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Monday, July 3, 2017


“How many 4th of July’s are left before it’s over?”

I see on the newswires, while Libtards get trolled “again” by President Trump, who lives ‘rent free” in their heads, that Ex-Preezy Chalky Soetero says from Indonesia that Americans shouldn’t get “too nationalistic” this 4th of July. Wait … what? “Oh, God forbid, that people should celebrate the birth of our great nation … you know Chalky, the one you tried to destroy but couldn’t quite get the job done … not a surprise really, cuz everything you touch turns to bat guano in seconds … this is a country you hate, and tried to do everything you could to weaken … people went to the polls in November 2016 and not only REJECTED Cankles & crew, but rejected your socialist agenda and legacy as well. Seriously, I’m gonna listen to you? STFU and go bend over on your prayer rug”.

Also on this great Holiday, future generations can look back and recall that this was the end for Illinois; as corrupt a cesspool of Pols & their attendant “free shit crowd” of voters that you will ever come across, where everything always is and always will be paid by others … not to be outdone, New Jersey, Connecticut, & Maine are vying for “honorable mention” honors to see if their state Pols can match anything Illinois does … alas, they’re all  “Pikers” when compared to the stench from the “Land of Lincoln’.

Meanwhile, I’m left with the thought of simply this; “how much longer does this country have until it’s all over and done with”? Every great power the world has ever seen, has had its rise and then its fall into oblivion; history always tells us in hindsight the precipitous fall comes from within, and one quick look around the headline news would literally shock anybody waking up from a 30 year “Rip Van Winkle” sleep. I’m pretty sure past generations of Americans would be horrified beyond belief if they could see the country now. Oh, but wait … stock prices are higher so everything is OK. When the last decent, God fearing, & righteous man is gone, the country will be over; and we are a helluva lot closer to that than ever before.

Oh, see my shocked face … stocks higher overnight on “vapors”, sitting on their high for the day as we limp into the New York open in about 2 or 3 hours … something about Chipmunks gotta be “chipmunking” is surging through my head, cuz the only thing that cures stock fever is to buy moar! …  I’m sure the “talking heads” will find something supportive, like Iceland GDP & new car sales were “unexpectedly” higher, so that means the Dow30 is up sharply on carryover. This is what passes for “logic” in today’s financial markets.

And no doubt, today has all the earmarks for “price creep”, and then the 2 or 3 M1 breaks, and at the end of the day nothing has happened … by 1 P.M. today [markets close early today at 1 P.M.] there won’t be 5 traders in New York who give a crap. Everybody comes back on Wednesday morning and the indices are sharply higher from Friday and Thursday; meanwhile, the market gets the “kitchen sink” thrown at it this last week and we’re down approximately a “whopping” ¼ of 1% from all-time highs in the Dow30 … again, I’m left wondering how long central bankers can attempt to control volatility before it gets out of hand and brings the whole “shebang” crashing down? Cuz the longer they deny reality and prop crap up, the worse the crash … there’s a part of me that thinks the FED is engineering a crisis to blame President Trump, to cover their tracks of mismanagement and policy errors over the Chalky Soetero regime’s 8 years, and that the MSM will more than be happy to deflect FED misdeeds and place them squarely on President Trump.

Turning to today’s market … early close, so Dow30 is only open 3 ½ hours today … not sure how active today is going to be, or whether or not I’ll trade today … there just doesn’t appear to be anything here. Until the open that is, when once again the “Plunge Protection Team” [PPT] comes roaring in to make sure you understand prices will not be allowed to go significantly lower … got it? You’ll notice, this ALWAYS happens either 1) overnight, 2) within 10 minutes or so from the open, or 3) right near the close … these happen to be the markets most vulnerable times for manipulation, and it explains a whole helluva lot.

Well, that escalated quickly didn’t it? … Let’s see, SP500 fiddle farting around 2440, NDX100 getting “monkey hammered” lower, the Dow30 going to new all time record highs straight from the vapors open … what, me worry? Excuse me on this Holiday shortened day, but today again makes me wonder if I walked from the bedroom when I got up, and right straight into another universe, cuz this one makes zero sense. But, as I said in an earlier post, and predicted this new all time high, once you understand how they manipulate the market higher, at least it won’t be having you go insane.

Coming into today, I’m not really looking for any real activity … if I can get a break I’ll buy it, but I’m thinking once I saw the vapors from overnight, there was the very real possibility of the PPT screaming this higher into the Holiday and totally crushing shorts from last week … remember, they don’t sop up the selling, they simply are there when you are done to ramp it higher and make you look and feel like an idiot, taking the market ever higher and forcing you back in at much higher levels … this is what they do and how they operate. Period. And if anybody can explain to me what the hell is going on and why the Dow30 is at all-time highs, while pretty much every other stock index in the world is either getting crushed or simply sitting there and doing nothing [hello SP500, somebody is calling], please, I’d love to hear it.

Last week, up until Friday, this market couldn’t hold an uptick … the Dow30 bid would rally from the low 21300”s and would be bid up 5, 6, or 8 points, and then … Boom! … 5 points lower on the bid in a millisecond. Friday comes, the PPT jumps in, then Sunday night vapors, and now this morning … BOOM! … higher straight out of the box to new record highs up almost 400 points since Thursday late morning carnage at the low very near 21200, and in 2 market days … one which is shortened … we’re up almost 400 points … ON FRICKIN’ WHAT EXACTLY? “I guess a FED induced depression along with higher interest rates is the ticket here … right? And the country is humming along with horrible “soft & hard” economic data, all the while states like Illinois are like Venezuela, public as well as private pension costs are close to complete insolvency, the social fabric is at DEFCON 5, and last but certainly not least Congress has shown no ability to do even the simplest of things and get it right … they are complete assclowns and the country suffers”! And to drive home my point, NDX100 is on its low for the day, the SP500 is close to its low, and while the Dow30 is off its high, its still at record all-time highs … simply put, in the paradigm of central bank markets, all correlations are breaking down, and everything is a direct result of the “whim” of a group of elitist Twits, who decide what, when, where, and at what time any given market is “allowed” to go up or down … stocks, as you know and I have proven, are heavily skewed to the upside … everything else is a hit or miss whim. And, just to come in time to spoil your Holiday, a nice 100 point Dow30 drop on the close to make things tomorrow in the DAX30 interesting, as well as somebody telling the PPT they can have their portfolio cuz they are getting out. July may be hot in more ways than one!

Since basically today is a Holiday shortened day, and the Dow 30 really presented us with no breaks to buy, except here with about a half hour to the 1 P.M. close, it’s a minimal volume day looking for some scalps that can provide at least some alpha. In essence, a break-even day with one trade for some profit. Obviously, markets in U.S. closed tomorrow, but the DAX30 is open and will be somewhat normal, albeit without New York or U.S. guidance; if I see a trade opportunity there, I’ll take it, otherwise I’ll leave it alone if things get quiet … who knows, we’ll see.

This morning, just a little while ago, the “market history” portion of my master pool account on the MT4 becomes operational, about the same time I get an email with all the trades that were promised on Friday … ho hum, what else is new? Anyway, I just got them, so I haven’t entered them into my PAMM spreadsheet … in addition, since I’ve had time to think about it, I’ll be making another couple of columns with important info as well … I’ll explain in tomorrow’s blog. Look for the PAMM spreadsheet to be up tomorrow with the new look after I enter the data.

Time for the beach, then BBQ… dog says “Yippee!!”, steak, bacon, & ice cream … until tomorrow … have a good Holiday!

Have a great day everybody!



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