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Monday, October 17, 2016


“How much of this came out of your account?”

You have always had a choice; either listen to the bullshit artists in the MSM financial trading establishment [business schools, Wall Street analysts, talking heads on business cable TV, brokerage house execs, etc.] or … and this is important so pay attention … or … you can listen and take trading advice from people who have actually “walked the walk” and made “shiploads” [i.e. millions] of actual, real money trading. And while it provides endless entertainment to listen to financial bullshit coming out so fast from the establishment press you need hip boots to not get stuck in it while you’re laughing, in and of itself it isn’t ever going to deliver you where you want to be; “wake the fuck up, you’re being manipulated!”

“Whoa there fellas … I never said ‘bacon treats’! … OK?”
The lure of “easy money” from the comfort of your couch in your gym shorts, while the rest of the world dances to the tunes of the “Pudding Business” are indeed powerful. But, the problem for the trading public, of course, is that there aren’t very many people [if any] like me who are willing to give you a set of keys to “the vault”  and allow you the opportunity to “escape to success” without first wanting to make at least one trip to your wallet. SHOCKING NEWS JUST IN: “It has always been this way.”
Take a trip sometime to the back pages of any financial trading publication; scan the many pages of ads where literally everybody is a fucking millionaire from trading. Go to a website, call sales support [cuz there ain’t no such thing as “client support”] at 1-800-GET-MONY and talk to some guy named “JoJo” who will tell you that if you buy now, within the next 5 minutes [and the clock has started] you can get the “system of a lifetime” for only $295 instead of what “Chumps” who order off the website pay at checkout, which is $595. “All I need is your card number ‘Bro’, what is it?”
You squirm a little bit and finally say to him, “Hey JoJo, do you trade and are you using this?” And JoJo says, “Fuck-an-A right … oh, sorry Bro, I’m just so excited about all the money I’m makin’ hittin’ all these markets … best shit I’ve ever seen!” And just like that, the $295 is gone forever. And when you read the manual and find it’s all bullshit hypothetical trading from Soybean back testing over a 6 month period that was … how shall I say this? … friendly to the system” … you get a little pissed … and when you call that number in the manual to get a refund because “you are not 100% satisfied”, you get a very lovely ladies voice from the phone company informing you the number “is no longer in service”. To ask the question is to answer it, “How fucking stupid do you feel now?”
And like the Westies huddled above, all you wanted was a treat“Hey, amigos, was I the only one who smelled bacon?… I frickin’ swear, I heard him say ‘bacon treat’!” … and now, not only is there ‘no bacon’, there ain’t no treat either, and all you got is that sinkin’ feeling you been had.

Now, I want to make something 100% crystal clear to all of you that read this; I’m not sayin’ my way is the only way. Hell, there are many successful traders out there who make as much if not more than I do or ever have; but you got a very big problem in that you have ZERO access to their methods, algorithms, and have no way to communicate with them because they want nothing to do with you, unless of course you literally send them endless streams of money YOU DON’T HAVE.
The next big insurmountable problem most of you have, is even if you’re as motivated to leave the “Pudding Business” as the next guy, you have no idea where to start your journey. In other words, there ain’t no “school” for traders! 

