach! … I’m outta here … until tomorrow.

Have a great day everybody!

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