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Friday, October 14, 2016


“Money is in the bank; time to party!”
Well, to be honest, everyday for the dog is “party day”. People only exist to either play or feed him; and when he gets that look from me [“yup buddy, we cleaned ‘em again today … what do you want to do today?”], the response in his eyes and body language is always the same. “Master, I don’t care how you fix it, so long as 1) beach, 2) bacon, & 3) rides in the car with the windows down is in there somewhere!!”
I must have done something to “please” the trading Gods this week, cuz I’m thinkin’ this morning as I turn the screen on just how frickin’ awesome it would be to get some trades done early this Friday morning, with a waterfall move down, followed 90 seconds to maybe 3-4 minutes later giving it back to ‘em a couple of bucks higher. Bada bing, Bada boom … will there be anything else mortal?”
If I’ve learned anything from trading for over 35+ years, and of course hanging around the dog, it’s to never “Why ask why?” People that ask “why” are the ones that think they are analysts; it’s delusional thinking. I am a trader, taking advantage of shifts in momentum before others recognize what the hell is going on.
Which, by the way, always leads to the ultimate comment I get from other traders; “Well, if everybody followed your algorithm, or even knew of it, it would be self defeating because the market would be prepared for your trades and cause you to lose money.” Let me point out the errors in logic of this: "1) the market is made up of millions of traders, all with different objectives & schemes for why they are trading; watching me is pointless to their objectives, 2) 99.99% of other traders have their own methodologies, systems, and or algorithms and don’t have the time or patience to worry what the hell I’m doing, and most importantly 3) following any algorithm is the ‘hardest, easiest money you will ever make’, and getting people to actually believe it’s in their best interest to believe me and not their brains, very much goes against basic human nature."
Over in the right hand column, under “Download Links” is the gold volatility algorithm that anybody can download for free from my shared file account at The PDF manual is there, as well as the MQ4 file you need to run the algorithm, as well as instructions for downloading and installation. These files have been there for some time now for the world to see.
And yet, day after day, week after week, and month after month, the moves gold makes and the buy signals the algorithm [via the rules] makes continue to make money like you got your own personal ATM. Ok, how come? If the world knows I’m using the algorithm, how come it still lets me make money? [Hint: see 2 paragraphs above.]
2 trades today, both directly below.

So, let’s take a look today at the “hot & heavy” action surrounding the 2 trades from a perspective of a little hindsight from later in the session. Directly below, some exhaustion “hit” action from this morning.

In the components section of the manual, I give a complete theoretical explanation of why I use what I use to calculate the exhaustion lines, and why they are so important for trading. “Ignore this at your own financial peril.”
Now, it being Friday, and the fact it’s a “Chamber of Commerce” day down here in Paradise, my interest in making more trades is just slightly lower than going with the Mrs. today as she shops for new shoes. In other words, it ain’t happening.
Trading is simple; I didn’t say it is “easy”. The hard part, if you haven’t discovered it yet, is following the algorithm and making the trades without concern of any kind of thought. The “thinking” has already been done away from the market; thousands of hours without regard to a position in real time that always “skews” your thinking; it doesn’t need any additional “thought” from you at trade crunch time.
Trading can give you everything [almost] you want from life, but the most important element you will ever discover is “balance” and the ability to treat life [life is trading; trading is life] like the photo below. I am soooo outta here, you have no idea.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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