ACME TRADING ACADEMY: “Trading Instruction for the Gifted!”
And here’s the “dirty little secret” they won’t ever tell you in high school, college or business school, which by the way are nothing more than “cottage industries” of Marxist, social justice [whatever the fuck that really is] indoctrination: “it’s that way by design.” The world needs “worker bees” [i.e., Sheeple who buy into the global corporate vision of modern day American business], and very much despises those who care about their own personal and financial freedom rather than some dumb ass corporation.
I mention all of this, because the website is very close to having all of the volatility algorithms that matter for your use within the next couple of weeks [everything is here except the DOW30]; specifically, stock indices [DOW30 & DAX30], gold, & crude oil. And while gold is my primary focus, if one of these 4 markets ain’t movin’ and making money, there isn’t anything else worth looking at either. Noticeably absent, of course, from this list is FX. I’ve been saying for some time that FX has morphed into a nightmare for traders and is untradeable; every week brings a new disaster dujour.
Pick your hours, pick your market(s), follow the appropriate volatility algorithm, make money, close the laptop until tomorrow, and go find your beach! Everything you could possibly want from trading is here and it’s here for FREE with email support!
The “modern age” of financial trading kicked off in the late 1970’s with interest rates, precious metals, and currencies, but it wasn’t until stock indices [specifically the SP500 futures contract] were introduced in April of 1982 that things really started to move into high gear. Today, of course, the pits are gone and everything imaginable is traded electronically; and through going on 40+ years now, I’ve been an active trader in all of it.
It may come as a shock to some people, but over the years and decades of my trading experience, there are specifically 2 markets that have done more to “clean the public out” of money than all other markets combined; precious metals & stock indices. More specifically, gold & the SP500, and as of late the DOW30; Wall Street has done a very good job of “draining the swamp” of money the public had in its possession.
What I find both interesting & ironic is that both markets occupy opposite extremes on the “psychological meter” of the American public and among retail traders; they hate stocks and love gold.
Almost the entire retail spec trading universe wants/desires to be long gold, and a hefty portion of long positions spend time under water until they get stopped out; on the other hand, everybody and their brother hates stocks and is usually currently predicting a “stock crash” that starts with the next downtick in futures, so predictably they love to be short until the buy stop gets executed with a loss.
The gold volatility algorithm, of course, is already here and you can download it onto the LMFX MT4 platform [or any other platform like ASSETS FX or somebody else] and be up and running the algorithm within minutes. If you need help, cuz you’ve never done this before and are a “Newbie”, simply download from the “Download Links” section of the website in the right hand column the file “Algorithm Setup and Install on MT4”; this is an Adobe PDF that will guide you step-by-step through everything. Both ASSETS FX & LMFX have excellent XAUUSD trading conditions, and I recommend these 2 brokerage houses for spot gold trading in 1 Oz. increments.
I am only about a week or so [maybe 2 weeks if I get lazy, but for sure before the Nov. 8th election in the U.S.] away from having the volatility algorithm in the DOW30 ready for release in the “Download Links” section of the website. I’ve put the “intermediate” volatility algorithms I’ve been working on for the last couple of months on the so called back burner until after the elections; even though volatility has picked up noticeably in the last couple of weeks in the DOW30, I feel strongly that once the election is over volatility will move higher and stay there. So, I want to get this released and into your hands [minds] as quickly as I can before things really get interesting after the election.
Some of you may be surprised that I chose the DOW30 over the SP500, but there are 2 important reasons for doing so; 1) spread with RT commission is significantly lower than the SP500, and 2) the DOW30 is subject to less outright HFT manipulation than the SP500.
So far, knock on wood & throw salt over your shoulder, the “new” CFD for the DOW30 [US30] at ASSETS FX is a total winner; spread with RT commissions is about 2.4 index points, and I was trading it all last week AFTER I had finished gold trading. I was pleased with minimal to no slippage on market orders to either open a position or liquidate. Trading the DOW30 is in 0.10 lot increments [$0.10 per index point], so you have the flexibility of trade size to match your risk profile that isn’t available at other brokerage houses, which is usually 1 lot CFD = ± $1 per index point price change [LMFX].
Of course, every stock in the DOW30 is in the SP500, and generally speaking unless one of the DOW30 stocks has some big news that severely affects the stock price, they both will track each other throughout the day very closely. Roughly speaking, for every 1 index point move in the SP500, you’ll see an approximate 9 - 10 point move in the DOW30. Currently, under the best of brokerage house trading conditions in Europe for the SP500 CFD, which usually aren’t available to U.S. citizens, I haven’t seen a bid/offer trading spread on the SP500 CFD under 0.40 index points. Maybe there’s one out there, but I haven’t seen it; given that, though, and assuming the correlation with the DOW30, what sense does it make to trade the SP500 CFD when the “net cost” to do so is approximately 100% higher [or even more!] than that of the DOW30? “Sorry, it doesn’t make any sense to pay at least double the cost to get the same basic profit or loss on a trade.” And so, for now at least, I’ll trade the DOW30 over the SP500 every time.
The DOW30 CFD is currently slightly better at ASSETS FX than at LMFX; however, there are 2 factors here that must be considered. 1) ASSETS FX history [2 years this month] with stock indices has not been a good one; three times before, everything started out “good”, and then suddenly went to “shit in a hand basket” rather quickly, leaving stock indices traders sitting at their screens one day asking themselves, “WTF is this?” Yes, things so far have been excellent with this “new” LP; let’s hope they don’t fuck this up, and 2) ASSETS FX no longer accepts U.S. clients, so if you are a U.S. citizen or resident and don’t currently have an account with them that got “grandfathered”, you’re SOL.
So, here we are on a Monday morning with what looks and very much feels like “mindless chop” in gold; stuff just can’t out of its own way, and 6 days later from the NFP debacle, the market is still stuck “inside” the range from that Friday [1241 – 1266]. It’s going to take a move above 1266 to get anybody that is seriously short with some big positions to start feeling nervous and maybe cover and push prices higher; until then, it’s all “noise” on the daily chart and right now we’re still $11 - $12 away from that.
Directly below 2 trades from today; the first made a couple of pennies per Oz. after commissions, but basically a scratch trade when the market turned around, and the second trade captured a couple of pennies shy of  $3 per Oz. The second trade I liquidated per algorithm rules after a large above normal spike, since the trade started, and the next subsequent appearance of any M1 that turns red. Both positions [white arrows] taken when the plum line slope changed from negative to positive, plum line under yellow line, and finally because the market was above the daily calculated white horizontal line. Easy peezee! [“And no, we ain’t goin’ to the beach yet … what? … a bacon strip? … why? … ‘cuz wez made mony’!”]
Quite frankly, with the way this crap is trading, until something proves to me this stuff can break out of its recent doldrums with pitiful daily ranges, these will most likely be the only gold trades I’ll make today. Now that we’re about an hour after these 2 trades, and looking at the pathetic trading action, these are definitely the only trades for today in gold.
And once again, the volatility algorithm ‘rings the register’; “how many umpteenth days/weeks/months in a row now? How many losing days? [crickets!]”
Ok, time for a round of golf, followed by a wonderful lunch, and then it’s back home to pick up “you know who” for an afternoon trip to his private playground, otherwise known as the beach. Another day another Dollar; I’m sooooooo outta here!
Have a great day everybody!


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