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Thursday, October 20, 2016



I can’t tell the difference between brokerage house & LP execs when they talk AT you, trying to convince you to let them screw you, and listening to absolute piles of human debris like Cankles Clinton; I tried to differentiate between the two during last night’s debate and all it did was increase the rate of exercise between the couch and the “impenetrable bacon box” for more beer. And it led me to finally ask myself the all important question, “when did everything in the U.S. [markets, politics, sports, & business] become ‘rigged’ and the country barely better off than Venezuela?”
To make a very long story short, I think that seminal moment [pun most definitely intended] came when “Slick Willy Clinton” escaped conviction at his impeachment; he was guilty of perjury and lost his law license, and flat out lied to the American Sheeple; and yet, no conviction, thus telling every fucking criminal in Government [federal, state, & local], as well as every low life on Wall Street, “it’s OK, do whatever the fuck you want … this country is no longer a country of laws but one of celebrity & money … bring the cash, do whatever you please no matter how egregious cuz nobody cares anymore … and most importantly, nobody has to worry about being prosecuted.”
Am I wrong? From the political “Weasel” Comey at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence, the “Justice Department” [oxymoron anyone?] with political hacks protecting favored Pols, to the thieves on Wall Street [Jon Corzine call your office!] that smugly skate away with no consequences after cheating clients and/or taxpayers, to the current manipulative shenanigans of the FED & BIS, as well as other criminal central banks, that openly manipulate the stock market as well as precious metals, and last but certainly not least the Wikileaks revelations about bribery, corruption, and graft at the highest levels of government; somebody tell me where I’m wrong?
Cuz what we are seeing first-hand, right before our very eyes, is a total breakdown in society as you knew it; exactly what Libtard, Progressive, Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist, America hating people like President Empty Suit & Cankles represent. The “free shit” crowd will do anything to win folks, and if Cankles does in fact steal the election, you better have plans to “get the fuck out of Dodge” with any/all wealth before she takes office and it gets confiscated from you. It doesn’t matter if I am wrong; what matters to you is if I am right!
It doesn’t even take 2 minutes to open an offshore account with LMFX and then fund it with something from a debit/credit card; at least it’s open and ready to go. If she wins, what are you going to do one day when you wake up and U.S. citizens are no longer able to send money out of the country because overnight she signed an executive order banning it on “national security” grounds? What do you do then? What do you say to your family genius?
How will you react when, during her first term, your government run health care premiums get taken right out of your check every week and you have no choice but to obey? What do you do when they tell you that, starting tomorrow, 15% of your paycheck must be put into “special” 30 year treasury bonds to help “fund the deficit”? So, don’t sit there and tell me it can’t happen, cuz you happen to be in denial, because when they come for your wealth nobody will stand up with you against the tyranny of the U.S. Government because they don’t want their own wealth confiscated and their own situation to be examined. You been warned.
And speaking of big barrels of shit, time to turn attention to today’s gold trade, with Super Mario from the ECB holding court on policy with a presser at about 08:45 New York time; look for more “weasel words from weasels!” No positions into his presser, as too many bad things can happen if he says something stupid [which is highly likely].
Quite frankly, again, I’m not real excited about making this algorithm trade; I did it, because I know better from experience that what I’m feeling and thinking has nothing to do with what’s happening in the marketplace, and more importantly I’m here to make money not be a fucking analyst. So, with that backdrop, directly below the first [and unless we can get a decent waterfall later that takes us down to at least the 1260 level] and most likely last trade today.
Market is barely above the daily calculated white horizontal line, but nonetheless it’s a buy signal at the white arrow. I’m giving this trade a little more room on the upside, and allowing for the possibility of a scratch trade once I’m up money, because so far the range is only about $5 and change; still some room for improvement on the upside/downside. As long as the plum line stays above the yellow line, or there are no large spikes to get me out [non exhaustion line], I’ll stay with the position.
And of course, expanding the range on the upside, and blowing out some short retail buy stops produces exactly what we need; i.e. an exhaustion line hit that sees me capture about $5 per Oz.
Again, I will reiterate; “my thinking has nothing to do with my trading as far as the market is concerned. It’s just noise between my ears to the market. I’ve learned the hard way over the years to make the fucking trade and do what I’m supposed to do, regardless of what I think.”
And, looky here Ma, lo & behold an exact move to the exhaustion line to get me out; “it’s almost as if I planned this shit, right? And if the hair on your arms isn’t at attention with this latest trade from the algorithm [captured in real time], then I don’t know what to tell you. How many fucking times do I have to show you, day-in-day-out the power of the volatility algorithm and the exhaustion lines? Seriously, what do you Newbies want from me that I ain’t delivering?”
I get emails all the time from desperate traders asking for help; and after helping them, sometime later I get back with them to see how they are doing and it’s basically crickets. The problem is they just can’t accept what the algorithm signals are telling them to do versus what their brains and emotions are telling them; they can’t get over the hurdle. “You want the life? Force your ass over the hurdle and stop being a Pussy about your feelings and change your behavioral patterns to start making consistent money! And that means put your ass into the manual and a demo account, and when you see with your own fucking eyes [not mine, YOURS!] the account balance grow, go back to real trading and do the same. And if you can’t do that, then 1) STFU and 2) get your butt back into the Pudding Business and don’t ever complain about your sorry ass life to anybody again because you had the opportunity and you blew it. It’s that simple; you wanna be delusional, then be delusional, but it ain’t gonna change anything; when you man up, it’s fucking simple!”
“Been here, heard this speech before!”

And if you think I’m “rough”, see what happens around my house if the Mrs. even thinks I’m slacking off with trading … that might … maybe might … mean she doesn’t get the cash she thinks she “deserves”. “Honey, put the knives down and step away from the table.”  
And amazingly, as I gush with anticipation, the Mrs. walks in and demands cash for a shopping trip with her gal pals; she knows nothing and doesn’t care. “You make money today? Good. Love ya, see ya, thanks for the Benji’s.” Another day, another Dollar.

And just as the Mrs. leaves with a fistful of Benji’s, Cousin It informs me gold has just ‘cratered’ to the lower exhaustion line. “Whadaya wanna do Padron?” “Nothing”, I say to him, “because 1) the range is crap and needs to go higher with lower prices, 2)we just hit the upper exhaustion line minutes ago, and most importantly 3) having just shelled out a small boatload of Benji’s to the Mrs., I don’t feel like giving any of this back. If I’m wrong, I’ll deal with the circumstances, otherwise talk to me down around or below 1260.” Easy Peezee.
Ok, forget more possible trading; I’ve been “talked into & strong armed” to go play golf; “high stroke loser on the first Par 3 buys lunch, and I got an appetite today for lobster salad!” And of course, after I kick their collective asses, I’ll go pick up our “Savior from the dreaded cats” and hit the beach. It’s been a busy day; time to relax. I’m outta here.
Have a great day everybody!

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