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Friday, November 3, 2017


“Well, only if you’re dumb enough to trade news!”

Another NFP Friday comes and goes, and with it the sad reality that for some traders who just can’t help themselves and do it anyway, they end up trading “news”, and get to watch once again buy/sell stops get brutally beaten by the huckster LP’s. “At what point do you “walk away” and refuse to get your donkey kicked for nothing”? But, the truly great news from the Department of Unicorns & Fairy Tales, is that 88,500 bartenders and waiters/waitresses got hired last month … [wait … what?] … at the same time almost 1 million people left the labor force in the month … “does this mean 911,500 aspiring waiters/waitresses got rejected by Applebee’s & Chili’s? Do these two “darlings” of the restaurant world have stock prices like Amazon or Alphabet [Google]?”

Maybe they all went to work in Britain, under some kind of “Export Act” … “you know, like the one Obama & Cankles did with Uranium going to Canada, then Europe, then …”. Could explain Cable’s jump, yet again taking out shorts via buy stops, before the inevitable drop back to reality. Need I remind readers from previous algorithm’s; large spikes up or down need to be liquidated in your profit direction, at the slightest hint of retracement. It simply doesn’t matter what happens next!

Well, “my guy who knows a guy, who knows another guy” proves once again to be right on the money; internet is back 100%, a full 3 days early. That means, of course, I’ll start trading the PAMM Monday … why wait for Wednesday? “I’m not sure if it was the Soprano’s crew of Sil & Pauly Walnuts I had flown down here to camp out in front of his house, just as a “gentle” reminder of what I was told, that did the trick or not … but hey, results are results, right? Still, I’m wondering why Sil & Pauly “insist” on going deep-sea fishing over the weekend with me, and buying rope and cinder cement blocks at Home Depot? Hmmm, it’s probably to keep the beer cold underwater … yea, that’s the ticket”!

“Scalper’s Algorithm” will be finished this weekend and posted over in the “Download Links” section in the right-hand column, sometime Sunday afternoon or evening. I’ve still got some work to do with it, but it’s minor in nature. Just a reminder to Newbies and new visitors to the website, ALL OF MY FILES are in my “shared file” box at and are available to everybody, free of charge, to either view online or download to your device, in PDF (Adobe). Whichever of the 5 recommended markets you trade, it works and works very well … if you can follow the rules and directions, you’ll make a “shipload” of money over time. How much? It’s all in the manual, and I recommend everybody … yes, even those who have been longtime readers/clients … everybody needs to read it “front to back” the first time through, and then if need be, go back to sections you want to think about in more depth.

In addition to the manual, there will also be the full raw data for GBPUSD, and ½ the data for GBPJPY, titled as Appendices to the “Scalper’s Algorithm” posted as well. For those interested in the raw data, it is stored in these files. Also, in the days and weeks ahead, I’ll be cataloging and posting data for all 5 markets. It’s a “shipload” of data and work, and I need some more time to get Cousin It to get the data in the spreadsheets. 

“8th grade graduation picture … hey, it’s all we got!”

“Really, I don’t know what the problem is … I’m paying him $0.95 per hour, letting him sleep in the garage, and I even got him a new set of combs! … c’mon, for cryin’ out loud, get it done, will ya”? [Truth be revealed, he hasn’t been the same since Maria washed away his set of rubber ducks out of the back “cement pond” … yes, heartbreak.]

“Customer service is his middle name!”

Longtime readers are probably wondering where the other member of the -vegas “staff” is these days; well, chief of Staff Milton Waddums [pictured above, at his spacious desk, right before Hurricane Maria] is recovering nicely at the island Sanitarium [they used to call these “nut houses”, but that is so 20th century pejorative … “the Mrs. prefers the term “recovery house”, so we’ll go with that”!]; after Maria wrecked his red stapler, he kinda went into a “trance”, mumbling about how “… burning down the building or something”. He’ll be back soon contributing something … what, I dunno, but something!

In any event, end of week Friday humor aside, when you are finished, if you have any questions or comments you’d like to share, please email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a personal response. For complete Newbies, please demo the algorithm until you know what it is you’re doing … that means picking a market from one of the five, becoming familiar with the MT4, and then making some PIPS each day, before you put real money into an account and start. Until Sunday when I post … Onward & Upward!

Have a great weekend everybody!



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