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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


“ChairSatan Yellens inner voice inside the Mariner Eccles Building!”

If you want to mess with your kids, just give them a transcript of whatever brilliance the Fed puts out later today, and ask them to explain it to you; slowly, watch them twist in the wind wondering how adults can be so stupid. A random class of 8th grade halfwits could do a better job than these assclowns; none of these Twits has ever had a real job, or ran a business, have no clue what people outside the faculty lounge think. They’ve all been on the government tit for so long, they think it’s normal to be paid 6 digits, work less than 10 hours a week, travel freely, get free chicken dinners, and talk in code that makes no sense. It’s all about manipulating outcomes for the financial elite.

And just when you think “elitist stupidity” is confined to the FED, it’s election day as well!!

What do you call a country with 13 million people and 28 political parties? I call it “Retardistan”, a/k/a The Netherlands, where the Dutch have to decide today if they want to give away their culture, language, and borders, all in the name of liberal PC, to a wave of parasitic immigration that wants no part of assimilation into Dutch society other than to eventually take the country over as their own. In a sane world, why would you vote for suicide? To ask the question is to answer it.

By all accounts, sometime a little after 4 P.M., New York time, things should start to heat up, and we’ll see what the liberal “do gooders” want for their country; personally, I’d hoping to see Wilders win, but knowing a large part of the Dutch population [these ain’t your Dad’s Dutch that fought the Nazis] is part of the “namby-pamby Fred Roger’s” brigade, they’re more than capable of keeping the “status quo” and remaining in their delusional “safe space” E.U. bubble.

No matter the outcome, the ramifications of what they do in “Retardistan” will reverberate for many weeks and months; in all likelihood, this means very good trading conditions in EURAUD going forward, with the French elections up in 2 – 3 weeks. “Oh, won’t that be fun”!

We’re just a few hours from the most telegraphed rate hike in history here around Noon New York time, and really, I have a hard time believing anybody actually listens to any of this pap any more; given their track record of abysmal policy decisions, they’re about to raise rates into a world economy that is stagnate. What they are really trying to do is manage outcomes, and we all know in the end how that’s gonna turn out don’t we?

I made an early trade; scalped it as the EURAUD market refused to move. I’m kind of surprised the cross has had as much movement as it did, although that’s not saying much given the conditions we have before the hurricane hits later this afternoon. Meanwhile over in “Yenville” … “Sshhh! You’ll wake somebody” … And gold? … like “The Great Winfield” once said when thinking about trading cocoa, “Go lie down somewhere until the feeling goes away”. All in all, EURAUD is only a couple of PIPS from where it was 7 hours ago. Directly below the first trade.

Ok, the Fed did their “thing” … yawn … same old BS, different day … 2 minutes of “speed of light” trading … now comes the crickets … on to the important news of the day coming in a couple of hours. This is completely retarded roulette trading … now we can sit here until we get the news out of “Retardistan”. By the way, anybody notice but me that the spread in EURAUD “blew out” to about 30 PIPS seconds before the Fed announcement? And you wonder why I sit on the sidelines for this circus act?

And notice also the number of times the MT4 platform went down for 10-15 seconds, only to come back on 5-7 PIPS away from where it was when it “suddenly & unexpectedly” went down; “gosh, amazing it goes out right at the top or bottom”! It’s not Turnkey’s fault, as LP scum is everywhere at every brokerage house, and when they don’t want the other side of your order, they turn the machines off for a few seconds. Their greed and business immorality know no bounds, and don’t think for a second they aren’t always looking for a way to screw us out of a nickel; cuz that’s what they do.

Ok, I have no idea when things are going to heat up; 4, 4:30, 5, … it’s the Dutch, so who knows; If I do any more trades today before rollover, I’ll post an updated PAMM spreadsheet, otherwise I’ll be back tomorrow.

PAMM spreadsheet totals directly below.

No Beach today … I’m be watching election results and wondering if “Retardistan” is a reality or is hopefully defeated … until tomorrow.

Have a great day everybody!

UPDATE: Well, that was anti-climatic to say the least; it appears here at 4:30 EDST, that the Dutch have voted for societal suicide. If you’re Dutch, or originate from the Netherlands, you have my sympathies … you are simply delusional idiots if you think this ends well a few years out … enjoy your make believe “safe spaces”. And Ok, with that, trading can return to normal!

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