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Friday, December 30, 2016


“There is ALWAYS a way; you don’t need to go find it, it’s here!”

Last day of the trading year, and I’m a little surprised we’ve seen today 1) a flash crash in EURUSD (150 PIPS in 2 minutes near the Asian open last night), 2) USDJPY flows that in my humble opinion are heavier than normal for this day historically, 3) a decoupling of gold and Yen, and 4) waves of selling in stock indices right out of the open with little recovery in price; something again, you rarely see on the last trading day of the year. Perhaps it portends greater volatility coming in 2017, or maybe it simply is adjustments for year end money flows.

Whatever the case, 2017 looks to be a “banner year” for trading USDJPY, and hopefully gold can break free from the government manipulators in a Trump Presidency, and become more “tradable” [i.e. up & down with more intraday volatility that can see a return of $17 - $20 ranges]. The stock indices? Really, I don’t know, cuz until we start to see expanded daily ranges of greater than 125 index points in the DOW30 every day, there isn’t much point in trading it because there are better places to trade.

With the elevation of USDJPY to its own “asset class”, the world is pretty much fixated 24/5 to anything and everything that happens here; from this pair every other market flows, and you risk losing money if you aren’t aware of the consequences USDJPY has on any other market you’re trading. Which, of course, begs the question of “well, if every other market flows from USDJPY, why not just trade Yen”? SHORT ANSWER: “Duhhh!” Never mind it has the lowest spread & RT commission rate on the MT4 board, has above average volatility with the deepest liquidity [except when it doesn’t], it also trades evenly over the world’s 3 major sessions [Asia, Europe, & the U.S.].

For you Newbie traders out there, and for those looking to vastly expand your income in 2017 [why else would you be here?], right now there is no better market to trade than USDJPY. Come the New Year, you will have everything you need to trade 4 markets in order of preference [and a fifth if ever the ECB stops monkeying around with the DAX30]; 1) USDJPY, 2) spot gold [XAUUSD], 3) DOW30, and 4) if the first 3 fail to provide any action at all, WTI Crude Oil. Between the 4 of them, if these aren’t moving nothing else is moving either.

I have provided [or will be up this weekend] all of the exhaustion charts of gold [Q3 – Q4 2016], USDJPY [Q4 2016], and DOW30 [Q4 2016] with commentary as well as a comprehensive spreadsheet with all of the information at your fingertips for viewing online and/or downloading, to provide you WITH PROOF the volatility algorithms work and work well beyond your expectations. In addition, you got the manuals, tutorials, and email support from me; seriously, anybody with enough ambition to want to financially change their lives [as well as their family] can get everything they need to make 2017 your largest money making year in history. It’s really all up to you; what do you want to do? … and if you’re serious about making money trading…  why for God’s sake have you not opened a demo account at LMFX, downloaded the MT4 trading platform, downloaded all instructions, manuals, and tutorials and buried your ass in Read. Think. Study. Act. Prosper. Hmmm?

I’m not ever asking anybody to take my word for anything. I’m like Tony Montana directly below.

I always tell people to demo things first; seeeeeeeee with your own eyes, make mistakes with play money first, and then when you are ready to go live you have the confidence to know when to do the right thing at the right time; trading is like any other biz you get into, and if you think you can “just let the computer do it” and sit on the beach drinking pina coladas … well, you been looking at too many scam websites after your wallet … time to get real.

This isn’t rocket science or brain surgery; what this “takes” on your part is discipline, patience, and the ability to assimilate new information, become totally comfortable with it, and then apply it. Now, I fully realize there are many people where they have small businesses or professions they are involved in that take up a lot of their time; so, most likely around the end of March 2017, LMFX will have their PAMM ready and you will have the ability for me to manage your funds for 17% of the profits. If that’s the option you need to start moving forward, then let’s do it; otherwise, I give you the ability to do it yourself.

I want 2017 to be a special year for all of my readers/clients; I want to be able to provide you with every single thing you need to be successful trading; there isn’t any reason you can give me … none … that I’m buying, unless you love where you're at now. Other than that, be like the lion and get on your stilts and make the kill!

It’s New Year’s this weekend, and enjoy responsible partying … lot’s of stuff to post this weekend on the website for your viewing and/or download, so check back at your leisure when so motivated … as for me, time for the beach. I’m soooo outta here. Until Monday …

Have a great New Year’s celebration everybody!


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